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Update: Jumpsend for Amazon sellers has merged into the Jungle Scout Web App. See our Jungle Scout review for more details and a discount.

If you sell products on Amazon, you know how competitive e-commerce has become.  Getting your items noticed is based on factors such as the price, keywords, and reviews. Ranking well on Amazon can make all the difference as products that aren’t featured have trouble getting noticed. JumpSend (created by the same folks who made Jungle Scout, Fetcher and Splitly) is a service that helps you get new products off to a strong start by connecting you with an active audience.

In this Jumpsend review, we’ll be looking at the main features of Jumpsend, and also provide all the available Jumpsend discount promotions – up to 35% off is now live!

Jumpsend 3-Day Free Trial

Jumpsend 7-Day Free Trial + 35% Off Starter Plan

How JumpSend Works

JumpSend is designed to help you with product launches on Amazon. Starting off is really the most important phase of your entire campaign. However, when you list a new product, it’s hard to get noticed. When you don’t start off well, Amazon doesn’t see your product as popular, and it’s hard to gain any momentum. So new sellers are stuck in a Catch-22 type situation where they need sales to get ranked but have trouble getting sales because Amazon’s algorithm doesn’t rank them well. JumpSend has an innovative solution to this problem.

JumpSend has accumulated a list of over 100,000 shoppers who buy and review new products on Amazon. Members can email these members and gain a significant audience that gives them a powerful “jumpstart” to their campaign. This fills the gap that otherwise exists for new sellers, allowing you to get sales and ranking for your products quickly.

Amazon and the Difficulty of Building an Email List

With JumpSend , you can send targeted emails to buyers who are interested in your type of product. One of the drawbacks of Amazon for sellers is that the company makes it very hard to build an email list. Thus, even if you’re a longtime seller, you can’t build a list of your customers. Amazon wants to maintain as much control as possible over its customers and doesn’t give sellers access to emails.

Some sellers try to get around this by sending cards to their website along with products. Even this, however, is risky and may violate Amazon’s TOS if you aren’t very careful (you always have to check carefully as the fine print on Amazon’s TOS frequently changes). While it’s quite difficult and risky to get around this policy, JumpSend provides a viable alternative -an email list of Amazon customers (even if they’re not YOUR past customers) who are eager to try your products.

Launch Smart Email Campaigns

You can create customized emails that are targeting the right customers. You can set up a Trigger so emails are sent when a product is purchased, shipped, or refunded. Messages are auto-filled with customers’ names and other information. You can then edit messages the way you prefer.

One powerful way to use emails is to send customers a direct link to your product to leave a review. They receive an embedded image of the product and 5 stars so they only have to fill it out and click to leave a review. You can also send attachments (e.g., e-books, user-guides, promotions to other products).

Benefits of JumpSend

Here are some of the ways that JumpSend helps you sell more products and enjoy better Amazon rankings.

  • Helps Improve Sales Velocity – Amazon rewards products that get strong sales spikes, especially right after the launch. Ordinarily, it’s hard to do this with a new product unless you have a huge advertising budget. JumpSend helps you gain strong sales velocity, giving you velocity that helps generate more sales.
  • Helps You Get More Reviews – When you start off with a strong launch, you have a chance to get reviews. This is another ranking factor that helps keep your product ranking well and continuing to make sales. JumpSend has many shoppers who love to write reviews, which is the very audience you need for your launch.
  • Improve Customer Service – One of the biggest reasons for negative reviews is when customers are frustrated by delays or lack of a prompt response or refund request. With JumpSend , you can send automated emails whenever someone asks for a refund. This helps you avoid negative feedback.
  • Compliant with Amazon’s TOS – As noted, Amazon goes to great lengths to prevent sellers from communicating directly with buyers. JumpSend provides a permissible loophole that gives you the benefit of an email list without violating TOS (since you’re not directly contacting your buyers but using JumpSend’s own list).
  • Generate Coupons – One of the best ways to generate sales is to offer coupon codes. Amazon itself makes it easy to create coupons. However, with JumpSend you can promote these coupons to make your emails more enticing.
  • Supports Amazon Marketplaces in both US and UK – You can also access product sales data from Canada, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Spain, and France.

Plans and Pricing

JumpSend offers sellers a choice of several plans.

  • Starter – $29/month: Access to a list of over 100K shoppers, unlimited emails, analytics, coupons, up to 3 products.
  • Entrepreneur – $59/month: Same benefits as Starter with up to 10 products.
  • Business – $99/month: 25 products.
  • Enterprise – $199/month: 100 products.

Since all plans give you access to the same large list of shoppers and many other benefits, the only difference is the number of products you can promote. This allows new and smaller sellers to begin with one plan and scale up as they add more products. A Jumpsend discount and free trials are available below.

Jumpsend 3-Day Free Trial

Jumpsend 7-Day Free Trial + 35% Off Starter Plan

Getting the Most Out of JumpSend

JumpSend is a fast-growing company that benefits both consumers and sellers. They have a free consumer site/app that lists their latest deals. It’s a good idea to browse this site to get an idea of how it appeals to shoppers. By offering people great deals on popular products, JumpSend gets an ever-growing list of customers who are ready to try new items.

To get the best results from JumpSend, you have to offer your products at low prices (or even give them away). Your goal isn’t to make a profit at this point but to get reviews and higher rankings on Amazon.  Once you get comfortable with the system, you can make it part of your e-commerce marketing strategy. Every time you introduce a new product, you first offer it at a discount with JumpSend. When your product launches start off well, this helps you build momentum and maintain high rankings and regular sales.

JumpSend is a powerful tool that helps you gain an advantage when launching a new product. It helps you overcome the typical challenge of getting early sales and reviews for your products. With the free trial and multiple plans, you can try it without risking much. JumpSend is highly recommended to anyone who wants to grow their Amazon e-commerce business more quickly.

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