PushCrew Review and Promotional Discounts – Huge Click Trough Rates Using Browser Push Notifications


PushCrew is a service that makes it easy to get in touch with your audience at any time using push notifications, one of the most innovative forms of customer engagement that’s available today. These are notifications that can be sent to people even when they’re not on your website. Messages are sent directly to their browser, either Firefox or Chrome, which means they’ll get the message whenever they are online.

These notifications also work on mobile devices using Android. This is a powerful technology that makes it much easier to reach people than traditional methods such as email and social media. PushCrew can be installed using a simple code. If your website is powered by WordPress or Joomla, it can be installed as a plugin. Further below you will find our expanded PushCrew review as well as occasional PushCrew discounts and promotions as they pop-up.

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Benefits of Push Notifications

Push notifications are the most direct way to reach people online. Here are some of the advantages of using this service.

  • Easy to Get Opt-ins. When you have PushCrew installed on your website, it’s easy to get people to sign up for notifications. Visitors will see a message that asks them if they want to receive notifications. If they click “yes,” you’ll be able to send them notifications whenever you want. Many people will opt-in without giving it much thought. Unlike an email list, which requires them to fill out a form, they only have to click on a single button to opt-in.  So your opt-in rates will be much higher than for any other type of list.
  • Reach people anytime. Another advantage of push notifications is that messages are sent directly to browsers. Your subscribers don’t have to log into their email account or a social network. They simply have to have their browser running, which means whenever they’re online they can view your messages. Since people spend so much time online, this gives you a direct line of communication that you can’t get any other way.
  • Works on multiple devices. You can send push notifications to people using computers or mobile devices. It works via Chrome, Firefox or Android. Many people today carry their mobile phones everywhere. This means the notifications you send will reach them wherever they go.
  • Send people wherever you want. While your actual push notifications will be short messages, they can be used to promote anything you want. You can send people to any URL you choose. You can set up campaigns for any purpose, connecting notifications with a certain website you want to promote.
  • Include images with your notifications. Messages can be made more eye-catching by including custom images.
  • PushCrew provides complete support via email, Skype and video calls.

Installing PushCrew

If you’re looking for a simple way to send push notifications, PushCrew is a convenient solution. Here are the steps needed to Install PushCrew:

  • Sign up for free.
  • Install a simple Smart Code on your website
  • If you use WordPress or Joomla, install a plugin.
  • Set up push notifications from your PushCrew dashboard and start collecting subscribers.


There are several pricing plans for Pushcrew.

  • PushCrew is free to install. In fact, you can send notifications to as many as 500 subscribers with a free plan, giving you plenty of time to try it out.
  • Premium: $25 per month. Send unlimited notifications to 2,000 subscribers. This plan can be used for a single website.
  • $75 per month. This plan offers all of the features of Premium but can be used on three websites by up to 5 users. It also provides options for custom branding.
  • Unlimited notifications, websites and users. These are custom plans, so the price depends on your needs.

Uses for PushCrew

Push notifications are a relatively new type of communication. Savvy marketers have identified many ways that they can be used. Here are some of the possibilities for using push notifications to promote your business.

  • Create segmented lists based on your subscribers’ different interests. For example, if you have a website that sells several types of products, you can create push notifications for each product category.
  • Promote a new product, whether a course, book or physical product.
  • Remind customers of abandoned shopping carts.
  • Tell customers about a sale or special promotion. You can also send them to pages where they can get coupons.
  • Get more repeat visitors to your website. This helps make your site more valuable to advertisers.
  • If you have a site that broadcasts the latest news, sports scores or financial markets, you can send subscribers up to date information.
  • Special plans for agencies. If you provide marketing solutions to other businesses, you can set them up to offer push notifications.

These are just some of the ways that you can use PushCrew to send customized notifications to your subscribers. Because this is an easy technology to use and lets you send any type of message, the potential uses are unlimited. You can customize it to your own needs.

Push Notifications: A Powerful Alternative for Sending Messages

Online marketers have long recognized the power of email marketing, which allows you to send unlimited emails to anyone who has opted-in to your list. The problem with email marketing today, however, is that it’s become saturated. Messages can sit unopened along with thousands of others in the recipient’s inbox.

Other types of marketing suffer from similar drawbacks as email marketing. If you post content on a social media site such as Facebook or Twitter, there’s a good chance it will never be read. The same is true for direct messages on social sites, which are often seen as a type of spam.  Push notifications are a more novel and direct way to send people messages. Unlike other platforms, people will receive your messages no matter what they may be doing online.

PushCrew is a powerful service that’s easy and affordable to use. It can be beneficial to anyone who markets anything online. Since it’s free to try, there’s nothing to lose by trying it. Many businesses have found that push notifications are the fastest and most direct way to reach their audience.

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