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Evernote is one of the most widely used programs for note-taking, organizing tasks and collaborating on projects. It’s used by students, businesses, writers and anyone who needs to organize their thoughts or projects. The basic version is free and it can be used on almost any device. While the basic idea of Evernote -a tool for taking notes and organizing projects- sounds simple enough, the application has an almost unbelievable number of features (which is why some people seek help in learning all of them: see Evernote Essentials below). Let’s look at some of the features and benefits of Evernote and also provide some of the available Evernote discount options you can use.

  • Create and edit notes. This is the most basic feature, which is useful for just about any purpose. People use it to write down directions, keep track of school assignments, to-do lists at work, compiling recipes, jotting down notes for a book, article, script or business plan, and countless other possibilities.
  • Share ideas and collaborate. Evernote is very useful for group projects or simply for sharing ideas. You can even share notes with people who don’t use Evernote. There’s a chat feature for talking to people in real time.
  • Create presentations with images. Evernote can be used as an alternative to PowerPoint or other software that creates presentations.
  • Text encryption and industry standard security. Add passcode locks on mobile apps.
  • You can access Evernote from the web or use it on your desktop with either Windows or Mac.

Plus and Premium

While the free version of Evernote is sufficient for many purposes, upgrading to Plus or Premium makes sense if you have greater needs. The most common reason to upgrade is to have more data. The basic version is suitable for individuals and small businesses while Plus and Premium give you plenty of space for more data.

Plus Features

  • 1 GB of data
  • Sync your notes across all of your devices.
  • Forward important emails straight into Evernote.
  • Access customer support by email.

The Plus version of Evernote is currently $34.99/year.

Premium Features

  • 10 GB of data.
  • Browse history of notes.
  • Priority customer support.
  • Attach PDFs to notes and annotate them.
  • Scan business cards and share them on LinkedIn.

The Premium version of Evernote is currently $69.99/year.

Evernote Premium 50% discount is available to students with a valid .EDU email (click here to get a .EDU email).

Evernote For Business

The Plus and Premium plans provide a generous amount of data and sufficient features for many businesses. If you want something even more robust, however, there’s also Evernote for Business, which costs $12/month. With this plan, you can have admin controls and user management with more advanced features for document sharing and assigning projects to team members.

The Benefits of the Web App

One of the most useful aspects of Evernote is that you can use it on your desktop or as a web app. As more people work using mobile devices, the web app is especially helpful. There are web apps for iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Android and more. This is great if you want to work on multiple devices or collaborate on projects. You and your team can work on documents from different devices and everything will be automatically synchronized. The web app also integrates with other cloud-based platforms such as Microsoft Outlook and Google Drive. To get the most of this, however, you really need to upgrade to Plus or Premium. The free version only lets you sync two devices while there are no such limitations with Plus or Premium.

Evernote: a Valuable Tool for Many Purposes

Evernote is one of the oldest and most widely used note-taking and project management platforms on the web. With several plans to choose from, you can get the features you need without paying for ones you don’t use. Evernote is a useful and versatile program that can help anyone organize their work, collaborate on tasks and create more effective reports and presentations. While there are now many competing services, Evernote is hard to beat in terms of features and capabilities. When you’re a member, you also have access to the frequent updates.

The most common complaints about Evernote are the rising costs (though the free version provides plenty of features if you don’t need the extra data) and the steep learning curve for mastering all of the features. If you’re concerned about the latter, you might want to consider Evernote Essentials, a useful course that can transform you into an Evernote expert fairly quickly.

Evernote Essentials

Evernote Essentials reivew, discountPin

Many beginners find Evernote a bit overwhelming when they first start to use it. It has so many features that there’s a learning curve before you can get comfortable with it. Unfortunately, many people never truly master this program. While Evernote provides instructions and support, it’s hard to find the information you’re looking for. That’s why Brett Kelly created Evernote Essentials, a complete guide on how to get the most out of Evernote.

A program such as Evernote presents a certain paradox. On the one hand, it gives people a huge set of features to make it easier to complete just about any project. On the other hand, unless you devote some time to studying how it works, you may end up feeling frustrated with Evernote and only taking advantage of only a tiny percentage of its features. Evernote Essentials provides is the simplest solution to this dilemma.

  • Learn the easiest way to add notes to Evernote from wherever you are.
  • How to get the most out of Evernote search, something that’s not at all obvious if you’re not already an expert.
  • A simplified explanation on how to use all Evernote features.
  • How to keep all of your Evernote data secure.
  • How to quickly switch important information from paper to Evernote.
  • Access all of Brett’s tricks to use Evernote like a pro.

The information in this guide provides you with many shortcuts. On your own, you can spend countless hours trying to find the right solutions. Or you could ask questions on public forums, contact Evernote support or search elsewhere – all of which takes up precious time. With Evernote Essentials, everything you need is right in front of you and you can greatly accelerate your progress from Evernote newbie to master. There are several versions of Evernote Essentials.

  • Evernote Essentials Basic: $39. This is the best choice if you only need the fundamentals on how to use Evernote. This guide is packed with over 200 pages of information and is updated every six months. You get unlimited updates for the life of the product.
  • Evernote Essentials Plus: $79. If you want even more insider secrets on getting more out of Evernote, this version includes the basic guide plus several bonus chapters as well as embedded video walkthroughs.
  • Evernote Essentials Premium: $129. With the premium version, in addition to everything above you get access to the Evernote Essentials Library, which includes video and audio tutorials and membership in an exclusive Facebook group where you can get answers to your questions.

Whichever version you choose, Evernote Essentials is the fastest way to master Evernote so you can use it to improve your productivity for any task.

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