Spocket Review and Discounts for Dropshippers

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Dropshipping is a widely popular method of commerce (and subsequently, of e-commerce), that involves a client-facing retailer transferring its customer’s orders to another company such as a manufacturer, retailer or wholesaler. This company then ships its products directly to the customer, eliminating the need for the dropshipper to keep goods in stock. The dropshipper then earns a profit based on the difference between the customer’s price and what the dropshipper pays for the product.

Many factors affect a dropshipper’s success, including profit margins, product quality, and brand identity. Platforms like Spocket can help with these issues, which is why over 50,000 entrepreneurs worldwide are currently using it. In our Spocket review we will describe the platform’s features, the problems it solves, and the pricing for its service tiers (including all available Spocket discounts).


Spocket Overview

Dropshipping allows entrepreneurs to run an e-commerce business without warehousing inventory or paying upfront costs for their stock, as they would do running an Amazon FBA business. Instead, dropshippers add products to their online store and send orders to the supplier for fulfillment. This supply chain model allows dropshippers to focus on marketing their products and providing positive experiences for their customers.

The Spocket app can help dropshippers achieve these goals by integrating with multiple e-commerce platforms, such as Wix, Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce (part of WordPress). They can launch a business that sells products from suppliers in multiple countries with a few clicks of a button. Most of these companies are in the United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), and the European Union (EU), but a few are in Australia and New Zealand. This capability is the primary distinguishing factor between Spocket and other dropshipping apps since these other solutions typically use products sourced from Aliexpress or similar Chinese retailers. Update 2021: Spocket added Aliscrpaer to its arsenal as a tool to import Aliexpress products, should you choose to do so.

Spocket has a considerable marketplace consisting of tens of thousands of products, including print-on-demand goods. Dropshippers can also perform research to identify the potential suppliers best able to meet their customers’ needs. For example, many Spocket suppliers offer sample products, allowing you to test their quality control and speed of delivery. Both of these factors are critical elements of success for dropshippers, making it essential to evaluate them before importing products from a new supplier into your e-commerce store.

The owners of e-commerce businesses must also consider the name of their store and the niche they want to occupy. Once they decide what they want to sell and what gets them excited, they can select their first products. You can use Jungle Scout to research what’s trending on Amazon, or Google Trends to see general trends in search, though these will be less focused on commercial searches than the ones on Amazon.


Dropshippers can remain confident that Spocket suppliers are reputable, as they must meet a number of requirements before they can register. They must ship products from approved locations, which currently include the US, UK, EU, Australia, and New Zealand. Suppliers must also prove they’re an official business and offer Spocket users a discount on their usual retail prices. Spocket discounts range from 25 to 50 percent.

Furthermore, they must offer a live comma-separated value (CSV) feed, allowing them to easily upload a large number of product descriptions in one batch. Additional requirements for Spocket suppliers include flat-rate shipping and tracking capability on all their products, including domestic and international deliveries.

Spocket dropshippers, on the other hand, can be located anywhere in the world since they only need a credit card and access to an email account. This capability means entrepreneurs can operate their business from any location, even if they’re on the road. They can also decide what products to sell and where to target their customers, as long as the supplier ships to that location.


Spocket offers many benefits for dropshippers that fall into the following categories:

  • Product Imports
  • Orders
  • Pricing
  • Inventory Updates
  • Order Tracking

Product Imports


Spocket users can import products with the click of a button. This feature saves a great deal of time since you no longer need to add product descriptions and images manually. However, you can also edit the details for a product before allowing it to go live on your eCommerce site. You’ll typically perform this task for each product as you scan through them to identify variants you don’t wish to sell.

Rewriting product descriptions is also useful for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes by improving organic rankings of your page. In addition to editing the original product descriptions, adding and editing alternate text to your product images can also improve your search engine results.



Spocket customers enter data such as their name and shipping address on their checkout page when they order a product. The app then sends these details to the supplier as soon as customers place their orders. Spocket also sends you an e-mail message confirming that it has sent the customer’s request of the supplier. Once suppliers receive the order, they’ll prepare the products and ship them directly to your customers.

You can then use the “track order” button on your Spocket dashboard to track an order after the supplier ships it. This feature provides you with the shipment’s exact location at any time, providing both you and your customers with peace of mind.

Products Pricing

Dropshippers must mark up the wholesale prices from their suppliers to the price they will charge their customers. They must perform this task on each product they sell, so this process needs to be as easy as possible. Spocket pricing features allow you to automate your pricing markups. For example, you can calculate your retail price as a multiplier, percentage, or fixed price.

The multiplier feature allows you to multiply the wholesale price by a specific number to get the retail price, while the percentage feature allows you to determine the retail price by increasing the wholesale prices by a certain percentage. The fixed-price feature lets you set the retail price to a specific value. These automatic pricing features mostly help to ensure that you don’t undercharge (and lose money by actually selling), but also prevent overcharging your customers, which may cause loss of sales and credibility.

Inventory Updates

Maintaining your customers’ trust requires you to ensure you never allow them to place an order for a product that your suppliers don’t have. Spocket provides this capability by handling your inventory automatically, allowing you to view current stock levels at all times.

Spocket Pricing

The Starter plan has a two-week free trial like all Spocket paid plans. It costs $19 a month and there is no annual discounted option. This plan allows you to import up to 25 products to your e-commerce store. It also allows an unlimited number of orders and updates your inventory in real-time. Additional features include tracking numbers for all shipments, global pricing rules, currency exchange for your customers who live in a different country, and a 24/7 chat as a means of customer support.

You’ll often find that you want to sell more than 25 products as your business expands. Once this happens, you should upgrade to the Pro plan. This plan costs $49 a month or $396 a year, which is equal to $33 a month. ($288 or $24/m with our special Spocket discount below)

The Pro plan allows you to import up to 250 products, including 25 premium products. Additional upgrades from the Starter plan include branded invoicing, exclusive deals, and a premium search capability. These exclusive deals are particularly useful in helping you stand out from the increasingly competitive dropshipping industry.

Dropshippers who need more service from Spocket can consider the Empire plan, which allows access to a maximum of 10,000 products and 10,000 premium products. This option costs $99 a month or $828 a year, which is equivalent to $69 a month ($708 or $59/m with our Spocket discount below). The Empire plan is otherwise similar to the Pro plan.

The Unicorn plan costs $299 per month or $1,980 per year, which is $165 per month ($1380 or $115/m with our special annual Spocket discount below). It includes bulk checkout, product requests, and dedicated account executives in addition to the features of the Empire plan.

Spocket Discounts

We will keep updating here all the available Spocket discounts and promotions. Right now, if you sign up for a trial using our link here, you will get up to an ADDITIONAL 30% off of the annual plans.

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Spocket is a great solution for any business that uses a dropshipping business model, especially those just getting started in e-commerce. Entrepreneurs who already have a Wix, BigCommerce, Shopify, or a WooCommerce store can easily connect their existing stores to Spocket, allowing them to sell these products within minutes. Suppliers offer deep discounts from their retail prices, without requiring contracts from dropshippers.

Spocket only associates itself with quality suppliers, ensuring that customers receive a positive experience. Furthermore, this platform performs tasks such as inventory management and order processing, allowing merchants to focus on growing their business through advertising, optimizing their store, and retaining customers.



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