Fiverr Affiliate Program FINALLY Launched!


Here we go; The Fiverr affiliate program was FINALLY launched. I know many of you internet marketers have been waiting long for this opportunity to share your Fiverr addiction with others, and make a few bucks while you’re at it!

So, what’s the deal that Fiverr affiliate program offers us?

There was never a better time to bring new clients to Fiverr. With the recent IPO and estimated worth of over $1B, Fiverr has gained a lot of publicity and reputation as a legitimate freelance marketplace in the gig economy era.

And you can make profits riding on that wave. You have to bring new customers to sign up and make a single Fiverr purchase for $5. You’ll get a $15-$150 compensation for each client you bring, depending on the category of his purchase. Sounds like a great deal, doesn’t it?

Here are the special categories and the payout for each new Fiverr users.

Pro Plan
Whiteboard & Animated Explainers
Research & Summaries
Website Builders & CMS
Lyric & Music Videos
Architecture & Floor Plans
Presentation Design
Web & Mobile Design
Creative Writing
Spokespersons Videos
Data Analysis & Reports
Mobile Apps & Web
Slideshows & Promo Videos
Business Copywriting
Articles & Blog Posts
Voice Over
Branding Services

All signups making their first purchase from a different category are worth $15.

Also, we get to use some very nice creative tools supplied by Fiverr; there are lots of different banners and sizes (I wonder if they got them done for a Fiverr, hehe). See some examples below.

fiverr affiliate program review on impromocoder internet marketing promo codes

fiverr affiliate program details and banners

Fiverr Pro affiliate program

How to join the Fiverr affiliate program?

You have a few options as the program runs on a couple of networks or directly with their in-house plan;


MaxBounty is considered to be one of the best CPA/affiliate networks, with offers from top merchants in various niches such as Fiverr and GoDaddy in IM, Alibaba and AliExpress in retail, Booking and Agoda in travel and many more. Their Fiverr affiliate program offers $15-$80 payment for each new Fiverr user who signs up and makes a purchase through your link.

In some cases, throughout your signup process, you might be requested to show your traffic sources and experience. If you have some IM experience, a website or a mailing list, or just a general traffic source, these will do, just be honest with the info.

[Sign up to Maxbounty as an affiliate here]

Fiverr’s in-house affiliate program

This would be the preferred option for anyone as you are getting the max affiliate payout ($15-$150) as there is no affiliate network in between to take its cut of the profits. However, if for some reason you are unable to join this way, go with any of the networks mentioned above.

[Sign up to for Fiverr’s affiliate program here]

Why has the Fiverr affiliate program finally launched?  I’d say there are a few main reasons for that:

1. The ever-growing competition. Fiverr has dozens if not hundreds of outsourcing competitors. If up till now many of these were merely Fiverr clones, trying to imitate the Fiverr “gig” business model, using similar yet low-level designs and small users base, things now have changed. There are Fiverr lookalike niche sites that specialize in a single category – SEOClerks for example, specializing in everything related to SEO, CrowdSpring for logos, graphic design and naming or for virtual assistants. Other large rivals include Upwork (formerly Odesk and Elance who merged), Freelancer, Guru, and others. This can take a lot of profit from Fiverr. Clients interested in internet marketing tools and services will go to one website, while others, those interested in design projects, will go to another. Eventually, Fiverr will become a too general, and unappealing marketplace.

2. The growth factor. The average Fiverr buyer (and seller) is a person who is working a lot on the internet. Why not grow your network? Fiverr can offer a lot more, not just to internet marketers or internet savvies. Anyone could use their funny videos for pranks or holiday gifts. Using an affiliate network, with a nice payout, will help Fiverr do just that. Trust good affiliate marketers; they are creative enough to think of ways to drive traffic.

3. In the wide world of the Internet, you just can’t ignore affiliate marketing. Show me a few companies in the internet software or services market that don’t use affiliate marketing program methods. Every leading company supplying internet services of any sort – hosting, WP templates, email marketing software, SEO tools, and even freelance platforms have an affiliate program. There’s a reason for that. That’s sales-driven compensation, and no player in this industry can afford to not take part. And Fiverr is no exception!

So the question is not why was Fiverr’s affiliate program finally launched, but rather why did they take so long to get it started?

Alright, off to work we go; let’s see how attractive Fiverr can be to people outside of the industry. It seems everyone in the IM world is already familiar with them.

You can join MaxBounty and Fiverr’s in-house affiliate program to start promoting the Fiverr for profits today.

How do you plan to promote the Fiverr affiliate program? Put a banner on your site? Your social network page or profile? Share it here below.

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