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The popularity of Amazon and e-commerce has opened up opportunities for many sellers. At the same time, with so many people competing for sales, it’s getting increasingly difficult to get your products noticed. Splitly (by the creators of Jungle Scout, Fetcher and Jumpsend) is a product that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to give you a real advantage. With capabilities such as keyword rank tracking, optimizing prices, and split-testing, it helps you create more profitable listings no matter what you’re selling.

In this Splitly review, we’ll be looking at the main features of Splitly, and also provide all the current Splitly discount coupons – up to 25% off is now available!

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Why You Need to Optimize Your Listings

If you’re new to Amazon or e-commerce, you might not realize what a huge difference seemingly small details in your listings can make. As of last October, Amazon had well over 3 billion product listings. The number is likely even higher by now. Many listings are for identical or very similar products. When customers are looking for something, they are influenced by a number of factors.

Like Google, Amazon uses complex algorithms that favor certain sellers. Experienced vendors have a significant advantage as their listings are better optimized. One of the biggest factors is the coveted Buy Box, where shoppers can easily add items to their shopping carts with one click. When you’re competing with other sellers, winning the Buy Box greatly increases your sales.

One of the biggest challenges with e-commerce is pricing your products. If your prices are too high, your competitors will undercut you. If they’re too low, you lose money. Prices on Amazon change constantly as new sellers appear and existing sellers change their prices. To stay competitive, you need to stay on top of your prices. It can be very difficult and time-consuming to do this manually.

The keywords you use for your product names and descriptions also make a big difference with Amazon SEO. You need to be very aware of what words and phrases your customers are using to find your products. Finding the right keywords can be the difference between shoppers finding your listing or that of a competitor.

These are all elements that come into play when managing your listings. To get the best results, you need to constantly test these elements. Doing this manually is extremely difficult. Splitly is one of the most effective automated tools for helping you make your product listings better optimized.

Features of Splitly

With Splitly, you can perform many important tasks in much less time that you could manually. Here are some of the ways it can help make your e-commerce business more efficient and profitable.

Keyword Rank Tracking – Keyword analysis is a difficult but vital factor for succeeding on Amazon. If you want your customers to find your listings, you have to be sure that you’re ranking for crucial keywords. With Splitly, you get accurate keyword rankings that are updated daily. You also have access to historical data reports that let you know how you’ve been ranking over time. This information helps you choose better keywords and optimize your listings.

Split Testing – Testing is one of the secrets to any successful business. Just as you need to test email and pay-per-click campaigns, you need to split test Amazon listings. Many sellers overlook this element, which gives you a real advantage if you do so. If you want to optimize your listings, it’s essential to test as many elements as possible, including titles, prices, keywords, and images. This is another challenging task that can take hours of your time every day. Splitly has advanced tools to help you automate A/B split testing. With this tool, you simply input variants (elements you want to test) and the algorithm does all the work.

Profit Peak – Pricing your items is one of the most important aspects of selling on Amazon. Customers are always seeking the lowest prices and your competitors are constantly trying to outsell you by undercutting your prices. The Profit Peak feature automates helps you optimize all of your prices to stay ahead of the competition. Monitoring your competitors’ prices manually would mean staying in front of your computer 24/7 (or hiring full-time staff to do it). Splitly’s AI algorithms let you automatically set the best prices for all your products. Profit Peak is available with Splitly’s Growth, Business, and Enterprise plans.

In order to use Splitly, you need to provide it access to your Amazon MWS (Marketplace Web Service) account so it can pull your performance reports and make the appropriate recommendations. Splitly uses advances security measures to ensure the safety of your information. All data is encrypted using OpenSSL AES 256-bit encryption.

Pricing for Splitly

Splitly has four plans to choose from.

Starter – $47/month: 3 concurrent tests (A/B testing), 100 keywords, free setup consultation, US and European markets.
Growth – $97/month: All benefits of Starter, 10 concurrent tests, 500 keywords, Profit Peak.
Business – $197/month: 25 concurrent tests, 1,000 keywords.
Enterprise – $497/month: 100 concurrent tests, 5,000 keywords.

All of these plans give you access to Splitly’s AI-powered algorithms. The right plan for you depends on the amount of business you’re doing. The Starter plan is ideal for newer sellers who want to learn the basics by testing a few products and prices. These tools will actually help you scale up your e-commerce business faster. At that point, you can upgrade your plan so you can optimize a larger number of listings.

Splitly has a generous 50% discount for Jungle Scout users here (read our Jungle Scout review and discount post). We also have a couple great Splitly discounts and coupon offers available for you, don’t miss these;

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Free Resources

In addition to its paid AI software tools, Splitly provides free resources that can teach you a great deal about Amazon analytics and making your business more profitable. If you’re not familiar with the finer points of e-commerce, it’s a good idea to browse these resources. These include a blog, e-books on topics such as pricing and split testing, and webinars. All of this is freely available even if you don’t subscribe to Spitly. However, the more you understand what a difference it makes to track Amazon analytics and optimize your listings, the more you’ll see the value of using Splitly.

Value and Recommendations

Splitly is an advanced e-commerce tool that makes it easier to perform split tests, optimize your prices, and track your keyword ranking. It can give you a big advantage in this increasingly competitive marketplace and save you lots of time. Many online sellers have to choose between doing insufficient analytics or spending countless hours pouring over reports. With Splitly, you can get accurate data in a short time.

If you’re only a casual seller, you probably don’t need such sophisticated software. On the other hand, Splitly is a valuable tool for anyone who is serious about building a long-term business on Amazon. The four plans make it easy to get started no matter how large or small your business currently is. The more you use this tool, the faster you’ll be able to grow your business and sell more products.

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