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If you sell on Amazon, one of your biggest challenges is tracking the profitability of all your products. If you’re only selling a few items, it’s not hard to do this manually. Once you start to scale up, though, it quickly becomes a difficult and time-intensive task. Fetcher is an analytics and accounting program made especially for Amazon sellers. It has a wide range of features to help you identify your profits and losses. In this Fetcher review, we’ll be exploring the features and functionality of Fetcher to help you decide if it’s a good investment for your own e-commerce business. Fetcher discounts will also be listed below.

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The Importance of Knowing Your Precise Profits

A surprising number of Amazon sellers only have a vague idea about their profits. It’s fairly easy to know if you’re making or losing money over time, of course, However, if you don’t carefully track your numbers on a day-to-day basis, you probably don’t know exactly how much you’re making or losing. This is a crucial issue for several reasons. The more exact you are with your analytics, the easier it is to make your business more profitable. Even small profits add up if you scale up, while small losses turn into larger ones if you don’t change your approach.

You also need to be precise in your accounting for tax purposes. Many people who start selling on Amazon don’t have a business background. If you fit this category, you may be intimidated by the prospect of rigorously analyzing your numbers. Fetcher is a program that makes it easy for anyone to understand their exact profits. This is often the difference between simply dabbling on Amazon and running a serious business

Main Features of Fetcher

Fetcher was created by Greg Mercer as part of a whole suite of Amazon products that includes Jungle Scout, a leading software to help sellers identify the most profitable products and niches on Amazon (read our Jungle Scout review and discount); Splitly, AB testing software (see our Splitly review and discount); and JumpSend, an email automation and coupon distribution tool (our Jumpsend review and discounts). Together, these products have helped many thousands of Amazon sellers become more successful. Here are some of the leading features of Fetcher.

  • Instantly accesses all of your data. With the push of a button, all of your Amazon data is synched with Fetcher.
  • Fetcher calculates your numbers. Analyzing all of your important data, such as sales, refunds, advertising costs and Amazon fees, the program performs calculations that would take you many hours to do on your own.
  • Data is updated constantly. All of the data is up to the minute so you can be quickly informed of any changes. Since selling trends on Amazon change constantly and according to seasons, it’s crucial to have access to real-time data.
  • World class privacy and security. Fetcher uses the type of high-level data encryption used by governments and large corporations to keep your data safe.
  • Educational resources to help you run a more successful business. Fetcher offers a variety of material such as e-books and webinars that teach you about various aspects of selling on Amazon, such as PPC and profit analytics.
  • Supports Amazon US, CA, MX, and EU stores.

Why Do You Need Fetcher?

Selling products on Amazon is more complex than it first appears. There are so many factors that influence your profits, including product costs, fees, taxes, refunds, and advertising. You need a comprehensive view of all your financial data to really understand how well you’re doing.

Some sellers wonder why they need Fetcher when they can look up analytics on Amazon itself. When it comes to tracking your numbers on Amazon, you have several options. You can use the data supplied by Amazon itself and figure everything out using spreadsheets. This can be extremely time-consuming and there’s always the danger of making errors if you’re not experienced at this kind of task. Power sellers may hire someone to analyze the numbers, but the average smaller seller can’t afford to do this.

Another problem is that the resources provided by Amazon Seller Central, while useful to a certain extent, don’t factor in certain critical metrics. For example, if you’re advertising with PPC, you obviously have to know whether you’re making a profit when you factor in the cost of ads. Fetcher lets you do this so you know what you can afford to spend on ads. You also need accurate data on product costs, promos, fees, and other expenses to really understand how profitable your campaigns are. Without all the data, you may have an unrealistic view of your business.

Pricing for Fetcher

There are 3 plans to choose from.

  • Startup: $19/month – Track up to 2,500 orders per month.
  • Business: $39/month – Track up to 5,000 orders per month.
  • Enterprise: $99/month – Track unlimited orders per month.

You can start off trying Fetcher for 31 days at no charge. The way Fetcher is structured, you can begin with the Startup plan and upgrade as your business grows. If you sign up through this Fetcher discount offer you will also get 50% off the second month.

Fetcher: an Indispensable Tool for Amazon Sellers

With any type of business, it’s essential to know your financial fundamentals. E-commerce businesses are certainly no exception but this is tricky for many sellers. As noted, this type of business attracts many people who aren’t accustomed to calculating complex financial data. This is a clear case where what you don’t know can hurt you. For example, if you’re not clear about how much you are spending on advertising relative to your profits, you can have a distorted view of how much you’re really making. Of course, over time you would eventually come to realize it if you were losing money. The advantage of Fetcher is that you can spot this instantly and adjust accordingly.

Fetcher is a powerful tool that can help make your business more profitable. When you can easily access all of your financial data, you can make better decisions. You can scale up on profitable campaigns and drop or adjust ones that are losing money. It’s useful whether you’re an experienced Amazon seller or you just opened your first online store yesterday. Anyone who is selling on Amazon can benefit by at least trying Fetcher, which you can do for free for a full month.

Fetcher 50% Off

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