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If you’ve been living on planet earth for the past few years, you couldn’t have missed the crazy buzz that is going on around Bitcoin and its meteoric value rise. Quite a few people even made a small fortune with Bitcoin last year. Bitcoin was mentioned in numerous numbers of websites, media and in conversations between friends. In this post we’ll shortly explain what Bitcoin is and display some little known, yet very cool ways to spend Bitcoins online (plus $50 bonus at the end of the post).

So, what is a Bitcoin and what can be done with it?

Bitcoin is a new type of currency that isn’t like anything else you’ve seen before. First of all it is the first digital currency ever and it is not controlled by any organization or Government. Secondly, it does not need an intermediary (a bank or credit card company) in order to transfer money between two individuals. Bitcoin began trading as a currency with zero value and only five years later (the end of 2013) it reached its peak with more than $1000 per one Bitcoin value – Wow! Bitcoin is becoming more and more popular these days with more businesses every day accepting it as a legitimate payment method. Last month only, the hugeDELL company announced that it is beginning to receive payment in Bitcoins.

So it only makes sense to check what other, very useful products and services you can spend your Bitcoins on.

FiverrHead to site)

Fiverr Bitcoin

What is Fiverr? Fiverr is a huge and popular marketplace that offers services almost in everything you might think of, for a ridiculously low price of $5. It was featured on all major media channels, Forbes, Wall Street Journal and others. It is now available in more than two hundred counties and offers more than 3 million active services (“gigs”). Fiverr can solve many of your personal or business tasks, super fast and super cheap. Got stuck in the last minute with no gift for your friends or family? Check out these amazing gift ideas, they’ll be done for you by tomorrow! Want to surprise someone with a funny drawing or a caricature? No problem, do you have $5? And why not to prank one of your friends with a custom video made just for you?

On the professional side – Whether you need help with your school/college assignments or a project at work – you got it. People will write for youtranslate for youprogram for youdesign for you – you just name it! Anything you ever needed, right there. How is it that it’s all for just $5? Well, some sellers offer more complex jobs as well, and you can ‘upgrade’ your purchase if you’re happy with the seller.

I’ll give you an example from my personal experience to better understand what a blogger/small business can do with Fiverr. This blog here that you’re reading exists for a few years now. When I just started it, I obviously needed a logo. For those who are not familiar with the field, a logo creation usually costs between a few hundreds to thousands of dollars.  I found on Fiverr an experienced logo designer with more than 2000 logos done in his resume with huge positive feedback, and ordered a logo from him for $5 and it took him only 2 days! What a deal, hah? Moreover, I redesign my logo every 3-4 months, just to give it a seasonal touch. Other than that, I get people to do video testimonials, write articles or proofread mine, and practically I get assistance with anything related to marketing online.

I highly recommend you to take a good look on services offered on Fiverr, you might find great ideas for your future projects and initiatives. You might also discover that things that seemed very complicated and too expensive for you to execute, are actually very simple and affordable. Bitcoins are accepted as a payment method, as well as credit cards and PayPal.

HideMyAss (Head to site)

HideMyAss Bitcoin

Another great service that you can spend Bitcoins on is HideMyAss (or in short HMA). So, what is HideMyAss and why do you need it?

HMA is the most popular VPN service provider and it provides its users VPN service and web proxy service. It allows you to leave no trace when you’re surfing online, by hiding your IP address. It allows you to unblock websites that are otherwise open to local audiences only –and basically it allows you to stay anonymous! And now in human language; Anything that was once blocked to you – see it now as unblocked. are you in China and need Facebook? No problem! Connect to any of the hundreds of servers HMA has worldwide. Living outside of the US but want to see shows and movies on Netflix or Hulu for free? No problem again. Connect to a server in the US and there you go. In need of confidentiality or want to browse online discretely? No problem again. Connect to one of the hundreds of anonymous, secure servers, and there you have it, you’re un-trackable.

What’s also great about HMA is that if you’re not completely sure that you really need it, they give you a 1 month trial (30 days!) with full money back guarantee. Did you hear about any deal better than that?

Shopify (Head to site)

Shopify Bitcoin

Did you hear about Shopify? If you ever thought about turning your hobby into a business or upgrading your small business into a professional online e-commerce website, you have to read on. Shopify provides an amazing platform for a particular type of sites: e-commerce websites. So, if you need to build an online store that sells products, Shopify is the perfect solution for you. Read some of the most amazing success stories of people turning their dreams and ideas into a successful online business.

So, why Shopify? E-commerce websites need to handle many requirements: selling a digital product (one that you download from the site), international clients with different currencies, shipping areas, discounts on specific products and different payment options. Some site builders can provide you a basic e-commerce website, but for more complex requirements such as those mentioned here, it makes it a much more complex story, and that’s the real advantage of Shopify. Another super cool feature is that Shopify lets your clients spend their Bitcoins in your store. These days more and more online shops give the option to pay for products with Bitcoin, and it’s very important that Shopify gives you this option. New; Shopify now lets you host your own shop on Facebook. Imagine the thousands of people that can now easily spend Bitcoins on Facebook!

If you are considering building your own e-commerce website, Shopify is by far the preferable platform for it. And what’s more, you can test it for 14 days for free!

How else can you take advantage of the Bitcoin media buzz?

Every little event that involves Bitcoin in the news has major effect on the Bitcoin price and causes great fluctuations in its value. It’s a great opportunity for you to take advantage of these price fluctuations and make some serious money without even buying Bitcoins themselves.

eToro, the world’s leading social investment network gives you the opportunity to profit from the change in Bitcoin price. With eToro, you can pick the most successful traders and just copy their trades in real-time. Let’s say you decided to follow someone and copy his trades, all his actions will be copied into your account and you can sit back and relax without doing anything by yourself. That’s’ right, someone else is trading (successfully) and you’re making money from it – how cool is that? Of course, eToro offers you dozens of assets to trade for yourself or copy other traders.

Let’s summarize: Bitcoin price is going up (for example because a huge computer company like Dell decided to start accepting Bitcoins as a payment method) and you want to take advantage of it. How? Easily! You don’t have to buy Bitcoins, you don’t have to sit in front of the screen all day long. You just need to have an account with eToro, choose which trader you will copy and that’s it – sit back and watch your profits grow. Bonus: Follow this link to get $20-$50 for free to test a new account ( amount varies depending on your country).

Alright now, if you’re still not entirely sure what is this Bitcoin thing (you’re right, we mainly talked about which cool services accept them), then here’s a great Bitcoin explanatory infographic – one which even your grandparents will understand!

We would love to hear from you – where do you spend Bitcoins online? Which businesses would you like having Bitcoin as a payment method? Use our comments section below!

Try Fiverr!   Try HideMyAss!   Try Shopify!

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