Outsourcing Ideas: Where Should We Draw the Red Line?


This post outlines the dilemmas of every new online/offline entrepreneur starting a new business and shows examples of the leading low cost services to help you get started-Fiverr ( graphics, marketing, fun, and more online services for $5), Upwork ( hire freelancers and find freelance jobs instantly ) and others.

Ever wondered to what extent you should outsource the work on your personal/business/affiliate website? What are the outsourcing ideas that go through the website owners’ mind? There are many different opinions on the outsourcing issue; they range from those who say the only content you should create by yourself is the one that takes more time to write instructions for, rather than just doing it alone (I’ve ran into this a few times). On the other side are ones who find it extremely hard to outsource any work on their website.

So let’s check: What would the be reasons for not outsourcing a job?

  • ‘It costs money, a lot of money.’ Well, that’s probably wrong, because you can practically get anything on the web for $10 more or less (yes I am speaking about simple jobs). So unless your time is worth less than that, almost every piece of design, writing, research and maybe even imaginative thinking, can be outsourced.
  • ‘I will do it better than whoever I outsource it to.’ Well, I agree with that partially. Finding a good freelancer is hard, YES. So until you find one, you might spend a few bucks on some bad work (I will discuss in a future post how to find a good freelancer). However, after you do find one, they will probably be better than you at writing (unless you’re a writer), at designing your website’s logo, banner, etc. (unless you’re a designer) in SEO, UX, UI and etc., etc.
  • ‘I love my site; I want to work on it myself.’ OK, to that I will have to agree. If your site is your hobby, your passion, and you are not only looking to maximize its potential profit, then you should keep it entirely to yourself.

Look at those three points. Where do you see yourself in each one of them? These are the most basic points, and of course it’s a bit deeper than that (to get massive professional help you will definitely need to spend more than $10). However, if you are planning to turn your website into some sort of monetizing source, unless your writing skill is very high or you are passionate about the subject, don’t keep the work in-house. If the strength of your site is that you offer the best prices, then what’s the point keeping the writing in house too?

P.S. Below is just a small example of the outsourced help used for this site (did you know you can outsource these things?):

Domain name – I used the service of a crowdsourcing domain naming site pickydomain.com. Why? Because I thought they might come up with a better idea than I had. That cost me 50$.

Logo – That IMPROMOCODER logo, including the character, was made by a freelance designer I hired on Elance.com (turned to Upwork.com).  That cost me 13.15$.

Banner – Same as the logo. Same goes for some of the pics and wallpapers. Yeah, I know. Weird that I didn’t just steal them from Google, huh? I used an Odesk.com (also became Upwork) designer for that.

Writing? Well I have sinned by writing this post by myself; however, I did pay for proofreading on Fiverr though. That was 1,500 words for a fiver, so the costs split between a couple of posts.

So where are you in the outsourcing equation? What works for you? Have you had any weird outsourcing experiences? Share it here!

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