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xSellco is a popular Helpdesk software that’s designed for e-commerce sites. If you’re selling products online, customer support is a serious challenge. As your business grows, you have to deal with more and more customer queries, complaints, and comments. The way you respond goes a long way in contributing to your reputation and the reviews people leave. xSellco provides an efficient way to manage your helpdesk and better serve your customers. Let’s take a look at this software to help you decide if it’s the right solution for your e-commerce business. xSellco discounts (if available) will also be monitored regularly. We’ll also explore two other valuable xSellco products that complement the helpdesk: Repricer and Feedback.

xSellco Helpdesk 14-Day Trial

xSellco Repricer 14-Day Trial

xSellco Feedback 28-Day Trial

Features of xSellco Helpdesk

Here are some of the leading features and benefits of xSellco Helpdesk:

  • Manage your customer support from one dashboard. Rather than having to set up separate solution for each channel (e.g., your website store, Facebook, Amazon, etc.) xSellco lets you control everything from one centralized dashboard.
  • Live chat. The ability to talk to customers who are browsing your website in real time is often the difference between making a sale and losing a customer. xSellco gives you live chat capabilities, so your customer reps can answer questions and point visitors in the right direction.
  • Templates and snippets. To deliver the best possible customer support, you need to handle each interaction quickly while still giving each customer sufficient attention to resolve issues. XSellco provides efficient message templates and snippets to handle basic information such as the customer’s name, order number, phone, or other essential details. This means you acquire this data without having your customer service reps having to ask for it each time.
  • Efficient folder-based system. You can easily filter and prioritize messages based on any criteria you prefer, such as subject, order received, language and more. You can also label incoming messages with labels so your customer support reps can recognize common problems and queries can be assigned to the right agents.
  • Automated translations. E-commerce is global. To grow your business internationally, you need the ability to communicate in multiple languages. xSellco translates automatically, so you don’t have to hire customer reps who speak different languages.
  • Connects with other e-commerce platforms. If you use a platform such as Skubana, Bright Pearl, Linnworks, or Channel Advisor, xSellco integrates easily so you can quickly obtain vital information about customer orders. This is another valuable time-saver.
  • Allows for efficient teamwork. The best customer support usually involves collaboration. People have different areas of expertise. If customers have to wait a long time while one rep consults with another, you risk losing them. xSellco makes it easy for customer service reps to communicate. The software supports multiple users and internal notes. It’s also simple to assign tickets to specific team members.
  • Customer service is something that has to evolve along with the rest of your business. It’s necessary to track your results and identify areas that need improving. xSellco provides detailed performance reports in a number of formats. You can customize reports to focus on metrics such as response time.

The Advantages of a Connected Helpdesk

While many of the features offered by xSellco are available elsewhere, it’s difficult to find a single solution that provides so many features. The real advantage of using this software is that you use it to solve practically all of your e-commerce customer service issues.

Effective customer support depends on a number of factors. Speed and efficiency are at the top of the list. In the social media age, people don’t want to wait days or even many hours to get a response. In the gap between a question and your answer, they can go to another website and buy the product there. xSellco features such as live chat and message templates and snippets help you deliver real-time responses and hold onto customers before they abandon your site forever.

Flexibility is also crucial. With an ever-increasing number of e-commerce platforms, it’s challenging for sellers to keep everything organized. If you’re like many businesses, you sell on multiple platforms. Setting up and maintaining customer support on each of them can be confusing and time-consuming. xSellco integrates with all major channels:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Allegro
  • Walmart
  • Facebook

…and many others. xSellco is, in fact, the only customer support helpdesk that works with all major e-commerce platforms. This means if you ever expand your business and start selling on new channels, you can be sure your customer support is still covered.

Pricing for xSellco Helpdesk

xSellco gives you a choice of several plans based on the size of your business.

  • Starter – $79/month: Unlimited snippets and templates. 500 support tickets per month. Language translations, social media integration, email support, sales & performance analytics.
  • Small – $229/month: All features of Starter with 2,000 monthly support tickets.
  • Medium – $399/month: 4,000 monthly support tickets, phone support, live chat support.
  • Large – $699/month: All features of other plans with 8,000 monthly support tickets.

xSellco estimates that e-commerce businesses typically receive one customer support ticket for every nine orders. This ratio can help you determine which plan is right for you. Of course, you can always start small and scale up as your business grows. You can also purchase bundles of support tickets if you find that your needs exceed what your plan provides. xSellco offers a 14-day free trial of Helpdesk without having to enter any credit card information.

xSellco Helpdesk 14-Day Trial

How Does xSellco Helpdesk Compare to the Competition?

There are many choices for customer support helpdesk software and services. It’s always helpful to do some comparison shopping before you make your decision. While many competitors offer some solid features, none of them provide the same comprehensive solution at an affordable price. If we look at the leading competitors, they either lack features and/or charge more. Let’s look at a few examples.

Help Scout, another leading helpdesk software, is quite good for the platforms it supports. However, it only works on a handful of e-commerce platforms. This is fine if you’re only using one but insufficient if you’re selling on many different channels. Desk is even more limited, only integrating with Shopify. Freshdesk, meanwhile, doesn’t integrate with any online marketplaces. Like many customer service solutions, these aren’t specifically designed for e-commerce. Zendesk is a feature-rich solution, but it still doesn’t match xSellco when it comes to integrations.

Amazon Repricer: Set the Lowest Price and Win Buy Box

The Repricer is another service that xSellco offers to help e-commerce sellers stay ahead of the competition. When it comes to making more sales, pricing plays a huge role. Many customers search on multiple sites seeking the best price. Prices change constantly. If your competitor lowers the price on a product you’re selling, you could miss out on many sales. Having the best price also helps you gain the advantage of winning Amazon’s competitive Buy Box.

Repricer is a tool that helps you offer the best prices and change them whenever you need to. Working with Amazon Web Services to help you set the best prices and win the Buy Box. Once you win Buy Box, the price starts to rise automatically, so you don’t lose money on sales. Repricer also comes with insights that let you spy on your top 10 competitors on Amazon. Repricer is a powerful tool for anyone who sells on Amazon.

Repricer is a separate service offered by xSellco with its own pricing structure.

  • Basic – $69/month: 5,000 SKUs, 24 hour competitor tracking.
  • Plus – $199/month: Unlimted SKUs, 7-day customer tracking, live chat supporter, Buy Box predictor.
  • Ultimate – $349/month: Unlimited SKUs, 30-day customer tracking, net margin repricing.

xSellco offers a 14-day free trial of Repricer.

xSellco Repricer 14-Day Trial

Feedback: Get More Positive Reviews

xSellco offers still another e-commerce service to help you grow your business – Feedback. This is an automated system that encourages your customers to leave reviews on your website, eBay, Amazon, or other online platforms. Reviews are an essential component of online success and one of the first things that customers look at. People often care more about what other customers say about a product than what you, the seller, has to say.

Yet many customers don’t bother to leave reviews. Contacting them individually isn’t practical when you have so many other tasks taking your time every day. Feedback automates the whole process. Feedback does more than simply send out feedback requests, however. Remember, your real objective isn’t merely to get reviews but positive ones. Feedback is an intelligent system that uses an algorithm to maximize positive reviews.

  • Send out review requests for items that are high-performing and that have traditionally earned positive reviews.
  • Request feedback based on customer history. You can send out feedback requests to customers who have left positive reviews in the past while blacklisting customers who have left negative reviews.
  • Delivery time. Send requests only for orders that arrived on time.
  • Support tickets. Customers who have issues or problems are less likely to leave positive feedback so you can exclude
  • Customized emails. Send support request emails with customized email templates that are a good fit for your business.
  • Improve your results by testing different metrics such as timing, templates, message content, and other factors.

Feedback is one of the most sophisticated tools on the market that helps you get more positive reviews, which are essential in building your business. This service, like Repricer, has separate pricing from the xSellco Helpdesk software.

  • Basic – $49/ month: 5,000 feedback requests, email support, analytics, seller and product reviews, more.
  • Professional – $99/month: 25,000 feedback requests, all the benefits of Basic plus phone support.
  • Premium – $199/month: 60,000 feedback requests, all the benefits of Professional plus live chat support.

xSellco offers a 28-day free trial for Feedback.

xSellco Feedback 28-Day Trial

xSellco: Value and Recommendations

xSellco is a powerful solution for e-commerce businesses that are looking for a comprehensive Helpdesk solution. While there are many helpdesk solutions, few of them are specifically designed for e-commerce the way xSellco is. This software ensures that you’re covered no matter which platforms you sell on.  It also gives you important benefits such as the ability to translate support into multiple languages, manage customer support teams, label and categorize incoming messages, and lots of other customizable features.

If you want to add some extra leverage to your e-commerce business, it’s also worth looking into Repricer and Feedback. All three xSellco tools can help you take your e-commerce business to the next level.

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