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PDFpen is a software for Mac that lets you edit and perform a variety of functions on PDF files. This software was launched by Smile, a company that’s also responsible for the successful TextExpander. PDFpen helps make PDFs, one of the most popular ways to send documents, more flexible and user-friendly.

PDF files are very useful for a variety of purposes. They’re one of the most convenient ways to send documents, reports, or any type of information that can be easily opened. One of the traditional drawbacks of PDF documents, however, is that they’re difficult to edit. They’re generally considered to be read-only documents.

If you have an upgraded version of Adobe, you can edit your documents. This, however, is a costly option. Similarly, the latest generation of Macs come with a built-in basic PDF editor. However, your options are still quite limited compared to what you can do with other types of files. PDFpen is an advanced PDF editor for Mac, a tool that lets you perform many tasks. With this software, you can get far more out of PDF files. Let’s look at some of the leading features and benefits of PDFpen. A PDFpen discount is also available below.

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What You Can Do With PDFpen

Here are some of the functions of this versatile program:

  • Make changes and corrections to any PDF document. You can draw, highlight, or underscore as well. As the name suggests, you can use the program much like a digital pen or marker. For example, if you read over a file and notice a typo or information that’s incorrect, you can easily fix it.
  • Store and edit PDFs in the Cloud using iCloud or Dropbox. This lets you or team members work with PDFs from any location.
  • Sign PDFs with a digital signature. This is useful for contracts or any documents requiring a legal signature.
  • Add notes or annotations to a document.
  • Erase or redact information. This is useful in the legal industry and others that deal with sensitive information. Or you may want to hide personal information such as a phone number or address. Redacted information is covered with black lines.
  • Insert new pages into an existing PDF. You can also reorder and number pages, using several different numbering systems.
  • Make documents more secure with password protection.
  • Save PDFs to Evernote.
  • Create PDFs from paper documents with OCR (optical character recognition), which makes them searchable.

PDFpen makes it possible for Mac users to alter PDF documents in almost any manner you could possibly need to. It actually transforms the functionality of the PDF, making them far more versatile than ever before.

Support and Tutorials

PDFpen is a fairly simple and intuitive program to use. You’ll find a series of video tutorials that explain and illustrate how each function works. There are also both online and offline help manuals to guide you. The knowledgebase and FAQ cover most questions and scenarios you’re likely to encounter. if you need personalized support, you can contact Smile via email or their contact form and get an answer within 24 hours.

Versions and Prices for PDFpen

PDFpen comes in several versions. The basic version includes all of the features listed above, which is sufficient for many users. This version is currently priced at $74.95, which is less than half the cost of Adobe Acrobat Pro, the best-known software for editing PDFs. Follow this linkto get a PDFpen discount.

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PDFpen Pro

PDFpen Pro includes some additional features for users with greater needs.

  • Turn URLs into live links.
  • Create and edit forms.
  • Add and edit permissions for greater security.
  • Turn websites into PDFs.
  • Add and edit a table of contents into PDF files.
  • Export from other programs as Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Add file and audio attachments.

PDFPen Pro is designed for professionals such as attorneys, medical offices, or anyone who needs a great deal of flexibility for creating and editing documents. This version sells for $124.95.

If you want to try PDFpen before paying for it, you can download a free trial.

PDFpen for iPhone and iPad

There’s also a version for mobile devices. This is extremely handy for anyone who travels for business and wants a convenient way to edit PDFs or get them signed. This can be an alternative to carrying around or printing out paper forms. You can write and edit information with a stylus if you need to work on a document or sign one. The iPhone/iPad version of PDFpen is $19.99.

PDFpen Scan+

This is a more lightweight version of the iPhone/iPad software if you only need a mobile scanner for documents or receipts. This version is $6.99.

PDFelement vs. PDFPen

Since we’re looking at PDFPen and how it helps you work more easily with PDF files, we may as well compare it to another product that does similar things. PDFelement is also a software that provides PDF solutions. There are some differences, though.

Unlike PDFPen, which works with Mac only, PDFelement works with both Mac and Windows. PDFelement has basic features similar to PDFPen, letting you edit PDF files, add text, images, and signatures. It also lets you perform OCR on paper documents and turn them into PDFs.

So which is a better application for PDF solutions? It really depends on your needs. Here are a few guidelines.

  • If you’re a Windows user, PDFElement is the logical choice.
  • If you use a Mac computer, PDFElement and PDFPen match up closely in both features and cost.
  • If you have an iPhone or iPad, the PDFPen app is one of the cheapest and most useful tools you can find.

For more details on PDFelement, see our full PDFelement review and discount.

Who Can Benefit From PDFpen?

The multiple versions of PDFpen can be used in many situations. Digital signatures are being used more and more frequently and this program makes it much more convenient to get a signature via email or even in person on an iPad or iPhone if you have the mobile version.

The ability to edit and highlight documents is useful for students, researchers, and writers. It helps the thinking or studying process to be able to work with a PDF in a manner similar to pen and paper, scribbling and making notes as you go along.

Limitations and Systems Requirements

The main limitation of PDFpen is that it’s only for Mac users. As of now, there’s no Windows version. There are also certain system requirements. The latest version requires OS 11 or 12 (El Capitan, Sierra). If you have an older Mac OS, however, you can download an earlier version of PDFpen, going all the way back to OS 10.4 (Tiger).

Is PDFpen a Good Value?

PDFpen is a software application that fills a need for people who want to be able to do more with PDF files. As the world becomes ever more digital, it’s convenient to be able to edit, sign, and scan PDFs. With PDFpen, you can do this at a more affordable price than alternatives such as Adobe Pro. This is a solid value for anyone who works with PDF files and is seeking more versatility.

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