Video Animation Made Easy With CreateStudio – Review and Discounts

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CreateStudio lets you create animation and other types of videos for a variety of purposes. It’s a powerful tool for making sales videos, explainer videos, doodles, and much more. In this CreateStudio review, we’ll take a look at what you can do with CreateStudio, how much it costs (including special CreateStudio discounts), and who can benefit most from it.

What is CreateStudio?

Videos are getting more popular all the time. It’s more important than ever for anyone marketing a business, product, or service to post videos on their website, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and other video-sharing sites. CreateStudio is a video-making service that makes it simple to create engaging, professional videos for many purposes. The following are some top features.

  • Download the software to any desktop with Windows or Mac operating systems.
  • Text effects. Create animated text layers by the word or sentence.
  • Manage easing. Easing refers to the speed at which animated features move. CreateStudio lets you accelerate or decelerate animations to your preferences.
  • Save motion presets. Save time by using CreateStudio’s motion presets that you can add to your videos.
  • Customized animated characters. Create all kinds of animated characters to bring life to your videos.
  • Timeline editor. The drag-and-drop timeline editor lets you easily edit your videos without any technical skills.
  • Green screen. Edit colors and green screen footage with a few clicks.
  • Add features such as shadows, borders, emojis, masks, and more to make your videos more detailed and engaging.
  • Audio Library. All-Access members can add royalty-free audio tracks to their videos.

Ways to Use CreateStudio

Video marketing has become essential for just about every type of business. With CreateStudio, you can make videos for many purposes, including the following.

Doodle Sketch Videos

Doodle videos are very popular for several reasons. There’s something hypnotic about text appearing in front of your eyes. You can use doodle videos for selling products or educating your audience on any topic. CreateStudio makes it simple to create these videos in many styles. Choose a template and start typing to instantly create engaging doodle sketches.

3D Character Videos

Create all kinds of quality 3D characters to capture your viewers’ attention. Place them in eye-catching environments, whether it’s a city street, beach, outer space, or whatever fits your theme.

Social Media Videos for Ads & Stories

Video ads on Facebook and other sites are one of the best ways to grab your audience’s attention. With CreateStudio, it’s easy to create videos that fit the requirements of social media platforms, such as square, vertical, and landscape formats. You can also create engaging videos for Facebook and Instagram Stories.

2D Explainer Videos

Create simple yet appealing and professional explainer videos for your business or your clients’ businesses. Simply drag and drop characters and backgrounds into your videos.

Stomp Videos: Trailers & Teasers

Stomp-style videos are fast, engaging teasers or trailers to introduce something, such as a product, update, movie, or event. These are great for generating buzz and making your audience eager for more information.

Logo Animations

A logo animation video lets you build your brand image by making your logo into an entertaining animation. Use your existing logo or create a new one from scratch using elements from CreateStudio or images imported from other locations.

These are just some of the ways you can use CreateStudio to create animated videos for a business, creative project, or personal branding.

Pricing for CreateStudio

There are two pricing options for CreateStudio.

  • Standard: $99 for a lifetime license. Includes CreateStudio software, commercial use license, Doodle Creator, 50 templates, 8 3D characters, 20 2D characters, all features.
  • All-Access Pass: $299/year. Includes everything in Standard, all templates (500+), 120+ characters, 80+ scroll stoppers, and audio library. New features (templates, characters, etc.) are added monthly.

All Access monthly access for $37/m is available here.

As an alternative to All Access, you can buy credits as you need additional characters and templates. For example, 3D characters are $27 each, while templates are $5 to $27 each.

CreateStudio does not currently offer a free plan or free trial. However, they do have an unconditional 30-day refund policy for all plans.

You can take advantage of the current CreateStuio discount on the standard lifetime plan with 30% off below.

Support and Training

Unless you’re experienced in making online videos, you will need some guidance on how to make the most of all the features. Even if you have created videos, you’ll still need to learn how CreateStudio works. There are quite a few ways to get up to speed quickly.

CreateStudio offers many instructional videos on its YouTube channel. This is a public channel anyone can access, whether you’re a member or not. A blog also provides helpful ideas on the many types of videos you can create.

Who Can Benefit From CreateStudio?

With videos so popular on social media and elsewhere, almost anyone promoting anything online can benefit from video marketing. CreateStudio can be an effective tool for:

  • E-commerce sellers. Promote products to drive traffic to your store.
  • All CreateStudio plans allow for commercial use, so you can make videos for your clients.
  • Small businesses. Promote any business, whether it’s a restaurant, salon, boutique, nightclub, auto body shop, medical practice, or anything else.
  • Artists, writers, musicians, and other creative types. Promote your book, gallery, album, independent film, etc.
  • Affiliate marketers. Animated videos can work well for promoting any product.

CreateStudio is one of the most versatile video creation tools you can get. It can be a powerful addition to your marketing strategy. The Standard plan offers good value for smaller businesses as it’s a one-time fee. More active video creators can get value from the Full Access Plan. If you’re somewhere in the middle, the Standard plan can be supplemented by purchasing items with credits.


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