Online Marketing Tools and Techniques for Beginners


With just a few basic tools and techniques, any beginner internet marketer can have a competitive edge over experts in the field. From choosing the right hosting service for your website to implementing the best email marketing software, there are valuable and essential tools that will help you sustain that competitive advantage in the online marketing field. Follow these tools and techniques when implementing your internet marketing strategies, and make sure to check our available  promo codes and discounts :

Hosting Service

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Today there is a large market of web-hosting service companies, which makes pricing competitive and affordable. However, cost is not the only reason to consider when choosing a hosting service. Consider the following when choosing a web hosting service:

Connection speed – a fast connection will ensure minimal waiting time for content to upload.
Hardware – a strong server ability means your website will not be weighed down when traffic increases.
Security – check data protection policies and rules for scheduled backups.
Support – review customer service for 24/7 support to confirm critical problems are remedied.

WordPress Themes

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Unfortunately, beginner internet marketers have a tendency to choose WordPress themes that simply look best. There are other factors to consider, such as SEO, design choices, flexibility and more. Evaluate the following when selecting a WordPress theme:

SEO friendly – this will guarantee search engine traffic is driven to your keywords.
Mailing lists – squeeze page and sales page capability to build mailing lists.
Flexibility – flexible design options and features to make it unique.
Videos – option to get the most from including photos and videos.

SEO and Keyword Research Tools

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Choosing the right SEO and keyword research tools will improve your website ranking through visibility, traffic and conversion. In fact, it is the very first step you should perform while considering an online campaign. Evaluate the following features when selecting the best SEO tools:

Rank tracking – provides site ranks based on keywords and your overall SEO ranking.
Monetization value – estimates potential revenue in a successful SEO marketing campaign.
Estimated search traffic – offers specific traffic analysis for keywords with alternative limits, as well as suggest high-traffic typos and synonyms.
Keyword density analysis – determines website competitiveness and importance based on a percentage of relevant keywords found on a page.
Analytical features – specific features that allow you to analyze your website to find mistakes and obstacles in rankings.

Article Spinners

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Developing many articles to increase product awareness and attract customers is a key element to internet marketing. In addition, if you have several blogs and websites to manage, writing and rewriting articles can be challenging. Article spinner software is a great tool for internet marketers to create online web content. Use the guidelines when selecting article spinner software:

Large dictionary and thesaurus – with a vast vocabulary and lengthy list of synonyms you can expect more unique articles.
Creative control – the ability to change words, sentences and paragraphs based on suggested keywords and terms.
Keywords and terms – confirm new terms and words used by other users are updated.

Social Media Management

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As an internet marketer, driving traffic to your website through social media networks is important; yet, between updates, tweets, comments, posts and likes managing it all can be a challenge. To keep a significant presence in social media use a content management tool and review the following features:

Interface – ability to manage social media campaigns from a convenient, user-friendly platform.
Advance scheduling – capable of scheduling Facebook posts, tweets, blogs and Linkedin updates in advance.
Notification – receive notification when your brand is talked about.
Reports – build custom reports and analyze trends.

Outsourcing/crowdsourcing Services

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Internet marketers are always searching for ways to add content that sells. Crowdsourcing and outsourcing services can play an important role in creating new content, from web design to micro-tasks, these services will save time and money, as well as add diversity and creativity to your product. Before you choose a crowdsourcing or outsourcing platform, evaluate the following:

User-friendly – test how easy it is to use the website by creating an assignment and communicating with candidates.
Guarantee – check for a money-back guarantee or escrow service that certifies you only pay for complete work based on a fixed price.
Support – review customer support hours, ratings and reviews.
Size – find out the number of workers available, sometimes a too large number of candidates submitting work makes it difficult to choose from, yet a low number will force you to settle for less than perfect.

Email Marketing Tools

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Internet marketing has facilitated the growth of email marketing, a technique that helps reach a wider audience and increase website traffic. Email marketing can executed relatively easily and successfully with an email marketing software tool. When choosing an email marketing tool look for these features:

Newsletters – ability to send email newsletters
RSS – capable of sending content to the blog through email using RSS features.
Auto response – sales literature and product information can be sent as part of auto response feature.
Integration – sign-up module and shopping cart integration as part of your website.
Reports – reporting features for tracking, monitoring and surveying email campaigns.

All these are just the tip of the iceberg, however they are a ‘must have’ tools when it comes to becoming an internet marketer promoting businesses or products online. And yes, they will cost you money. However the time saved and the quality of the product are just not the same without them. Luckily, IMPromocoder provides promotional codes, coupons and discounts for many of the top tools required. And if your tool is not listed, just send an email, and I’ll do my best to set up a proposal for you.

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