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FCS Networker is an innovative service that makes it possible to build valuable social media links on autopilot. The service has capabilities such as article scraping, content syndication and building link wheels and pyramids. There are, however, many tools and services available for building links. What makes FCS Networker different? In this FCS Networker review, we will take a look at this service to find out what it offers and whether it provides good value. Significant FCS Networker discounts are also provided at the end of this review.


Purpose and Features of FCS Networker

Building links is still one of the most important aspects of SEO. Google has changed its algorithms many times over the years, but high quality links are still the primary way that search engines rank sites. One of the major changes that has come about recently is the increasing value of links from social and Web 2.0 sites. Building these on your own, however, is difficult and time consuming. To get results, you need a wide diversity of links from high PR sites. FCS Networker has tools that make this process fast and efficient. Here are some of the main features of this service:

  • Cloud-based -Since FCS Networker is web-based, all submissions come from their servers. This saves space on your computer and also means you don’t have to worry about setting up proxies
  • Content Submission -You can submit content through FCS Networker at whatever pace you’re comfortable with, whether this means everything at once or drip feeding posts over a longer period of time. Create link wheels and pyramids to improve your link-building capacity. You can also add SEO-friendly images and videos to your content.
  • Account Creation -You can create social, Web 2.0 and email accounts in seconds, making it easy to manage multiple campaigns for a variety of projects. There are pre-created email accounts you can use with de-activated spam filters.
  • Content Creation -There are tools to generate content as well as for submitting it. There is an RSS feed scraper as well as a built-in article generator. If you use article spinning software such as The Best Spinner or Spin Rewriter, these can be integrated with FCS Networker so you can create unique content.
  • Manage and Index Your Links -You can create links paired with anchor text to be automatically inserted into your content to help you rank for your chosen keywords. There is also a backlink indexer and a rank tracking system to make it easier to track the results of your SEO efforts.

Choice of Plans

FCS Networker offer a choice of plans, depending on how much content you want to create and submit. All plans allow you to create unlimited projects and accounts and provide access to features such as access to FCS Networker software, Content Generators, API Access, Link Indexer and White Label Reporting. They differ, however, in the number of submissions and keywords you can submit. Keep in mind that these are the original prices. Our FCS Networker discounted prices are right below.

  • Starter – $19/ month or $199/year. Up to 3,000 submissions per month and 10 keywords. Get a 10% FCS Networker discount on the Starter plan by following this link.
  • Professional – $34/month or $449/lifetime. 8,000 submissions per month and 20 keywords. Get 20% off the Pro plan by following this link.
  • Power – $49/month or $649/lifetime. 15,000 submissions per month and 30 keywords. Get 20% off the Power plan by following this link.
  • Elite – $89/month or $899/year. 30,000 submissions and 50 keywords. Get a 17% FCS Networker discount by following this link.

FCS Networker lifetime discounts are also available – You can get $50 off the Pro plan and $70 off the Power plan.


 Support and Other Benefits of FCS Networker

FCS Networker is a relatively new service, but it is quickly becoming popular and developing a solid reputation. Customers can get full support, both from the company and from other experienced members. Video tutorials make it easy for new members to learn how to use the system. There is a support forum and you have access to a growing community that currently has over 2500 members. New features, such as more supported sites, are being added regularly. There is also a 7 day refund policy for new customers.

FCS Networker: Who Can Benefit From It

While there are many ways to generate content and links, many methods are now outdated and don’t help you create Panda and Penguin friendly links. FCS Networker, because it focuses on social and Web 2.0 links, is a service that is useful for building the kind of links that are needed to rank today. It provides an efficient set of tools that can save you time and help you create, manage and track campaigns quickly.

FCS Networker is a good value for anyone who wants to rank well in the search engines without having to spend countless hours on content creation, social media account creation, submitting links and tracking campaigns. Actually, the more you want to do in these areas, the better value FCS Networker is.

Because you can have unlimited projects and use the company’s cloud-based submission system, you can use it to help you rank for as many blogs or websites as you want. You can choose the plan that works best for you. The Starter plan is a good introduction if you just want to test out the system. You can always upgrade later if you want to rank for more keywords and submit more content.

FCS Networker can be a powerful tool to help you get more traffic and improve your SEO efforts. It’s a service that may be just what you need if you’re looking for an automated way to manage your SEO campaigns. Make sure to use our FCS Networker discount offer to save up to 20 percent of your monthly expenses.


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