WPEngine Coupon Codes 2014 – Possibly The Best Managed WordPress Hosting


Note: We no longer promote or recommend using WPEngine. This is mainly due to the many unhappy clients and reviews they earned themselves this year. One that got particularly viral is this one, by Matt Woodward. Please check our other recommended hosting services and discounts.

WPEngine is a managed, remotely-hosted WordPress hosting option. If you’ve ever played around with a self-hosted installation of WordPress, you know that it can be full of troubles: troubles that you usually have to try and work through on your own. WPEngine solves most of the problems that WordPress users face today or will face later on down the road. Read below which features award WPEngine to be one of the best managed WordPress hosting services and enjoy all the offered WPEngine coupon codes available.

WP Engine’s managed hosting features

There is a lot to like about WPEngine’s service. First and foremost: it’s managed. In a sense, it’s like purchasing a managed dedicated server for your blog or blog network, only instead of getting a blob of empty disk space and server-specific support, you’re getting WordPress blog hosting from WordPress-hosting experts at a fraction of the price.

The management aspect of WPEngine’s service is quite extensive. They perform daily backups of your databases and files, which you can restore yourself, easily. This is free. They automatically update your WordPress sites with the latest security updates, they proactively scan their system, and your blogs, for malware while working to prevent known attacks against your blog or blog network. What’s more, if your blog is hacked, they will fix it for you. This is part of the hosting package. So far, there doesn’t seem to be any other hosting company that offers free fixes for hacked websites.

WordPress hosting support

We’re not all WordPress experts. The great thing about WPEngine’s support staff, however, is that they are all experts. Unlike with many other hosting companies, there is no “tier 1” support to try to bypass, and no need to endlessly repeat your problem to a new support staff member. All support issues are handled by an expert, top-tier support member. Web-hosting support is a contentious topic with hosting users, but it’s handled exceptionally well by WPEngine.

Blog modification “preview” option: one-click staging

Making changes to a WordPress blog is a constant. New plugins are needed, maybe you need to change themes, modify CSS, HTML or PHP code: many blog owners constantly change or tweak their blogs for aesthetics or functionality. The problem, however, is that too many blog owners modify live blogs. A coding misstep or a conflicting plugin activation could break your site as soon as you publish your changes.

WPEngine’s staging feature is arguably their best feature. With it, you can essentially make changes to your live site, only in a functional, preview-like mode; make your changes, modify your changes, but only publish your changes on your live site when you’re satisfied with how things look. This is truly a must-have feature for people who are constantly tweaking their WordPress sites.

Save money on WP Engine hosting packages

By default, WP Engine’s hosting packages are offered on a monthly, no-contract basis. Which, for what they offer, their pricing structure is fantastic for blog owners who want both freedom, support and peace of mind. However, there are a couple of ways to actually get WP Engine’s packages cheaper:Annual payments – hidden behind WP Engine’s plan comparison page is an annual payment option. If you choose the annual payment versus monthly for their Personal, Professional or Business packages, you get two months free.
Coupon codes – occasionally, WP Engine releases coupon codes or run promotions that will allow you to save money on their WordPress hosting packages. You should snatch these up if they’re available. Contact us at info[at]impromocoder[dot]com for available WPEngine discount offers if the below expired.

Valid from December 15th, 2013 through December 31st, 2013 – Use WPEngine coupon code HappyNewHost14 and follow this link to sign up for the annual plan and save 30% OFF the annual cost (plus 2 months for FREE)!


Valid from November 29th, 2013 through December 2nd, 2013 – Use WPEngine coupon code cyberhostspecial13 and follow this link to sign up for the annual plan and GET 4 MONTHS OF FREE HOSTING !

Valid from October 16th, 2013 through October 31st, 2013 – Use WPEngine coupon code hostober13 and follow this link to sign up for the annual plan and GET 3 MONTHS OF FREE HOSTING !

Valid from July 18th, 2013 until August 19th, 2013 – Use WPEngine coupon code HEATWAVE and follow this link to sign up for the annual plan and GET 3 MONTHS OF FREE HOSTING !

Bottom line: if you’re considering a move to WordPress, or you’re just looking to avoid the pitfalls and hassles of managing your own self-hosted WordPress installation, you should look into WPEngine’s hosting packages. After all, cheap web hosting is cheap for a reason. With WPEngine, you don’t really get what you pay for – you get way more than you pay for, and then some. Taking advantage of the WP Engine coupon codes above just makes the decision even easier.

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