Best Fiverr Gigs Of 2017


Fiverr has become one of the most useful resources for small to medium sized businesses (SMBs). With gigs starting at only $5.00 (or $5.50, with the extra surcharge added), you can find sellers offering virtually every service imaginable. It’s also easy to look up the best Fiverr gigs by looking at sellers’ rating and reading feedback.

Many business owners overlook Fiverr for a couple of reasons. They may think that it’s impossible to get quality work done for such a low rate. Indeed, many experienced sellers only charge $5 for a very basic or introductory service; they hope to upsell you to a higher paying gig. Even with upsells, however, you can often get services done on Fiverr for much less than you’d pay elsewhere. Not to mention the hundreds of sellers willing to go above and beyond, just to reach that critical mass of rankings. The other reason that many business owners don’t use Fiverr is that they are simply unaware of the overwhelmingly wide diversity of services that are available.

It is for this reason that I am putting together a list of some of the best Fiverr gigs SMBs ought to be aware of. I will also list a few specific gigs under some of the main categories. Naturally, you should keep in mind that Fiverr is a very dynamic site, so gigs are constantly changing. There is no guarantee that a gig recommended here will still be available by the time you read this. However, it’s very likely you will be able to find equivalent ones.

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Here are a few tips to keep in mind when browsing Fiverr and its many categories.

  • Look Under Each Menu -Fiverr has several menus at the top, such as Business, Online Marketing, Writing & Translation, Music & Audio and others. Many of these categories overlap, so you may find similar gigs under each. You will also notice that under each menu are sub-categories.
  • Use Search -To find a specific service, you can use the Search function as well as browsing through the menus. Simply type in the kind of service you need.
  • Request Gig -If you are looking for something a little unusual or very specific, you can request a gig. Be as specific as possible when you do this, so you don’t get irrelevant responses.
  • Read Descriptions Carefully -Always be sure you understand exactly what you’re getting before ordering a gig. In some cases, it’s better to contact the seller first to clarify things. This is also a good way to gauge how reliable the seller is; e.g. if he/she doesn’t answer a question, that’s not a good sign.
  • Be Familiar With Ratings System -Fiverr gigs are rated both as “positive” or “negative” and on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. Buyers can also leave reviews. I will only list gigs below with at least a 98% positive rating with a significant number of reviews.
  • Just Do It -Though I mentioned quite a few things to check before you order, don’t overthink it. There are at times so many good sellers with similar skills that it seems difficult to decide who to buy from. Remember, it’s only $5 and there’s no huge financial loss if you can’t use the product you received (though many sellers are so fanatic about perfect rating that they will revise the work with no extra charge).

Let’s now look at some of the categories and best Fiverr gigs for businesses.


Business is an extremely broad category that includes a wide array of services. The following are only a few examples.

Virtual Assistants -These are people who will perform almost any online task related to business, including data entry, research, making phone calls, social media posting and web design. The $5 gig is usually just an introduction to their services.

Sample Gig:  I Will be Your Ultimate Virtual Assistant for $5.

Market Research -Researching customers, visitors or readers for your website, business or book. This may overlap with keyword research (see below, under Online Marketing).

Sample Gig: I Will do Deep Internet Research for $5.


These gigs are mostly offline; for online advertising, see Online Marketing category. Note, however, that you can advertise a website using offline methods.

Flyers & Handouts -A new way to get a very traditional type of advertising done. Sellers may hand out flyers at a college, on a city street or post them on bulletin boards.

Sample Gig:  I Will Post 50 Flyers in New York City or in NYC Colleges for $5.

Pet Models -Gigs with animals are quite popular on Fiverr. In this case, the seller will use a cat, dog or other pet to call attention to your business.

Sample Gig:  I Will Make My Dogs Write Your Message for $5.

Outdoor Advertising -Seller will display your ad or message in a popular, exotic or bizarre location.

Sample Gig: I Will Spin Your Text Or Messages Using Arrow Shaped Signboard for $5.

Graphics & Design

Graphics & Design is one of the most popular categories on Fiverr. This is, in fact, one of the types of services that has helped to make Fiverr as big as it has become. It has traditionally been an expensive and time-consuming process to get graphics, design or artwork done by a professional. The great thing about ordering graphics on Fiverr is that you can browse sellers’ portfolios and see the quality of their work before ordering.

Illustration -This is a broad category and can be used for almost any purpose -designed graphics for your website, sales letter, book cover, stationary, etc.  You can browse many artists and find one with a style you like.

Sample Gig: I Will Illustrate Anything You Need for $5.

Logo Design -Designing a logo is an important step for new businesses. Many graphic artists offer this service on Fiverr. Read my post about why I update my logo every month.

Sample Gig:  I Will do Professional and Creative Logo Design for $5.

Book Covers -Fiverr is very popular for getting book covers for eBooks or print books. You can actually get a basic cover for $5; with upsells, you can find something much more advanced.

Sample Gig: I Will Make You Cool Kindle or eBook Cover for $5.

Music & Audio

Businesses can use music and audio services for many purposes.

Voiceovers -Professional voiceover artists can enhance your video or be used to record an audio commercial or an audiobook.

Sample Gig:  I Will Record a Professional Voiceover for Your Project for $5.

Sound Effects -Can be used for videos, websites or commercials.

Sample Gig: I Will Create Any Sound For You for $5.

Online Marketing

Online marketing is another broad category that overlaps with several others. You’ll find that Fiverr sellers offer many different services for all types of online marketing.

SEO -Search engine optimization is crucial for ranking your website with Google and other search engines. Sellers offer a variety of SEO approaches, from building backlinks to posting your links on social media sites. You have to be careful with these, as bad SEO can do more harm than good.

Sample Gigs: I Will Do SEO Backlinks Pyramid Dofollow Edu for $5,

I Will Review Your Website And Write A SEO Report for $5.

Keyword Research -Keywords are crucial for ranking your website. They are also important for videos, creating titles for books, blog post titles and lots more. Using these services can save the time and the expense of a keyword research tool.

Sample Gig: I Will Help You Dominate Google With My Keyword Research for $5. This seller will provide you with 30 KWs instead of 10 if you mention coming from

Social Marketing -Sellers use many different methods to help promote your social media sites, such as Facebook pages, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others.

Sample Gig: I Will do 600 Social Signals From PR9 PR10 Sites for Your Url, Quality Work for $5.

Video & Animation

With video becoming increasingly popular on the internet, businesses can gain many benefits by making and promoting their videos. Fiverr has many gigs that involve making, editing and promoting videos.

Commercials – Sellers will promote your business. You will only get a very short commercial for $5; you can purchase longer ones if you upgrade or order more gigs.

Sample Gig: I Will be Your Professional Video Spokesperson for $5.

Animation & 3D -Animated and whiteboard videos are a very effective way of promoting your product, service or business. These are made with tools such as Powtoon – read our Powtoon review.

Sample Gig: I Will Create Whiteboard Animation Within 24 Hours for $5.

Writing & Translation

Businesses may need various writing and translation services, many of which can be provided reasonably by Fiverr sellers.

Business Copywriting -Sales letters, paid ads, emails, web copy and other types of copywriting. This is another type of gig where $5 usually just gets you in the door. You may, for example, get up to 350 words for $5.

Sample Gig:  I Will Write The Perfect Sales Pitch for $5.

Translation -Translate your content, ad or website into other languages. You can find translations for many different languages on Fiverr.

Sample Gig: I Will Translate English to Spanish 500 Words for $5.

Press Releases -These are very useful for getting media attention for your business or event. Gigs include creating and distributing press releases.

Sample Gig: I Will Write a Press Release for $5.

Conclusion: Using Fiverr For Your Business

Fiverr is a vast site with many types of services and gigs. The above are only a sampling of some of the best Fiverr gigs that are especially useful for SMBs. If you want to take advantage of everything Fiverr has to offer, you should become very familiar with the site. If you’re not a member, it’s easy to join and try a few gigs. Fiverr is a good place to find reliable services of all kinds. After ordering gigs, you may acquire a stable of sellers who you can use whenever you need something done.

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