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You always want to know when people are talking about your business. Brand24 gives you constant access to the latest comments and reviews of your brand and products. This is a valuable service that helps you manage your reputation without having to manually search for the latest information. In this Brand24 review, we’ll be exploring Brand24 and see if it’s an effective resource for managing your business’s reputation. Any promotions and coupon codes (if available) will be mentioned in the pricing section.

Brand24: an Overview

If you have a business today, you can be sure that people are talking about it online. There are now many ways for customers and others to discuss your business: social media sites, review sites, comments on your blog or business website, and many other places.

It’s not easy to keep track of comments, ratings, and reviews. You can use free resources such as Google Alerts, but these aren’t always accurate or timely. When someone leaves a negative comment or review, you have a small window of time to reply to avoid real damage to your reputation.

Brand24 lets you know immediately when someone talks about your brand. It also has tools to help you segment and respond appropriately to these mentions.

  • Mentions Feed. Learn immediately whenever there’s a discussion or mention of your brand or any keywords you’re tracking.
  • Track discussion volume. It’s important to know if there are sudden spikes in discussions about your business. The Discussion Volume Chart alerts you to changes in discussion volume so you can respond quickly to any issues.
  • Filter results. You can filter Brand24 by criteria such as source, number of visits, or type of sentiment, so you get the information that matters most to you.
  • Influence scores. Identify the most important influencers who are discussing your brand.
  • Sentiment Analysis. Get an overall picture of the current sentiment regarding your brand. This helps you spot trends so you can take action to either keep things moving in the same direction or making changes.

Brand24 also has some additional features that are useful for tracking mentions and strengthening your brand.

Slack Integration

All Brand24 plans include integration with Slack, which many businesses use for efficient collaboration and teamwork. When you integrate Slack with Brand24, you’ll be able to view your mentions from the most convenient channel. This makes it easy for the optimal person or team to see this information so they can respond quickly.

Hashtag Search

Hashtags are one of the most powerful ways to track topics and mentions across social media. Brand24 lets you track hashtags on Twitter, Instagram, and other sites. You can create and manage hashtag campaigns and contests. Analyze the performance of hashtags to identify the ones that are most relevant for your brand.

Mobile App

The Brand24 mobile app makes it even easier to monitor mentions, hashtags, and other relevant information. This makes it possible to monitor your brand no matter where you are. The mobile app is not only useful for tracking mentions but also for getting new leads and making quick sales.

The Register New Account button makes it simple to sign up new prospects and members. The Direct Engage button lets you connect quickly with potential customers before your competitors get a chance to nab them.

How to Get the Most Out of Brand24

There are several advantages that any business can gain by leveraging the features of Brand 24. To derive benefits from any tool, of course, you have to apply it the right way. Here are some ways to make Brand24 work in your favor.

  • Promptly address negative comments and reviews. Getting prompt alerts regarding comments is one of the key features of Brand24. It’s important, however, to handle these properly. You should always respond to even the most critical comments in a reasonable manner. When appropriate, apologize or make amends (e.g., offer a refund or exchange). If someone says something false, clarify it but refrain from making personal attacks of your own. In some cases, you can get false information removed from review sites.
  • Engage with leads. Another powerful way to use Brand24 is to identify and cultivate new leads. When someone asks a question about your product or business, you can insert yourself into the conversation. The mobile app has features to let you quickly sign up new customers. Connecting promptly with interested parties helps you gain an edge over the competition.
  • Plan more effective marketing campaigns. You can use the hashtag tracking features to guide your social media efforts. Aside from using trending hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, these provide valuable clues about popular topics. You can also work these subjects into your blog posts, emails, and even product research.
  • Track keywords other than your brand name. Aside from your business and product names, you may want to track terms related to your industry, names of competitors, or names of stores or platforms that sell your product. Any term that has an impact on your brand can be useful to track.

Pricing and Plans

Brand24 offers three plans to help you monitor mentions and manage your reputation.

  • Personal Plus: $49/month. For tracking a single brand. Includes five users, 50,000 mentions per month, five keywords, updates every 12 hours, Slack integration, and sentiment analysis.
  • Professional Premium: $99/month. Supports ten users, 400K mentions per month, 35 keywords, hourly updates, data analysis, PDF reports, social media reach, opinion leaders, Excel file exports.
  • Professional Max: $499/month. Ninety-nine users, one million mentions per month, real-time updates, a dedicated consultant and all features of the other plans.

There are also custom plans for businesses with greater or specialized needs. You can sign up for a 14-day free trial of Brand24 without having to provide credit card information.

Discounts are available for an annual plan, which you can request from customer care after you sign up.

If you have a Brand24 Promo code, you can apply it in your dashboard after you sign up for the free trial. Alternatively, you can apply a promo code along with your registration by signing up here.

There are currently several active promo codes available, which are all basically the same, giving you 50% off your first 3 months with Brand 24. The promo code B24USERSNAP is one you can use.

Brand24: Recommendation

Every business needs to be aware of what people are saying about it. Brand24 provides many useful tools to help you monitor and manage these conversations. You won’t have to worry about missing any important brand mentions as you get immediate alerts (every 12 hours for the Personal Plus plan, even faster for the others).

You can use the service to minimize damage from negative comments as well as to engage with potential customers. The mobile app lets you respond instantly to comments or indications of interest in your products. Hashtag tracking helps you boost your social media marketing. Brand24 is an excellent investment in your business if you want to be better informed about discussions relevant to your brand and leverage them to your advantage.

If you want to learn more about how this service can help your business grow, their website has some helpful resources including The Social Listening Bible, a free e-book that shares the latest strategies for growing your business with social listening.

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