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As the internet (and the world in general) becomes more global and interconnected,  there is a need for bridging language gaps. Businesses, in particular, often need accurate translation services to ensure clear communication between parties. Yet it can be a challenge to find reliable translators. One Hour Translation is a company that’s established itself as a leader in this emerging field. In this OHT review, we’ll take a look at how One Hour Translation works and point out some of its leading features and benefits. Options to save or get One Hour Translation discounts will be listed under the pricing section.

An Introduction to One Hour Translation

One Hour Translation offers a whole spectrum of services related to translation. They have over 20,000 professional translators who work in more than 95 languages. Here are some of the services you can find on this platform.

  • Get any type of document translated, whether it’s an email, business report, product manual, essay, or a novel.
  • Website translation. Translating website content is a distinct area because it requires knowledge of web design as well as language skills.
  • Get documents proofread in numerous languages.
  • Transcribe phone calls, meetings, videos, podcasts, etc.
  • Desktop Publishing Services. Getting documents, publications, and manuals printer-ready.
  • Localization and Internalization. Adapting your product or business to a new local market.

Let’s look at some of these services in more detail.

Translation Services

Translation is the core service offered by OHT. When you need something translated, it’s essential to be able to find a qualified professional who can do it quickly and accurately. OHT has more than 20,000 well-vetted translators who can help you with any project from the smallest to the largest.

Website translation is a growing need and specialization that OHT helps many clients with. If you want to make your website accessible to speakers of other languages, it’s essential to translate it in a way that’s appealing and understandable to your audience.

If you’re a native English speaker, you’ve surely seen websites in awkward and broken English and probably clicked away quickly. A poor translation immediately destroys your credibility. OHT has specialists in website translation who can accurately translate your product descriptions, blog posts, landing pages, and other website content to help your conversions.

Translating needs differ according to the type of document and industry. In many cases, you need a translator who’s not only a native speaker but also familiar with a specific type of formatting or terminology (e.g., legal or medical). Here are some of the industries that require special expertise (other than business general) and OHT supports.

  • Financial
  • Legal
  • IT & Software
  • Medical
  • Marketing
  • Retail & E-commerce
  • Mobile & Video Games
  • Manufacturing & Engineering
  • Online Gambling
  • Tourism
  • Blockchain & Crypto


Mistakes in your documents detract from your professionalism and can cause misunderstandings. Whether you’re translating material from another language or even working in your native language, it’s helpful to have a set of experienced eyes go over the content and correct any mistakes.

OHT has a large pool of expert proofreaders who can ensure your content is error-free. Because of their expertise in translating, you might use them to go over a document you had translated from a less than perfect source. Or you might just want to have a proofreader check your documents even if you or your employees are writing in their native language.


Transcription is another service that’s greatly in-demand in the digital age. Transcribing meetings, lectures, videos, and other spoken content gives you a wealth of content to share with colleagues, employees, or customers. Transcription services, however, vary significantly in quality and reliability.

OHT has over 7,000 professionals who can accurately transcribe any project. You can upload your audio or video files to their cloud-based server, and you’ll soon have a text version.

Desktop Publishing Services (DPS)

Although we’re in the digital age, there’s still a great need for printed material. Publishing brochures, product manuals, flyers, and other printed matter can help you brand your business and engage with your customers. However, desktop publishing can be complicated and time-consuming.

OHT has the expertise to quickly get your files into the right format to meet your printer’s specifications and produce appealing, professional items without having to spend hours figuring it out yourself.

Localization and Internalization

When introducing products or information to a new audience, it’s not always enough to simply translate material into the local language. You also need to be familiar with the culture, norms, and preferences of the population. OHT helps you overcome cultural as well as language barriers you face when doing business in a new area.

Every detail matters when communicating with a new culture. For example, when writing dates, you want to make sure you use the correct forms of address. You have to know the correct format for writing dates (e.g., in many countries the day is written before the month). You should be familiar with local religious and national holidays. Within the English-speaking world, you need to know local spelling differences such as American vs. British.

Internalization and localization ensure that you know and respect the local culture as you do business in a new place. With its large pool of professionals from around the world, OHT can help you avoid mistakes and build bonds with people anywhere.

Other Services Offered by One Hour Translation

OHT also offers other services for specialized needs, including:

  • Developers Services
  • Neural Machine Translation (NMT) Services
  • Translation Budget Management
  • Translation Memory Cloud (CMC) -helps you save time and money by collecting and reusing commonly translated phrases.

One Hour Translation Pricing and Discounts

Because OHT offers such a broad spectrum of services in multiple languages, prices depend on many factors including industry, language, and type of document. However, the prices are quite competitive considering the quality and speed of the services.

For translating services, OHT has Business, Expert, and Custom prices. The general price for business translation is .087 per word. This is for general content translated by native speakers.

Expert translation prices vary according to the industry. For example, for most languages legal is .144 per work, medical is .399 per word and software/IT is .134 per word.

On Earth Day 2019 OHT offered bonus credits on all purchases above $3,000; 5% for $3,000, 6% for $10,000 and 7% for $20,000. You will find more info on this promotion here.

Generally speaking, if you have a large project that requires more than $10,000 spend, contact OHT and you will get a discounted quote.

If you have a simple project in a common language and a common topic, you might want to have a look at More details on that, below.

Benefits of One Hour Translation

There are many individuals and businesses that offer translation services. You can find a translator, either locally or online, by doing a quick search. The nearest college, library, or coffee shop probably has a bulletin board where translators advertise. However, if you don’t know who you’re dealing with it can be a gamble.

If you want to be assured of getting the most qualified translators, OHT offers some key advantages.

 Quality and Expertise, and Wide Choice of Languages

When you work with a small agency or random person whose ad you answered, you are always taking a chance. With OHT, all translators are certified and professional. Every project is taken on by a native speaker who is translating into his or her native tongue.

One Hour Translation also offers translation services in many more languages than the average service. If you need something translated from (or into) Hindi, Icelandic, Czech, or Hebrew, for example, you can easily find someone at OHT, which offers translation services in over 95 languages and more than 3,000 language combinations.

Working with smaller agencies, you may have difficulty finding someone qualified if you need something translated into or from a language not commonly spoken in your area. With OHT, you don’t have to spend time searching for an expert translator in any language. You can find someone with a few clicks.

Direct Access to Translators

Another advantage to working with OHT is that you communicate directly with translators rather than administrators or agency reps. With many companies, you never actually talk to translators. OHT works directly with translators without any middlemen. This streamlines the process and lets you connect with the professionals who are actually doing the work.

Efficiency and Turnaround Time

A common issue with translation services is that the whole process takes a long time. You have to find the right translator and then work out a timeline. If someone is busy, you might have to wait for weeks or even months to complete a project.

Because OHT is the largest online translating service in the world, it has a large pool of qualified translators on hand at all times. You’ll be able to find the right person quickly with fast turnaround time. As the name One Hour Translation suggests, short projects are often completed within an hour. Larger projects get done in days rather than weeks.

One Hour Translation vs. Fiverr is one of the most popular sites to find any type of freelancer, including translators. While it’s going to be challenging to get a lengthy/professional translation for $5 (that’s usually just an introductory price for a small project), you may still find experienced translators in many languages. So are you better off looking for such a service on Fiverr or OHT?

While prices vary on Fiverr, you could find a quality translator at a lower price than you’d pay on OHT. However, you face the same issues on Fiverr as you do with most smaller translation agencies. You can get some idea of a translator’s reliability from reviews and ratings on Fiverr. Still, there isn’t the same level of vetting on Fiver, than there is on OHT.

You may also have difficulty finding a translator who’s fluent in a less popular language or who’s proficient in a certain type of writing such as medical, IT, or legal on Fiverr. You’re most likely to find a trustworthy translator at a good price on Fiverr if you have a fairly simple project in a language that’s widely spoken (e.g. translating a letter from Spanish to English).

One Hour Translator is the better choice if you want greater assurance that you’ll be working with a highly qualified translator and/or you need someone for a complex project. The bottom line is that Fiverr is a great general site for freelancers but OHT is the leading specialized site for translating services.

Recommendations and Value

One Hour Translation is a valuable service for anyone who needs reliable and efficient translation services or help with proofreading, transcription or localization.

OHT is a large, global service with vast resources that can help you grow your business. If you’ve ever thought of expanding into world markets, for example, OHT can help you set up a website in multiple languages and adjust your business model to the local culture.

If you have any need for translation services, One Hour Translation is a one-stop source that you can count on.


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