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One of the most profitable online business models right now is selling services to local businesses. Local businesses everywhere need help reaching their customers. There are still many businesses that either don’t have websites or whose websites are ineffective and need a major overhaul. If you could create professional websites for them, you’d have a great business model.

The main challenge to this type of business is the time and expertise it takes to build websites. LocalBizProfit is a new solution from SwissMadeMarketing (creators of SECockpit & YTCockpit keyword research tools) that lets you create and sell websites to local businesses in minutes. In our LocalBizProfit review, we’ll see how this system works and help you decide if it’s a good value for you. Seasonal LocalBizProfit discounts will be provided as well.

LocalBizProfit 45% Discount

The Growing Need for Local Business Services

Local marketing has really exploded over the last few years. There are several reasons for this. One is that Google now places lots of emphasis on local SEO. Any business that wants to attract local customers needs a well optimized website that’s visible under Google My Business and Google Maps. There are similar local services for Yahoo and Bing.

Another reason that local marketing is so important is the popularity of mobile devices. It’s now easy for people to look up local businesses wherever they are. People walking or driving around do searches for restaurants, hotels, oil change places, clothing stores and more.

People also search online for important service providers such as doctors, dentists, lawyers, plumbers, accountants and others. In addition to wanting to find out who’s nearby, local search gives customers access to online reviews. So, whatever people are looking for nowadays, they are likely to search online.

While local marketing involves many types of services, websites are the fundamental online marketing tool. Before a business can do any kind of local marketing, it needs a website. That’s why the system provided by LocalBizProfit is a good starting point for anyone who wants to get involved in this type of business.

As important as local marketing has become, many businesses are still lagging behind. Some don’t even have websites. Others have very basic and unprofessional sites. Being able to provide quality websites to these businesses is a major opportunity. Since new businesses are launched all the time, it’s also a business model that doesn’t get saturated.

Benefits of LocalBizProfit

While creating websites for local businesses is a huge opportunity, there are also some roadblocks. Building a new site for each customer is time-consuming, assuming you have the skills to do it. The other option is outsourcing, which means that you have to find someone reliable and affordable to do the work. While this is a viable way to operate, there are risks and complications when you depend on others. If they are busy, you may have to wait longer than you want for work to be completed. Another common issue with outsourcing is that workers go on vacation or just quit. Then you have to find someone new, which is a problem if you have active orders to fulfill.

The most efficient way to fulfill the needs of local businesses is a method where you don’t have to do much work yourself nor depend on others. LocalBizProfit is an automated system that lets you build local websites quickly. Here are some of the features that this service offers:

  • Build websites in minutes without any technical knowledge. It’s a pushbutton system that only requires a few clicks.
  • Many templates for businesses, such as Night Club, Painter, Nail Spa, Construction, Dentist, Real Estate, Restaurant, Lawyer and many others. Start with a template and then easily customize it for the business you’re working with.
  • Landing pages. Pro and Agency plans provide optimized landing pages to help businesses attract qualified leads.
  • Training resources, including video tutorials, webinars and recordings.
  • Reliable hosting provided using Amazon CloudFront Network with 30 data centers around the world, so you can provide this service to businesses anywhere. Hosting costs are included in the plans.
  • Backups and updates for websites are included.

Prices and Plans

LocalBizProfit provides 3 plans. There are options to pay monthly or annually.

  • Personal: $75/month or $499/year. Includes 10 websites and all templates.
  • Pro: $150/month or $999/year. Unlimited websites, training, landing pages, advertising material.
  • Agency: $250/month or $2,499/year. All the features of Pro plus phone support, White Label solution and $500 marketing bundle.

All plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

For the last Valentine’s Day, SwissMadeMarketing provided up to 45% off. Contact us if the discount no longer works, we will provide you with an active LocalBizProft discount.

LocalBizProfit 45% Discount

Who Can Benefit From LocalBizProfit?

As with any program or service, it’s important to thoroughly consider your needs, budget and preferences before investing. LocalBizProfit isn’t for everyone, but it does provide a viable business model for anyone who wants to build websites for local businesses.

If you’re currently involved in local marketing, you already know something about what businesses need. Perhaps you currently build websites yourself or outsource them. LocalBizProfit gives you a more efficient and automated solution to this. This allows you to scale your business up and make more money.

If you currently provide other local services, such as SEO, reputation management or lead generation, you could use LocalBizProfit to add website creation to your repertoire of services. If you haven’t offered this before because it was too complicated, you now have a simple way to build websites quickly. On the other hand, you can also use LocalBizProfit as a gateway to sign businesses up for other services. Once someone has a website, they might also pay you for SEO, reputation management or other ongoing services.

LocalBizProfit is also suitable for beginners who want to start a business from scratch. Because you can create websites without coding or technical knowledge, you could sign up and start selling websites right away.

There are a couple of possible drawbacks to LocalBizProfit. For one thing, it’s not a 100% hands-free business.  You still need to market your services and find businesses that need websites. You also have to customize the sites. However, the heavy lifting is all handled by the system. For some newbies on a limited budget, the cost might be a concern. You could, however, start with the Personal plan and pay by the month. You could always upgrade once you have more than 10 customers.

All in all, LocalBizProfit is a practical solution for anyone who wants to start (or scale up) a local marketing business. Businesses now need professional websites more than ever and this is a fast and efficient way for you to provide this crucial service.

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