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People watch more than a billion hours of video on YouTube every day and more than a billion and a half users log into YouTube every month. Because of that, YouTube is expected to earn over $27bn in 2021, so why aren’t you promoting your business with video? Most likely, it’s because making professional quality videos is either too difficult or too expensive. Creating high-quality videos on your own requires complex tools that take hours to produce even simple videos. You could outsource the work to professionals, but that is very expensive. With video driving billions of visitors and huge revenues every month, what’s a small business to do so as not to get left behind?

That’s why Instant Video Wizard was created. Instant Video Wizard creates a high-quality video in just sixty seconds. Paste an article into the wizard or select one from a database of over 130,000 PLR articles in hundreds of categories supplied with the software. Then, it’s just a matter of making a few design choices about how you want the video to look. They’re simple and only require a few seconds of your time. Click to generate slides button, and the wizard starts building your video for you.

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It automatically narrates a video using cutting edge next-generation text to speech technology. It also finds images that match the article text from a database of half a million royalty-free images. It puts all of that together in a visually appealing way, varying the slides’ display and highlighting keywords and phrases in the text. The result is a high quality, highly professional video like the one you see here. It’s almost unbelievable that something that looks like this good can be produced in sixty seconds and just a few mouse clicks.

You’re looking at the proof that Instant Video Wizard can do just that. But that’s not all it can do, not be a long shot. Instant Video Wizard comes pre-built with dozens of themes that make it easy to change the look and feel of any slide with just a few clicks, and our database of over half a million royalty-free images to use in your videos give you an amazing amount of variety no matter what category you create your video in. But not just images, Instant Video Wizard also includes more than one hundred thousand royalty-free video clips at your disposal, giving you the ability to add a real professional polish to the videos you create.

Imagine how many amazing videos you could produce with over one hundred thousand video clips at your fingertips. Add to that the many options available for changing the text’s alignment on the slides, and your videos have plenty of visual interest that sure to capture the attention of your viewers.

Of course, it’s important that you set the right tone for each part of your video its message, which is why Instant Video Wizard comes with dozens of image filters that set the mood and evoke just the right emotion point along the way.

And to ensure that your visitors know exactly where this amazing video originated from, each slide has a fully customizable watermark. You can use a formatted text watermark or upload your own image. Be sure to throw in some catchy background music to set the tone further. Instant Video Wizard has a huge catalog of over one hundred thousand royalty-free music tracks for you to use. They’re organized by genre and also searchable by keyword.

Already have an audio file that you need to create a video from? No problem, use the slicer to quickly cut your audio file into segments converted into video slides.

If you prefer to narrate your own videos rather than using the text to speech engine, it’s easy adding your own voice is a breeze with our slide audio recorder.

And when your video is complete, a few seconds is all it takes to upload the video to youtube and start generating traffic and revenue. No other tool on the market makes it so simple to create professional videos and quickly distribute them.

Instant Video Wizard will be publicly available starting October 2nd, and for one week only, will offer deep discounts and a lifetime license discount.

Instant Video Wizard Launch Pricing

Let’s show you just how powerful and easy to use Instant Video Wizard is. It’s going to be available starting on October 2nd, so mark your calendars. The first video er showed you just how easy it was to produce a video using just an article and a couple of selections.

So we’ve pasted that same article here; we can select whatever background we prefer for our theme, it’s just like the voice, whatever we want, generate slides, and it will build the video. Now once it’s done, we’re going to show you all of how you can customize that video to make it to the highest possible quality output that you could ever imagine from a tool this simple to use.

You can see it’s almost done; it’s very, very fast to produce these videos.

Now that it’s finished, we’ll go over to the slides tab, and the slides tab’s going to show us everything that the system automatically selects for us. But of course, sometimes it’s going to pick images that maybe we don’t like or we don’t think fit very well in the video, and we can change that. Here’s one we’ll double-click on that to edit it; you can see “besides you won’t feel it’s hungry if you take it a little bit at a time. “

Now we happen to know that it grabbed the word ‘’bit’’ and pulled out ‘’drill bit’’ so that doesn’t work right even though it’s a good guess for a machine we know as human beings that it’s not going to work. So we’re going to search for something different. We could put something generic in there, We could search for very specific keywords, but we’ll search for food, and oh even better, let’s do this; let’s search for ‘bite,’ let’s see here we go, we’ll use that one instead. Very easy to replace images using our database.

That went by very quickly but what we’re doing here is searching our database of more than eighty-five thousand copyright-free images for the keywords that we want to use in our video. As we flip through the slides, you’ll see that the system pulls out the primary terms appearing in the slide and puts them here, which makes it very easy to click on the term and see images related to the slide. So in this case, always consult your doctor before starting a diet plan, maybe showing a doctor would be a better choice there, so we clicked on ‘doctor,’ we’ll find a picture of a doctor, click on that; there we go. Now we’ve swapped out our image very, very easily.

We can also change the theme; you can see we have that themed background on many of the slides, but we can change that theme if we want to use something different. Going to our themes tab and quickly selecting any of the huge number of themes that we have available, it’ll swap that out for us very, very easily.

In addition to the massive database of copyright-free images, you can also upload your own image. You can also add video clips very easily in the same way by searching for keywords or clicking on the tags that it pulls from the site itself. You can preview a video by clicking on it, and you’ll see it shows the video, and if that’s a video that you like, you can click the plus button and use it. But we’re going to search for cooking and preview it. You can also click use media, and it’ll pop that video in there.

Now you’ll notice this one takes a few seconds, and the reason is that it overlays that video with our title, so the video plays right underneath the title gives it a very polished look. Dropping in video clips whenever possible along with your video really adds some visual interest. Every couple of slides, see if you can find a video to pop in there that really can make that video much more interesting to your viewers.

Now you can remove the video if you decide you don’t like it, and the same thing is true with the image; you can remove it just by clicking that button. You can also change where the text is placed on the slide, and that’s over here on this tab. We have many options; you can have the slide covered with the text, so for a longer– Let’s go to a longer one here, let’s try that one. You see, it covers the slide with the text, it darkens the background, which is a really nice effect sometimes.

So if what you’re really trying to emphasize is the text over the image, that’s a good choice; you can use this one, which is the title it’s mostly for titles or shorter text; otherwise, the text comes out too small, you can push it to the top, to the bottom, to the left and the right, and there’s also one more that gives you text about half of the slide covered with text in that case; very easy to do. You can also add image effects to the images.

Let me go to one like this. On the effects tab, it applies all manner of filters we use, and we have a lot of different filters to make that image, give a very different impression you click on the filter, and it alters the slide using that filter. Very easy, very simple to do, and it can make the slide have a dramatically different impact on the viewer, and you click the first one to get rid of any filters. You can also change the watermark on every slide if you want. It doesn’t have to be the same watermark; you can change it for every slide.

You can change the text, let’s say to that update the slide, you can change the color, the formatting and say we want it bold or Italic and red; we can do that very easily. You also don’t have to use text at all; you can click here and upload a watermark image if you prefer to use an image over text.

You can put that watermark in any of the four corners of the slide just by changing the selections. We’ll put it at the top left, see it moves it over to the left at the bottom left, and so on very easy to do all those things.

In the last of our tabs, here is the music tab. We can choose which music we want to play in our video’s background; you can preview it just by clicking the headphones icon to the left of the name of the song.

And it will play it for us. If you decide that that’s the music you want to use in your video, click the plus sign, and you’ll see that it shows the song is highlighted, and when we preview it now, it will play that song in the background, and there you go.

You can adjust the volume depending on how loud you want the music in relation to the voice, and so on. Now there are several ways you can edit the slide right here from within the editor; in addition to everything you can do to change the slide’s look and feel, you can edit the slide.

You can click this button to edit the text, or you can click on the text itself, and here you can change the text; you can change the color, the formatting, whatever you want to do, and update the slide. You can remove all text from a slide, which makes more sense on a slide that’s not formatted that way, and show the image if that’s what you prefer.

You can remove all the formatting to keep the text but get rid of any highlighting or color changes. You can play the audio for that specific slide; you can record new audio, you can generate the audio using one of our automatic voices, one of the many that we have and all the different languages that we have, or you can record audio yourself from the mic which is very easy, you see it shows us the text that’s on the slide making very easy for us to read, and as we scroll around, It moves the slide for us. You select the device you want to record from; in this case, I use my turtle beach headset, and all you have to do is click ‘start recording,’ and then we’ll record the slide.

‘’However, there are three important things you need to be aware of before beginning any diet program to ensure a healthy weight loss.’’ It will save that to the slide, and we can play it.

So now that is the new audio for the slide very easy. So start at the beginning, record each slide one at a time, reading off of the text that’s shown right there on this handy little dialogue until you’re done with all the slides. So if you prefer to record your own audio, this makes it very easy to do that.

You can also upload audio to a slide if you have a specific audio file, an MP3, or a wave file that you want to put on the slide, and you can remove the audio from off of that specific slide, very simple, very easy. You can insert slides before or after the current slide, and you can also delete the current slide.

If you want the slide to be a specific duration, you can do that—this is the number of seconds a slide will stay showing only if you don’t have audio on the slide. The length of the audio is always used to determine the length of the slide unless there isn’t any audio, in which case your selection here will determine the number of seconds a slide will be shown.

Very easy,  anyone can do this. At this point, you can preview it, you can play the preview, and you can render and download the video. Nothing to it, right? But we’re going to show you one more thing before we let you go that is extremely powerful, it’s the slicer tab.

Now what the slicer does is it lets us create a video from an audio file. So let us back out here, and we’re going to create a new one and create a new video. We’re going to call it The Wizard of Oz, and we’re going to go to the slicer; we’re going to upload a file because we happen to download the Wizard of Oz from LibriVox.

It’s going to load an audio file into the slicer, and now we can create slides from this audio file simply by clicking at the points along the timeline where we want it to cut the slide. So we can play the file here.

Okay, that’s a good spot to put a slide mark; click on there see it turns yellow, play some more, and, alright, we’ll put another one there now; you can keep doing that for the entire duration of the audio, and when you’re done, all you have to do is click slice slides, and that will produce slides from each segment of that audio.

We still use that first slide, so we’ll get rid of that one; that’s the default slide that’s put in whenever you create a new video, but now go to preview and notice how it changes slides at the spots that we marked.

You can go in and change the images, add the effects to all the things that we’ve already shown you; you can do including adding the background music out of this video you’ve created from any audio file you have. So if you already have articles recorded where you have the rights to audiobooks or other people’s recordings, you can easily cut those into slides and make high quality polished video side of them.

Instant Video Wizard New Features

Instant Video Wizard’s ability to upload any video you create to YouTube automatically.

You can either click the icon on your list of videos in a project, or after you render the video from inside the video editor, you can click the upload to YouTube button there.

That brings you to where you can select your channel, the region, the language, the category, you can set the title and the description of the video, you can set the tags, the status; public, private, or unlisted, and the license YouTube or Creative Commons after that all it takes, a little click of a button and in a few seconds your video is uploaded to YouTube.

Instant Video Wizard now creates square videos. Square videos are actually significant these days because as more and more people go mobile, it will be more and more important. It already is so important to optimize all of our content, whether text or video or anything else, to those mobile users, particularly Facebook and Instagram, but it’s going to be helpful in many other ways as well as most people, consume content with their mobile phones now and mobile devices.

Video effect and audio effect. IVW already had the image effects, so any image and any slide you have can have any of these effects applied to them.

But now we have video effects, so some of these are videos, and some of these are images; this is a video clip, and this is an image, for example. Well, in these videos, we can now apply these different effects to them. So I want to show you these quickly, and then we’re going to get onto the second new feature.

So as you can see, there are many different effects; we believe that these are really going to help you create videos that will really stand out.

So those are the first two new features that we’ve added to Instant Video Wizard. The third one is a new transition feature, so once you have your slides done, everything’s good; you have your text, you have your images and videos, you have your effects, and applied all that is very quick and easy. We have it set up in a way where you can do all that really quickly and easily and once you’re done with all that, go to preview; you can preview your video here, and whenever you’re ready to download it, you click the download button you now have the option to add this neat new transition.

Automatic translation and voiceover to more than 14 languages. It’s estimated that 360 million people speak English as their native language. That’s a big number, but 7.5 billion people live on planet Earth. So if you’re only targeting English-speaking people, you’re missing out on massive traffic and revenue potential. But what if you could instantly add 1.2 billion potential customers to your marketing efforts?

Well, now you can because Instant Video Wizard makes it easy. With Instant Video Wizard, you can convert any video you make in English to 14 other languages that total 1.2 billion additional native speakers. It’s very simple; you make a few selections about the language you want to convert it to and click a button. The result is truly amazing.

Between the English and the 14 languages, Instant Video Wizard can convert to that’s more than 1.5 billion potential customers within your reach. Instant Video Wizard is launching on October 2nd. There’ll be deep discounts and a one-time-only opportunity for an unlimited lifetime license. So mark your calendars this powerful software is coming your way very soon.

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P.S. As always, Jon Leger provides a significant discount on all his products to his Prosperative Business Coaching Gold Pass Members. Prosperative members get Instant Video Wizard for free.

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