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It’s now common knowledge that social media marketing is essential to help grow your brand. Many businesses, however, struggle with managing multiple social media accounts and devising a profitable strategy. BuzzBundle is a social media software package that makes it easier to take charge of your social media campaigns and to automate many tasks. In this Buzzbundle review, we’ll be looking at the leading features of this software and deliver a verdict about its value and effectiveness. As we keep track of Buzzbunde’s seasonal and exclusive promotions, various Buzzbundle discounts will be displayed at the bottom of this review.

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What is BuzzBundle?

BuzzBundle is a software package put out by Link-Assistant that allows you to manage many different social media accounts. It not only has powerful features for posting on various social media sites, but it also has advanced capabilities that let you post under different aliases without revealing your location. Here’s a summary of some of the main features of BuzzBundle:

  • Supports Many Social Media Platforms -Including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube.
  • Use Your Existing Profiles -No need to start from scratch. You can use any active social media profiles with BuzzBundle. Or you can create brand new ones.
  • Post Simultaneously to Multiple Accounts -You can link as many social media accounts as you want so that you can post to them at the same time.
  • Create All Types of Messages -You can post comments, replies, retweets, and private messages, depending on the site you’re on and what you want to accomplish.
  • Supports Images -You can add images to all of your posts.
  • Link Shortener -Shorter links give you more privacy and also more space for text on Twitter.
  • Reputation Management Tools -Find out when people are posting or reviewing your products or business. This allows you to respond quickly to questions, comments or complaints.
  • SEO Tools -Build links in Google from your social media campaigns. You can also trace your competitors’ links.
  • Efficient Scheduling of Social Media Campaigns -Manage all of your campaigns from one place and create the schedule that works for you.
  • Privacy -You can use proxies to cloak your location or join conversations using aliases.

These features, taken together, allow you to operate your social media marketing in a very efficient way. You will find that you can complete all of your social media tasks in far less time when you start using this software.

Pricing For BuzzBundle

There are three versions of BuzzBundle: Free, Professional and Enterprise. Let’s compare these editions.

Free Version -Unlimited social profiles. Use up to two personas on your social media accounts. 100 keywords per project. Track 70% of mentions for the first 15 days; after that, this drops to 30%. Supports blog posting retweets, scheduling of up to 20 tweets, posts to Yahoo Answers and forum posting.

Some of the features with the free version expire after a certain time. You can save your social media history, schedule Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn posts and Google+ replies for 15 days.

Professional Version: $199 -The Professional version allows you to track all brand mentions and save your social media history permanently. It includes all of the temporary features of the free version and makes them permanent -i.e. scheduling Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn posts. Another important difference is that the Professional version allows you to have unlimited personas (social media profiles under different names).

Enterprise Version: $399 -Allows greater amount of keyword groups, keywords per project and cloud storage of live projects. This version also allows you to export the SMM reports in various formats and serve them to your customers.

Since the free version has many features that expire, it can be considered a trial version in some ways. On the other hand, even if you don’t upgrade you can still use some of the basic features for free, such as saving keywords and keyword groups and tracking at least a portion of your brand mentions.

Buzzbundle Discounts

Link-Assistant and Buzzbundle often offer promotions around mid-summer, Black Friday and New Year seasons. Below displayed the latest of these offers. If none of them is currently live, please contact us to receive our exclusive Buzzbundle discount offers.

November 22, 2015, till November 26, 2015- follow this link here to get BuzzBundle at 50% off.

November 25, 2014, till November 27, 2014, follow this link here to get BuzzBundle at 65% off.

Get Buzzbundle SMM Software

Is BuzzBundle a Good Value?

Social media marketing can be challenging and time-consuming. BuzzBundle provides a wide array of tools to help you manage your social media campaigns from one dashboard. It actually provides more capabilities than most people need. This, however, ensures that it can do everything you need it to do.

The free version is mainly useful for testing out the software. If you want to enjoy the long term benefits, you will probably want to upgrade. Since this is software and not a recurring monthly service, you only have to pay once. If you do any significant amount of social media marketing, BuzzBundle software is a worthwhile investment that will most likely pay for itself within a short time.

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