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If you do pay-per-click advertising, click fraud is a major concern. This widespread problem can cost you thousands of dollars without you even realizing it. In fact, according to recent statistics, click fraud siphons an average 20% out of PPC advertisers’ budgets. This can easily be the difference between a profitable campaign and one that flops. Until recently, there hasn’t been a simple way to eliminate click fraud. Now ClickCease is offering a viable solution.

We’ve been using ClickCease since mid-2019, well over two years now. In this ClickCease review, we’ll explain the main features and benefits of using ClickCease, along with exploring all the ClickCease discounts and promotions available for our readers. Our exclusive Clicksease discount coupon is in the pricing section of this review.

The Problem of Click Fraud

PPC advertising provides you with a great opportunity to reach targeted customers. However, it’s also a system that can easily be abused by unscrupulous users. In many cases, competitors will click on your ads to increase the cost for you. Publishers may even be complicit in such fraud, as they make more money as advertising rates go up.

Regardless of the motive, click fraud is rampant. Because pay-per-click is based on the simple act of people clicking on ads, it’s fairly easy to commit fraud. All someone has to do is click repeatedly on an ad to drive up the cost. More sophisticated scammers use bots and multiple IPs to automate the process and disguise their identities.

Because click fraud is hard to detect and prevent, PPC users often put up with it as a cost of doing business. ClickCease has introduced a robust solution that helps you prevent this problem. ClickCease is set up to detect and stop click fraud from several distinct sources.

  • Bot Clicks. At least 40% of all internet traffic today originates from bots.
  • Competitor Clicks. Competitors may be clicking on your ads to drive up your costs.
  • Click Farms. Entire teams dedicated to click fraud. They may use bots or click manually from various locations.
  • Accidental Clicks. This is more of an issue than you might think, especially for mobile users. Up to half of all mobile clicks are accidental.
  • Brand Haters. The internet being what it is, some people have nothing better to do than click on the same ads over and over again just out of pure malice or if they have a personal grudge against you or your brand.

How ClickCease Works

ClickCease has several features to help you identify and prevent click fraud.

  • ClickCease monitors the clicks on your Google Adwords and Bing accounts. Looks at IP, unique devices, use of VPNs (Virtual Private Networks, which are designed to hide actual locations), and your unique settings.
  • Each click is analyzed and given a score using many parameters. Clicks are then labeled innocent or fraudulent.
  • Fraudulent clicks are automatically excluded to prevent future clicks from that source. Bots and abusers will no longer see your ads. Suspicious IPs are quarantined.
  • Reports are sent to AdWords to request refunds on fraudulent clicks.

Advanced Analytics

ClickCease lets you look at clicks from several different perspectives for a complete picture.

  • IP Table provides details on clicks based on geography, IP, timing, and more.
  • Fraud Heatmap gives you a visual idea of where click fraud is coming from.
  • Keyword Analysis lets you know which keywords are being targeted for fraud.
  • Fraudulent Devices let you know if the same devices are being used for fraudulent clicks.
  • Ad Placement Analytics lets you know which Google Display Networks (GDN) are generating the most fraud.
  • Detected IPS tells you why an IP has been blocked.

Accessing all this information gives you the ability to know how and why fraud is being committed. It lets you quickly identify problem regions, devices, GDNs (Google Display Networks), and keywords.

ClickCease uses advanced technology to monitor and protect your accounts. However, from the user end, it’s quite simple to use. Once you set it up, your PPC campaigns will be automatically monitored.

ClickCease Facebook Ads protection

The newest addition to what Clickcease offers, and available only with the pro plan. Bots, web crawlers, and click farms are a few of the most common fraud types on Facebook. ClickCease now protects your Facebook ads as well as Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network. Didn’t try this feature personally, as we don’t run FB ads.

Benefits of ClickCease

There are several ways that ClickCease can help make your PPC campaigns more profitable.

  • Lower your cost for PPC ads. The most obvious advantage is that, by reducing fraud, you’ll be paying less for clicks.
  • Get refunds. Google AdWords will refund money for fraudulent clicks, but only if you can show them proof. Without a service such as ClickCease, this isn’t easy. Now, you can have reports sent to get refunds automatically.
  • More accurate analytics. Click fraud distorts your perception of campaigns, making you think an ad is more popular than it really is. With ClickCease, you’ll have a clearer idea of what’s really going on with your campaigns. This helps you with market research, so you know what to promote in the future.
  • AdSpy provides information on competitors. You’ll learn immediately who is bidding on the same keywords that you’re targeting. This gives you an edge as you can then adjust your bidding accordingly.

Pricing For ClickCease

There are two plans for ClickCease, depending on your campaigns’ size and the amount of protection you want.

  • Standard: $69/month per domain. Automatic IP blocking features, up to 5,000 ad clicks, conversion tracking, block IP ranges, VPN & proxy blocking, weekly email reports, and more.
  • Pro: $89/m for five domains. This is for larger traffic volumes and multiple domains.
  • Advanced: $109/m for 30 domains. This plan is suitable for agencies as it allows white label reports. It also includes cross-domain blocking, account sharing, and a dedicated campaign manager.

ClickCease Discounts

You can save 20% on all plans by paying annually rather than monthly. ClickCease also offers a 7-day free trial.

You can also get 20% off your Clckcease monthly plan simply by asking customer service during your signup process. That’s what I did.

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If you are chat-shy, you can use our exclusive ClickCease discount coupon arye20 (all lowercase) after you sign up, to get 20% off your first 3 months of service.

Support and Education

ClickCease provides support for all their plans as well as some useful educational resources. All plans come with complete IPv6 support. The blog and website contain many useful posts and articles that help you get the most out of ClickCease and give you insights into running more effective PPC campaigns.

Who is ClickCease For?

ClickCease is really for anyone who runs PPC campaigns. If you haven’t studied the issue of click fraud, you may think that it’s only a problem for large companies, businesses in certain niches, or that operate in certain parts of the world. Unfortunately, it’s far more widespread than that.

The fact is if you advertise on Google or Bing, chances are click fraud is affecting you whether you realize it or not. It costs you money both directly, by making you pay more for clicks, and indirectly, by distorting your analytics and giving you false information about your campaigns.

ClickCease is a tool that can help anyone improve the profitability of their PPC campaigns by preventing click fraud. It also provides competitor information, which is a bonus. There are many tools and services you have to pay for that offer competitor information. With ClickCease, you get that along with all the tools for click fraud prevention.

Use CickCease and Watch Your Campaigns

Click fraud is a reality that all PPC marketers must deal with. If you ignore it, you’ll be losing money and make it more difficult to make intelligent decisions for your business. Getting ClickCease can help but, like anything else, it depends on how you use it.

By paying close attention to the information you get from ClickCease, you can gradually cut down on fraudulent clicks. If you notice that a high percentage of click fraud comes from certain geographical regions, you might be better off not targeting these areas (unless you have so many customers there that it’s worth dealing with the problem).

Even with the help of a powerful tool such as ClickCease, you should still be familiar enough with your campaigns that you notice any abnormal activity. For example, if you suddenly notice unusually high costs per click or other suspicious metrics, you can consult your Google Ads dashboard and investigate the website in question. You can usually spot fake or low-quality websites with thin content or lots of popups and spammy ads. You can then manually exclude such sites. In other words, ClickCease is a valuable tool but don’t rely on it 100%.

ClickCease: Value and Recommendations

More than most marketing tools, ClickCease performs a service where you can quantify the value. There’s no doubt that click fraud costs you money if you’re not actively fighting it. While the percentage varies depending on your business and industry, about 20% of clicks on ads are fraudulent. You can begin to prevent these losses by using ClickCease.

If you want to find out how the system works, you can sign up for a 7-day free trial. Most businesses can benefit from the Basic or Standard plan, depending on how many ad-clicks you get. If you’re serious about succeeding with PPC, you’ll find that ClickCease is a solid investment that soon pays for itself.




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