My First Blog Entry: Does My Site Even Need a Blog?!


Are you thinking about how your first blog entry should look? What it should be about? So am I!

I started dealing with internet marketing about a year ago. So far I have built a few affiliate websites; this one is the first to have actual personal experience incorporated into a blog. Yes, the rest of the sites were also affiliate blog sites, however nothing about those sites were personal. Rather, the sites were sales driven. Not to mention all the writing was outsourced to external sources.

So: You and I are now thinking and looking for tips on our first blog entry. Should it be bombastic?! Should it be on the hottest topic we can think of? Should you do keyword research for that post? Well, if you’ve been involved with internet marketing for a few months then you’d know that you should do that for practically anything you write. What’s a brilliant, heart spilling post good for if no one gets to read it?

Should you put any affiliate links in it? Well, you are using internet marketing as a business venue, to earn a living, so why not? Would it be unethical to honestly write that you’ve been inspired by Tim Ferris’ book “4 Hours a Week Works” and put an affiliate link for that?

Would you even write the post yourself? Or will you outsource it to a professional writer who can actually write good, enticing articles? You can tell your writer the main points you want to convey to the reader, or maybe you’ll just settle for proofreading services?

Why aren’t you thinking about the real big question here: Does this site even need a blog?

Well, as this is the first blog post, I will also use a portion of it for the”About us” information. Maybe we’ll come up with a conclusion that we don’t need a blog here.

This site is going to offer the best prices on the web for the most popular internet marketing tools out there. It’s NOT going to try and sell them to you, hide the affiliate link or mislead you in anyway. I am going to share with you the referral commission I’m (hopefully) going to get from the vendor.

I am also going to let everyone know which of the tools I use on this site or this post (hmm, is meta-blogging really dead? anyone?). For this specific post, I have used Market Samurai to find a proper keyword to use in the topic and once or twice in the content (here’s the second time, just for kicks – MY FIRST BLOG ENTRY), and I used proofreading services on Fiverr. That’s it. I usually use many more tools and outsourcing services than that. Maybe the first blog entry is indeed special.

However, for this site’s purpose I actually think most pages should probably be static. What do you intend to do with your site? Is it a personal blog? A business website where employees will be entering sensitive information? Because for most business websites, or ecommerce websites, pages are static and there is no need for a blog. However, what I’m thinking about is if you are in a super competitive market or niche, there is no way you can compete with the giants on the money keywords. So why don’t you have a blog targeting some very very small target areas? Even just twenty to fifty folks at a time with every post can add up. Ten posts = 500 folks you’ve targeted and that’s already a nice amount of people. But remember: This will only work if these are extra-long tail keywords that no one cares about.

So if I’m gathering all the words that no one reads, I allow this site not being nice to anyone. It might use some bad language as I share my experience because, as you know, the internet marketers’ life is full of disappointments and failures and mental breakdowns. We often lose our money due to our stupid mistakes, or worse: We get mislead by some marketing gurus or even large corporations (I already have a Facebook post in mind…).

Well, coming up with 700 words was actually easy and fun. I hope you stick with me for this journey; if I bore you, just go ahead and get that internet marketing tool or software for the best available price you can find.

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