[2021 Updated] EasyAzon Review, Discount and Giveaway


EasyAzon 4 is a plugin designed to make affiliate marketing easier and more profitable. This WordPress plugin is made specifically for Amazon affiliates. Amazon is not only one of the world’s leading retailers, but it’s also the largest and most popular affiliate network. There are many millions of products and niches from which to choose.

This allows you to sell all kinds of products no matter what type of blog, website or online store you have. Yet, affiliate marketing can be complicated and tedious without the right tools. EasyAzon has many features that allow you to easily create affiliate links and effectively promote Amazon products. In this EasyAzon review, we’ll be looking at some of this plugin’s features and benefits to determine whether or not it provides good value for Amazon affiliates.

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EasyAzon Developer Discount

Main Features of EasyAzon 4

EasyAzon 4 has many features that simplify the process of promoting Amazon products. Some of the most powerful benefits of this plugin include:

  • Create Affiliate Links From Your WordPress Site -Without this plugin, you would have to go to Amazon and get an affiliate code. EasyAzon lets you do everything from within WordPress.
  • Manage Affiliate Links -You have many choices for creating affiliate links easily, without the need to know anything about coding. You can do things like cloak links, make them no-follow, have links open in a new window, and more.
  • Add to Shopping Cart Feature -You can set up affiliate links so that customers add items directly to their Amazon shopping cart, which gives you up to 90 days to earn commissions (vs. the regular 24 hours lasting amazon cookie).
  • Attract Attention With Product Pop-Ups -EasyAzon 4 allows you to create eye-catching pop-ups for Amazon products that can increase your conversions.
  • Promote Products Globally -Amazon has programs in many different countries. In addition to the U.S. program, there are affiliate programs in the UK, Canada, China, France, Italy, Japan, and many others. You can enable link localization so that you can promote different products to customers worldwide. Just think of all the lost traffic and sales you have had so far. With EasyAzon, no click goes to waste, as traffic is redirected to its’ own local Amazon store, depending on users’ IP address.

Bonus – Ultimate Amazon Guide

EasyAzon 4 comes with a valuable bonus -a thorough guide on Amazon affiliate marketing. Containing 13,000 words, as well as pictures and videos, this guide provides you with detailed information on how to build successful affiliate websites, including domain names, keyword research, choosing the right products, and building backlinks. If you are not familiar with WordPress, there’s even a section that tells you how to set up WordPress sites. This guide will help you make the most out of the EasyAzon 4 plugin.

Who Can Benefit From EasyAzon

There are two versions of EasyAzon 4. The Multi-Site version, which allows you to install the plugin on unlimited personal sites, is $47. The Developer license, which allows you to install the plugin on client sites or on websites you sell/flip, is available for $67. The Developer license is recommended because most Amazon affiliate sites are destined to be flipped/sold eventually; thus, you want your site to be prepared in advance. For the launch of EasyAzon 4.0, you can get almost 50% off with this EasyAzon discount. The plugin is useful for many types of marketers.

  • People just starting with affiliate marketing and who are looking for a tool to simplify the process.
  • Experienced Amazon marketers who want to create Amazon links quickly.
  • Website flippers who want to create and sell Amazon affiliate sites.
  • SEO and other consultants who want to create affiliate sites for clients.

For the last two, the website flippers and consultants, the developer’s license is needed. This, however, is only $20 more than the regular license.

Are there any drawbacks to EasyAzon 4? The only limitation is that it’s a WordPress plugin, so it can’t be used on other types of sites. Anyone with an existing affiliate site that uses another platform would have to create a WordPress site to use this plugin. On the other hand, if you haven’t yet created your affiliate site, WordPress is one of the easiest and most versatile platforms you can use (see our WordPress themes promotions). The bonus guide explains all of the basics of WordPress.

In conclusion of our EasyAzon 4.0 review, EasyAzon is a powerful, easy to use plugin that can help anyone create more profitable Amazon affiliate campaigns. Whether affiliate marketing is your main pursuit or merely one part of your business, this plugin can make the process faster and less complicated. EasyAzon 4 is recommended to anyone who promotes Amazon products or who thinks about doing so.

EasyAzon Discount

EasyAzon Multi-Site License Giveaway [Giveaway Ended]

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3 Comments To [2021 Updated] EasyAzon Review, Discount and Giveaway

  1. Michael says:

    I’ve read about EasyAzon and since I’ve been doing things manually, I want to make my life easier. I have a few affiliate sites and this could be a big help.

  2. steve says:

    I want to use EasyAzon as its very easy to use and can save you lots of time and earn you lots more money, with its great features, Ill be using it on3 of my gaming sites

  3. I love Amazon and would like to create more affiliate links in my posts. This would greatly streamline the process so I am spending less time creating links for my readers. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win the plugin. Yay! I am excited.


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