MaxCDN Discount Coupon and Performance Review


MaxCDN is one of the most popular and respected content delivery networks in usage today. It is one of the few CDN’s that provides very high performance with low costs, a benefit that is particularly useful for bloggers and those with smaller websites. While maintaining a website is never easy, MaxCDN sets out to make it as effortless as possible. MaxCDN has quite a few benefits, and this article will provide information for the most pertinent ones and will also provide all the active MaxCDN discount coupons to take advantage of.

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The essential benefits of using MaxCDN for your website fall into three basic categories. They are as follows: easily accessible software, better API security, and quicker servers.

One of the most important aspects of using this particular service is that it tends to offer much faster load times for those attempting to access your website, which can lead to less frustration on their end, and in turn will provide more hits to the website that you maintain, which directly points towards the excellence and sustainability of the MaxCDN worldwide servers.

The API offered with this service is very easy to use and provides access to a wealth of tools for usage within your website, such as video embedding and photo sharing; options that will modernize your website.

Another benefit of MaxCDN is that the program itself is much simpler to integrate into your website than many other CDN’s. It’s a simple task, made all the easier by the fact that MaxCDN can integrate seamlessly into WordPress and W3TC. The instructions given as to how to implement this system into your website are simple, yet thorough, creating a hassle-free user experience.

One of the greatest benefits of using MaxCDN is the cost, which is very low compared to many other CDN’s. There are four different tiers to choose from depending on which will best suit your website. These tiers consist of different prices. Each option offers a set amount of bandwidth per month, ranging from 100GB for the lowest, to 10TB for the highest. The four pricing levels are $9 per month, $39 per month, $79 per month, and $499 per month. If you order an annual package, as opposed to one month at a time, you get two months free. The official MaxCDN website occasionally also offers coupons for a monthly MaxCDN discount of 20%, which adds up to a lot of savings.

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