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Instant Article Wizard is another must-have tool by Jon Leger, the creator of The Best Spinner (see our TBS review here), Article Builder – see our (AB review here), NicheJet – (see our NJ review here), Instant Video Wizard (our IVW review here), TextSuiteKeyword Titan and many other tools that every online marketer should have in his toolkit. Below you will find our Instant Article Wizard review.

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Instant Article Wizard review

No matter how often Google changes its algorithms, the need for relevant, unique content remains a priority for website owners and online marketers. There are only so many ways to create content, most of them either time consuming or expensive. Instant Article Wizard is a product designed to solve this common problem. It gives anyone the ability to generate original articles on any subject within seconds. Let’s look at some of the leading features of Instant Article Wizard.

Main Features of Instant Article Wizard

Instant Article Wizard is software that searches the internet for the type of content you need. It has a number of remarkable features:

  • Searches for content on many sources – including Google News, Google Docs, Google Scholar, ArticlesBase and many more. When you search, you can get hundreds of results, not only for your main keyword but also for related keywords.
  • Conducts a fast keyword research with built-in Keyword Suggestion tool and Google Trends.
  • Manually creates content from different sources or select the auto-create option to generate articles faster.
  • Uses the Best Spinner Thesaurus to rewrite your content into multiple, original articles.
  • Works for multiple languages and in dozens of countries served by Google.
  • Allows you to verify that articles are unique by running them through Copyscape. This ensures that all of your articles are original. If you find duplicate content, you can make changes to increase the uniqueness percentage.

Instant Article Wizard 4.0 Just Launched With New Features;

  • As with previous versions, IAW4 allows you to create content on ANY topic very quickly. And not just any content. You can create an EXPERT, AUTHORITATIVE article with viral and link bait potential without knowing a THING about the topic!
  • With Instant Article Wizard 4.0, you can click a button and your article will instantly be turned into an MP3 audio file. You can then start a podcast channel (for example) and embed the audio into the blog post! Now you instantly have an additional traffic and marketing source!
  • You can now automatically translate all of your articles and literally multiply the reach of your content and the traffic/revenue potential! The quality of the translation is truly amazing.
  • You can also instantly spin your new content within IAW to produce unique versions for publication anywhere you like. The quality of the spins is amazing too.
  • You can find and insert high-quality CC0 images into your articles directly from the user interface. CC0 means you can use the images totally for free and there are over 80,000 to choose from.
  • You can find and embed highly relevant YouTube videos into your articles directly from the user interface.
  • You can publish your formatted articles, along with the images and video(s) you inserted, directly to your blog with the click of a button.
  • IAW 4.0 is Windows and Mac compatible! Use it on ANY system with a browser.

Cost of Instant Article Wizard

The normal price for Instant Article Wizard is $97-297, depending on the number of credits you initially need. The software comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you really have a whole month to try it before you are committed. Mind also that when you need to add up additional credits, the price will be lower than on the initial purchase of the service.

The software and credits are also offered at a 50% discount to Prosperative Gold Pass members, Jon Leger’s private online coaching group.

Who Can Benefit From Instant Article Wizard

Instant Article Wizard can be used to create unlimited articles. It can be extremely useful for bloggers and anyone who provides SEO services for websites or local businesses. Because the Instant Article Wizard gathers content from so many sources, it’s sources are virtually unlimited. Since new content is always being published on the web on countless topics, Instant Article Wizard can retrieve it almost as fast as it becomes available. That means you could do a search for the same topic a week apart, and find lots of new sources the second time you searched. Best of all, the spinning features allow you to make multiple, unique versions of each article.

Instant Article Wizard is an extremely efficient and versatile piece of software that can help anyone generate content quickly. Anyone who needs articles on a regular basis, this software will pay for itself in a short time. Try Instant Article Wizard to enjoy this service at an unbeatable price!

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