The Best Spinner vs. Instant Article Wizard vs. Article Builder – Automate Your Content Generation


The Best Spinner Vs. Instant Article Wizard Vs. Article Builder

Content creation is essential for building credibility and traffic for your website but it can take up lots of your time. That’s why so many marketers seek tools that help to automate this process. There are a wide variety of such tools available now; most of these fall into the categories of article writers or article spinners.

Three tools, in particular, have a good reputation and are used by many thousands of online marketers, SEO agencies and people who need original content. Let’s take a look at these three, which are The Best SpinnerInstant Article Wizard and Article Builder. All three were created by Jonathan Leger, who has launched literally dozens of products for article creation, keyword research, analytics and more. We’ll compare the features, costs, and drawbacks of these 3 content generating tools to help you decide which, if any, might be best for you.

For our complete reviews see The Best SpinnerInstant Article Wizard and Article Builder.

The Best Spinner

The Best Spinner is probably Jonathan Leger’s most famous product. It takes a certain amount of confidence, if not outright arrogance to name your product the “best” anything. Yet thousands of users agree that The Best Spinner actually is the best product on the market for spinning articles.

For those not familiar with the term, “spinning” simply means rewriting an article so that it’s considered original content. It must pass the test of tools such as Copyscape, which tests content for uniqueness. If your articles cannot pass this kind of test, you will be publishing duplicate content and, worse, risk being accused of plagiarism.

Here are some of the features of The Best Spinner:

  • You can create up to 1,000 spun articles starting with only a single article. This allows you to generate virtually unlimited content in a short time.
  • Nested spinning for as many levels as you want. This allows you to do more than simply substitute synonyms. You can actually change the entire structure of sentences. There’s color -coding for four nested levels.
  • A huge cloud-based thesaurus with hundreds of millions of entries. Most notably, the thesaurus is always growing as users add more words. A thesaurus, of course, is a tool that substitutes one word for another to make the sentence different. For example, if you wanted to change the sentence “The best article spinner” you might say “The most effective tool for spinning articles.” In this case “most effective” is a synonym for “best.” The benefit of article spinners is that they allow you to plug in synonyms to change sentences automatically. Thus, the quality of the thesaurus is one of the most crucial aspects of a good article spinner.
  • Thesauri (yes, this is the plural for thesaurus) are available in multiple languages. As of now, you can spin articles in Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese. There’s even support for building a thesaurus in a language of your choice.
  • Tools for checking uniqueness. You can compare any two articles side-by-side and check for uniqueness.
  • Spelling and Grammar checker built-in to help you create professional content.
  • Runs on all major Windows operating systems, including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
  • Bonuses -You get a few quality bonuses when you order The Best Spinner. these are $1500 worth of Super Spun Articles, from which you can generate tens of thousands of unique articles. Topics include internet marketing, home improvement, fitness, and weight loss. You also get over 1,000 reusable images that can make your content more effective.
  • Cost -The Best Spinner sells for $67-$247 per year. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The Best Spinner Full Review

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Instant Article Wizard

Instant Article Wizard is a tool that lets you create new articles from scratch. This is actually one of Jonathan Leger’s first products. As opposed to The Best Spinner, or any article spinning software, this is a tool to actually help you create new articles from scratch.

  • Gathers research from the internet on any topic.
  • Breaks any topic down into sub-topics. For example, you can start with Weight Loss and drill down into more specific sub-categories such as exercise, low carb diets and so forth.
  • Access to the constantly expanding The Best Spinner thesaurus to help you rewrite articles.
  • Content can be exported to most other spin formats if you also use an article spinner.
  • Bonus: $750 in Super Spun Articles on topics such as weight loss, travel, SEO and online marketing.
  • Cost -Instant Article Wizard sells for $97-497 per year.

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Article Builder

Article Builder is, like Instant Article Wizard, an article-building tool rather than a spinner. This is a more recent and more advanced tool than IAW, though, as we will see later, it really depends on your needs which is better for you.  Let’s look at some of the features.

  • All articles are at least 75% unique. This is more than enough to ensure that Google and other search engines consider your articles unique and original.
  • Build limitless “tips” type articles on hundreds of popular topics. Articles are compiled from a database that covers topics such as blogging, medical conditions (back pain, acid reflux, cancer, asthma, etc.), sports, cooking, pets, jewelry, home security, hobbies, and many others.
  • Super Spun Content Included -You can create endless variations on all of the covered topics.
  • Articles are built using readable, human-edited content. This is important, as low-quality spinners and article builders can generate content that’s little more than gibberish. Article Builder lets you create professional, well-written articles.
  • Automatically Posts Your Content -Article Builder also has a function for posting your articles on WordPress blogs. You can set up posting on any schedule you want. This tool will also post related images and videos to go with the articles.
  • Automated Backlinks – Posts made to WordPress blogs also have built-in backlinks to help your articles get indexed and ranked by the search engines.
  • Bonuses -Article Builder comes with the same bonuses as The Best Spinner -$1500 worth of Super Spun Articles and over 1,000 quality images.
  • Cost -Article Builder sells for $47 per month/$197 per year.

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Pros and Cons of Each

When comparing marketing tools, you have to consider your needs, what features you will really use and your budget. Concerning price, The Best Spinner and Instant Article Wizard cost the same, while Article Builder is quite a bit more expensive. Here are some pros and cons of each.

  • The Best Spinner -This is a good tool for taking existing articles and spinning them. You can also use PLR articles for this purpose. As far as spinners go, this one really is hard to beat. Its unrivaled thesaurus helps to ensure that it’s always getting more powerful. The main drawback is that you must have articles to start out with. Many of these, however, are provided in the bonus.
  • Instant Article Wizard -This is a tool that helps you build articles from scratch by finding snippets of content from many sources and puts them together to form new and original articles. It also includes access to The Best Spinner Thesaurus. One of the most powerful things about IAW (which is not even true of AB) is that you can pull content on any topic -at least any topic that anyone has ever written about and that Google has indexed, which covers just about everything. On the other hand, article quality varies and you may have to do a little editing.
  • Article Builder -This is the most advanced of three tools. It creates articles for you and also posts them on WordPress blogs, along with images and videos. Content is pulled, not from the web like IAW, but from Leger’s own database and created by writers he carefully vets. Even this tool, however, has a couple of limitations. For one thing, you are limited to the “tips” or “how to” format. If you prefer to write articles in a more idiosyncratic way, you can’t really use AB. You are also limited to the niches supplied by AB. While there are over 100 choices, covering some of the most popular topics, if you are writing about something more esoteric or highly specific, you may need to do your own research.
  • Using Multiple Tools -Many people use more than one of these tools to combine their strengths. You could, for example, use TBS to enhance the effectiveness of IAW, creating hundreds of new articles out of the articles you create via IAW. Article Builder, on the other hand, is more of a stand-alone product. You will already be able to create thousands of articles for topics that are supported while spinning software won’t help you with topics not covered.

Which Tool is Best?

You will have to carefully consider your goals and business model before deciding which, if any, of these tools, is right for you. Here are a few points to keep in mind.

  • If you need articles in a niche covered by Article Builder, this is the most complete tool. AB also posts content for you, along with images and videos.
  • If you write your own articles but mainly want to get more leverage out of your content, The Best Spinner is one of the best tools you can own.
  • Instant Article Wizard is a simple to use, economical tool for scraping content on any topic from the web and compiling it into original articles. Article quality may not be as high as with AB, as articles are pulled from many different sources.

All three of these tools by Jonathan Leger can help you make your content marketing more efficient. The bonuses offered with each are also helpful, giving you a head start by providing Leger’s “Super Spun Articles” on lots of popular topics. If you’re looking for a way to automate content creation and/or posting, you should take a close look at these three tools and decide which one is best for you.

Important Note: Mind that all three tools are provided for a significantly discounted price to members of Jonathan Leger’s coaching program – Prosperative Business Coaching. You can read our Prosperative Business Coaching review here.

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