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Article Builder is a software product created by Jonathan Leger, probably best known for The Best Spinner. While the latter product is an article spinner (which simply means creating unique versions of an article), Article Builder creates articles from scratch (though it also includes some spinning features). Both can be useful for your content strategy. However, Article Builder will be of special interest to anyone who needs a way to create quality content without spending much time or money doing so.

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Article Builder Guide To Profitable Websites

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The Challenge of Content Creation

Why might you consider acquiring a product such as Article Builder? The simple answer is that it helps you implement a strong content marketing strategy. You need content to engage your customers, rank in the search engines, and build authority. When it comes to publishing content, you have a few options.

Creating your own content is extremely time-consuming. If you’re running a small business, you probably don’t have the time to write articles for your blog (or third-party sites) every week. Not everyone is a writer and you may not have the skills or desire to spend hours every week writing and publishing articles.

Another option is to outsource content creation to a freelancer or agency. This solves some of your problems but creates a substantial, ongoing expense. Good content doesn’t come cheaply.

Other options include PLR (Private Label Rights) and content curation. You can buy large numbers of PLR articles at a low price. The problem is that this material is not unique. You can edit it but this is labor-intensive. Content curation (linking to existing content, perhaps adding some commentary of your own) is a valid strategy. However, if this is all you do, you’re not building authority by publishing your own content.

Article Builder provides an alternative to all of the above options. It lets you publish original content without creating it yourself or paying someone else to write it. There’s a cost to use the software, of course, but this is far less than paying someone to write articles. Once you sign up, you can create unlimited articles for about the same price as paying someone to write a single article.

Features of Article Builder

Here are some of the leading features of this article creation software.

  • All articles are created by professional writers who are carefully screened and experts in their niches. They are all native speakers of English.
  • AB creates articles on many popular topics, including marketing, arthritis, weight loss, asthma, insurance, golf, dog training, teeth whitening, home improvement, and many others.
  • All topics include super-spun content. This lets you create an unlimited number of additional articles using a single article. These generated articles are guaranteed to be 75% to 90% unique.
  • AB makes it easy to publish your articles with an auto-blogging feature for WordPress sites. You can create a consistent publishing schedule.
  • Built-in backlinks. Articles have backlinks built into them to make it easier for you to rank in the search engines.
  • Create articles of varying lengths. You can specify the number of words you want, such as 300, 500, or 1000 words.


Article Builder comes with two bonuses, both of which help you get even more out of the main product.

  • A huge collection of super-spun articles. This process starts with a single high-quality article that is rewritten 25 times and made into a super spun article from which you can generate as many as 100,000 original articles! These articles are in popular niches such as fitness, online marketing, weight loss, home improvement, social media marketing, travel, and more.
  • 7 gigabytes of quality reusable images, which are the perfect accompaniment to your articles. The internet is getting more and more image-driven and visual content is highly shareable. These images give you a large storehouse of safe (i.e. you have permission to use them) and high-quality visual content to use with your articles (or share on social media).

Cost of Article Builder

The regular price of Article Builder is $37 per month. However, you will occasionally find a discount or promo code offered by the team as a pop-up on the sales page itself. The software comes with an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee.

Article Builder is provided for free to members of Jonathan Leger’s business coaching membership group, Prosperative.

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How to Get the Best Results From Article Builder

Beyond the basic function of creating articles, how can you use Article Builder?

  • Improve SEO for your website with backlinks. As noted, articles come with built-in backlinks. However, you can get even more links by publishing articles on other sites and linking to your own blog or website. You could do this by building secondary blogs, using a blogging platform such as, or publishing on sites such as Medium.
  • Set up a regular schedule. This is especially easy with Article Builder if you have a WordPress site. Publishing content regularly is one of the best ways to increase traffic and get better search engine rankings.
  • Do niche and keyword research. Article Builder gives you a wide choice of articles as well as the ability to create even more with the super-spun articles. However, you still need to focus on the best topics and keywords for your audience.

Value and Recommendation

If you’re marketing anything online, you need content. Article Builder provides you with an efficient way to get more articles than anyone could possibly need. This can help you build credibility, get more traffic, and improve your search engine ranking. As with all marketing products, the more you use it, the greater the value you’ll get out of it. This is especially true with an article builder. If you generate hundreds (or even dozens) of articles per month, you’ll have a reliable way to get all the content you need at a very reasonable cost.


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  1. Rochelle says:

    Thank you for your review. Very pleased. I am looking forward to getting the most out of this.

  2. Felicia says:

    Thank you for the Article Builder review!

  3. Chris B says:

    An interesting and novel approach, not to mention very effective – I’m sure I will be a repeat customer! I now have exactly what was offered, and more…

    Good luck Arye and I look forward to returning to your blog again 😀


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