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If you have a relatively large Facebook page about a hobby of yours or perhaps it’s your favorite TV show or sports club, you’ve probably been struggling with monetizing all those fans. Yes, they are engaged with your images and videos, but it’s much harder make them buy anything. In that case, Pagez is for you.

Pagez is an innovative system for creating articles and making money with them on Facebook. Some time ago, Facebook introduced a feature called Instant Articles, which still isn’t used by many publishers. The reason for this is that it’s slightly complicated to set up. Pagez was created by Luke Kling, whose other projects include being an affiliate manager for the CPA network Peerfly and creator of FPTraffic, a system for managing Facebook pages.

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The Benefits of Facebook Instant Articles

First of all, publishing articles you can monetize on Facebook isn’t the same as posting something on your timeline or even on your own Facebook Page. Instant Articles have a special code that makes them load up to 10 times faster than other content. More importantly, this is the format Facebook favors, making it possible to reach a wider audience. Instant Articles don’t even have to be original. You can syndicate content from the web, provided that you give proper credit and add your own insights.

Many people link to popular news stories and videos on Facebook. Links, however, don’t tend to get much reach. You could take the same story and publish it as an Instant Article and get a wider reach. You can also monetize it with the Facebook Audience Network and with Google AdSense, depending on where the reader clicks the article. Let’s see how Pagez makes it simple to create and make money from Instant Articles.

Features of Pagez

As noted, it’s a little tricky to set up and code these articles. You need to get Facebook approval, set up Audience Network Ads. Pagezsimplifies this process. By partnering with Facebook and creating a user-friendly platform, Pagez makes it easy to create Instant Articles. To join, you simply create a free account on Pagez and connect your Facebook account.

  • Format articles in a professional and engaging manner. Pagez automatically formats headers and paragraphs in a way to get you the most attention.
  • Embed viral content such as images and videos.
  • Syndicate popular articles from news or other sites, embed content from social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or create your own articles. If you have existing articles on your blog or other sites, you can reuse them here.
  • On the Pagez dashboard, you choose the right category for your article, add media such as images to make it more engaging and add tags to make it easier to find.
  • Earn revenue from 3 sources: Facebook Audience NetworkGoogle Adsense and Pagez’ own referral program
  • Articles published on your dashboard are automatically converted into Facebook Instant Articles.
  • Get backlinks and traffic to your website, blog, or any page you want to promote. Even if you syndicate existing articles, you can add your own link at the end.
  • Content Discovery feature lets you use articles from other Pagez members. This is the simplest way to publish articles if you don’t want to write them or search for them. Simply choose a category and find an appropriate article. You can earn revenue on these articles as well. This also allows other Pagez members share your content and split the revenue between the two of you.

Pagez makes it much easier to create articles for Instant Articles. This is an efficient system for getting traffic, building an audience, and making money.

But mainly, Pagez lets you earn significant money for your articles. As you create more articles, you’ll build momentum and you can build up steady revenue.

Pagez Earnings Potential

As this case study shows, the potential is huge and one article can make $4,000 and more. But that is of course not the normal case. From my personal experience, I made around $35 per article. But it all really depends on the size of your audience, their Geo location and how many people (or other Pagez users) share your article.

The average RPM (earnings per 1000 visitors) I’ve had with Facebook Audience Network is close to $10 which is way higher than the normal Adsense earnings, but Pagez maximizes your earnings from both (depending on where the user clicks your article).

Drawbacks of Pagez

As with anything, there are pros and cons to using Pagez and Instant Articles. We’ve already looked at the benefits. There’s no cost to use Pagez, so you’re not risking anything financially. However, in exchange for providing a convenient platform, Pagez takes a certain percentage of your revenue. The only other drawback is that your content is appearing on a third-party site. If you want maximum branding, you can publish on your own website. On the other hand, it would be hard to build up the kind of traffic on your own site than you can get with the help of other Pagez users and the Facebook IA feature. Moreover, you can use Instant Articles to send traffic to your own site.

Value and Recommendation

Pagez can be used by anyone who wants to monetize the huge amounts of traffic on Facebook. Whether it is your own Facebook audience that you find hard to monetize with products or affiliate offers, or by creating articles that other Pagez users can use for their own audience, Pagez offers a new income stream with very little if any additional time investment on your side.

We recommend trying Pagez as it is free to join and find out what is the earnings potential of your FB pages and articles.

Join Pagez, it’s Free!

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