UBot Studio X Review and Discount 2020


UBot Studio, created by Seth Turin Media, Inc., is a web browser software that automates and simplifies many tasks for internet marketers. It has many features that cover areas such as email management, software design, apps creation, proxies, content spinning and much more. This software is available in several different packages. In this UBot Studio review, we’ll be looking at the features, benefits and overall value provided by UBot. We are also in talks with the UBot team to offer you a special UBot Studio discount to take advantage of during this holiday season. Update; The early bird discount has expired. However, in case you missed this offer, you can still get Ubot Studio X community edition at a 80% discount here.

If you need just one or two bots for specific tasks you have in mind, we recommend outsourcing it for $5-$20 here.

UBot Studio: An Overview

Marketing online involves many different tasks and skills. Whether you are building web pages, managing mailing lists, engaging in paid advertising or conducting social media campaigns, you probably find that it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the number of tasks you must complete. Furthermore, many important elements of marketing require fairly sophisticated skills, such as programming. The alternative is to outsource, which can be quite expensive. UBot Studio is a software that solves many of these problems by giving you the ability to manage many different aspects of online marketing from one place. More importantly, it allows you to do this without having to be a programmer, web designer or any kind of expert.

UBot Studio Review and Discount

Some of the leading features of UBot Studio include:

  • Email Capabilities -Send and receive emails instantly and click on any links included in the messages.
  • Search and Save -Gives you the ability to save any type of web content, including CSS, Javascript, and HTML that may be hidden.
  • Visual Scripting Language -Allows you to easily create automation products with drag and drop capabilities.
  • CAPTCHA Solving -Save time by solving captchas quickly.
  • Proxies -Use and switch between various proxies, both public and private.
  • Auto-fill Forms -Allows you to save time on forms by automatically filling them out.
  • Software Creation -Create all kinds of software that can be used by anyone, whether they are UBot Studio users are not.
  • Create Apps -Build useful apps for any purpose.
  • Data Management -Create lists and tables from your files or saved web pages.
  • Script Debugger -Built-in debugger makes it easy to clean up your scripts.
  • Spintax Editor -Allows you to create unique content easily. Integrates with leading content spinning services.

These are just some of the features that are included in the Standard version of Ubot Studio. The software actually comes in three different versions. Let’s see how they differ and how much they cost.

Standard UBot: $295

Standard Ubot Studio comes with all of the features outlined above and others as well. This version comes with 3 months of expert support, 3 months of free updates and 3 months of Bot Bank Access. The Bot Bank is a database of scripts, commands and functions that UBot users contribute. You also get access to the forum, where experienced users and staff can help you with questions.

Professional UBot: $595

In addition to all of the features of Standard, this version comes with Control Flash, Advanced Image Recognition, Code View, which lets you turn scripts into text, SQL integration and socket commands for even faster automation.

Developer UBot: $995

In addition to all of the features of Standard and Professional, with Developer you can also brand your software by removing the UBot label, create self-extracting installation pages and use CSS, Javascript and HTML to create your own interfaces.

Who Can Use UBot?

UBot is an extremely versatile software application that can be used in many different ways. It can help you manage your own marketing tasks related to areas such as email and data management, content creation and many other things. It can also be useful for people who work with or sell products to other businesses. You could, for example, design useful software or apps for your clients or customers.

It’s also possible to make money from UBot by selling services that the software automates. For example, there are many people on sites like Fiverr who offer gigs such as creating multiple email accounts or accounts on social media sites. This is the type of thing you could do in seconds using UBot, and the type of service people are willing to pay for.

If you buy UBot Studio, it may take you a while to realize just how much it can do. While there is a learning curve, it’s actually quite easy and intuitive to use. This is a software that can automate virtually any online tasks you might have to complete, from filling out online forms to creating internet bots, software or apps to sell.

UBot Studio Review Conclusion: Does UBot Provide Good Value?

UBot is a very useful application that can help you run your business more efficiently. It can even give you the capability to expand or create new businesses. Because of its versatility, UBot can effectively take the place of many other applications and services. This helps to justify the initial price, which some people find a little steep.

UBot is a software that’s used by many successful online marketers and service providers. It’s something that you will probably find more and more uses for as you learn what it can do. The Standard version is adequate for many people, but if you are looking to use UBot for more advanced purposes, you should consider the Professional or Developer versions. It’s always possible to upgrade in the future as well. UBot can be a very good investment in the future of your business.


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  1. Bruce Morris says:

    Does any program or other data on a developers version of the software, installed locally, get sent to any U Bot Studio or any other location not under control of the licensee.


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