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Customer support is one of the most crucial aspects of any business. Many web-based businesses fall short in this area due to inefficient and outdated methods. LiveChat Inc provides a powerful chat function that lets you reach out to customers at any time. This gives your business the kind of instant customer service associated with large companies. LiveChat, however, is quite affordable for businesses of all sizes.

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The Benefits of Live Chat vs. Email and Phone Support

Getting visitors to land on your website is only the first challenge when it comes to acquiring customers. You only have a few seconds to make a strong impression and convince them to at least consider your products. Very often, people will have questions or concerns before buying something. Or customers who have bought something return to the website with questions or complaints. If these aren’t handled promptly, they’re likely to ask for a refund.  Most business websites rely on email or support tickets to handle such queries. In some cases, there may be phone support as well. None of these, however, is nearly as efficient as live chat.

LiveChat gives visitors an immediate option to engage. This creates a customer-friendly atmosphere and also allows for an instant response to questions. Many visitors don’t have the patience to send an email or support ticket and wait many hours for a response. They can simply leave and choose another website. A live chatting option, however, is the virtual equivalent of walking into a physical store and having a sales associate ask, “How can I help you today?”

From the point of view of the customer, LiveChat is friendlier and more efficient than other types of customer service. It’s equally beneficial for the website owner. You can improve conversions by engaging with customers in real-time.

For customer who has already made a purchase, you can quickly resolve issues and often avoid returns or exchanges.

Your other option for real-time engagement is the phone. With phone calls, however, customer service reps can only talk to one person at a time. With LiveChat, it’s possible to carry on multiple conversations at once. Thus, one person can handle the same workload as 3-5 phone reps.

The advantages of having live chat on your website are impossible to deny. There are, however, many options for live chat nowadays. So let’s look at some of the specific features offered by LiveChat.

LiveChat Features

Here are some of the leading features of LiveChat:

  • Eye-catchers – Use customized graphics to draw visitors’ attention to the chat window.
  • Visitor Information – Prior to chatting, customers fill out a short survey that provides you with key information about their location, email and buying history. For example, if they’ve recently bought something you can find the order number and have this info ready before you start chatting.
  • Sound and Visual Notifications – Always be informed of new chat visitors with audio or visual notifications.
  • Transfer Chats Among Team Members – If you have a team of customer reps, they can exchange chats based on availability and the expertise of certain team members.
  • Message Sneak-peek – This feature lets you see everything that customers type into the chat window, whether they actually send it or not. Many people edit their comments before sending them. Seeing all of their comments gives you a leg-up in the conversation.
  • Canned Responses – You’ve probably noticed that many customers ask the same questions. You can create pre-made responses to answer common questions and deliver them instantly without having to type them over and over again.
  • Ticketing System – Issues that can’t be resolved in the first chat can be escalated to a ticket and replied to later.
  • Ban Visitors – You have the option of banning abusive or trolling visitors from chat.
  • Transcripts – Both you and your customers can get transcripts of chat sessions for future reference. This gives customers a reference for information so they don’t have to contact you again with the same question. It also lets you monitor the effectiveness of your agents.
  • Feedback – Customers can rate sessions and leave feedback, giving you vital information about the quality of your customer service.

These are some of the tools that help you customize LiveChat for your needs.

LiveChat Plans

Depending on the size and type of business you have, you may not need all of these features. LiveChat, therefore, offers quite a few choices for plans and pricing. Prices below are based on annual billing; it’s slightly more if you pay month-to-month.

  • Starter: $16/month. For home or small offices. Includes unlimited agent accounts, 60-day chat history, basic chat customization, ticketing system, and data security. Track 100 visitors.
  • Team: $33/month. Convenient for businesses with a full-time support team. Features include agent groups and multiple branding, for use on different websites. Track 400 visitors.
  • Business: $50/month. Adds features such as advanced reporting and work scheduler to manage a team of agents.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing and features for larger companies.

LiveChat 30 Days Free Trial
No Credit Card Required

Is LiveChat Right For Your Business?

LiveChat is a powerful feature-rich customer service system that lets you provide real-time support to anyone who visits your website. We’ve looked at some of the benefits of this type of system over traditional forms of support such as email, support tickets, and phone. Of course, even with live chat on your site, some issues will need to be escalated to tickets. Research indicates, however, that as much as 80% of issues can be resolved immediately with chats.

The only real downside to LiveChat is that it requires you to have quality customer service agents on hand to talk to customers, something not all small businesses and, especially, one-person operations have. If you don’t have professional customer support right now, this is a policy you should reconsider. While it’s a certain investment, it can significantly improve sales and customer satisfaction as well as saving you the time of personally talking to customers who need assistance. Not having solid customer support may save you a few dollars now but it can cost you more in the long run.

If you already have customer service agents who handle support tickets and/or phone calls, LiveChat is an alternative well worth considering. It enables agents to handle multiple queries and lets them resolve many issues instantly.

If you’re thinking about obtaining a live chat system, or if you currently use such software or service and it hasn’t lived up to your expectations, LiveChat may be the solution you’re seeking.

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