Get More Work Done in a Cave – Caveday Review and Extended Trial

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Many people who work at home face the constant challenge of distractions. There are numerous solutions to this, from the Pomodoro method to countless apps that help you reduce distractions. Caveday offers an innovative way to increase focus and also connect with others. Caveday is a unique virtual coworking community that is dedicated to helping members focus and get more productive. In this Caveday review, we’ll look at what this service offers, how much it costs, and whether it’s a good value for remote workers, freelancers, solopreneurs, and others who want to get more accomplished at home. We also have a few Caveday discount coupon codes to share with our readers.

What is Caveday?

Caveday can be described as an online version of a co-working space or perhaps a writer’s retreat. It offers a flexible schedule where you can join sessions that guide you to be more productive. The following are some key features you get with Caveday.

  • Work Sprints — Focused work sprints or “Caves” of around 45 minutes are the foundation of Caveday. Members can work anywhere from 40 to 52 minutes. This amount of time wasn’t chosen randomly but is based on research proving that the average person’s brain can focus productively for this long.
  • Short Breaks —Breaks are just as essential to productivity as work. With Caveday, you are guided to have short and energizing breaks that make returning to a productive state easier. This can be a useful alternative to taking constant, mindless breaks checking your email and Facebook, watching videos, and other time-wasting activities online.
  • Sessions are led by trained facilitators who guide members and keep them on track.
  • Cameras provide accountability. Caveday uses a virtual co-working model, so you can see others and be seen during the entire session. This helps to keep everyone focused and provides a strong motivation to not “cheat” by glancing at your phone or doing something else off-task. However, you also can shut off your camera during sessions.
  • Cave sessions are available 24/7 to accommodate people in different time zones and who work flexible schedules.

Accessories and Apps

Caveday offers a few items that can help you get more out of the service.

  • Sprint Planner —Download this as a PDF so you can fill out your goals while you’re in a Cave.
  • 100 Hours of Deep Work Checklist — Each page provides 200 boxes for 30-minute work sessions, allowing you to catalog your Cave sessions.
  • WFH Checklist for Parents —For parents working from home and balancing time working and moments spent with children.
  • Weekly Planning Template — A planning template to help you set up your work schedule, prioritize, and create a healthy balance between the workweek and weekend.
  • Monthly and Yearly Habit Trackers — A useful checklist that lets you track your daily habits throughout the month or year.
  • Phone Lock Screens — Lets you create a message that you see before you unlock your phone. Helps you reduce the times you mindlessly open your phone.

Pricing For Caveday

There are several options for joining Caveday. All plans provide unlimited access to all Caves. Access to member forum, Guided Sprinting Tool. The only difference is how much/when you are billed.

  • Monthly: $39.99/month.
  • Quarterly: $35/month.
  • Annually: $30/month.

The above are for individual memberships. There are customized plans for corporations and other large organizations. You can apply for a discount if you are affiliated with an educational institution or nonprofit or if you have financial needs.

Caveday also offers a 7-day free trial, which provides access to all features.

Caveday Discount Coupon Codes

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Benefits of Caveday

The main advantage of Caveday is that, when you join a Cave, you are immediately accountable, which is a powerful motive to stay productive. At the same time, you won’t be distracted by the other members as this isn’t a group chat. You do get to introduce yourself, including basic info such as your first name, location, and type of work you do.

What makes Caveday special is that it’s a group experience but not a social platform where you chat with other members. Cave sessions are designed to keep you in a productive mode. The fact that you can see everyone else and they can see you serves to keep everyone focused. Having a trained facilitator helps as well.

Caveday is also an antidote to feeling isolated when working on your own. Even though you aren’t socializing, simply being part of a group environment provides a feeling of connection with other members.

Drawbacks of Caveday

Caveday may not be ideal for everyone. Being in a group setting makes some people self-conscious.  While being in a “Cave” is very different from a webinar or typical Zoom call, it could take you out of your comfort zone if you’re accustomed to working in a solitary environment. On the other hand, it’s something you may be able to get used to. You also have the choice of turning your camera off during the session. You’ll be aware that you’re part of a group setting even without the camera.

Getting the Most Out of Caveday

Caveday works best when you are clear about what you want to accomplish. While the group setting can help to motivate you and keep you focused, it can’t do the work for you.  If you enter a Cave with only a vague notion about what you plan to do, you may find yourself staring at the screen. Guides try to be helpful in this regard, prompting users to reveal their goals. However, it’s best to enter the session with an objective in mind.

Caveday: Value and Recommendation

Caveday provides an innovative solution to overcoming distractions. On your own, it’s easy to fall into the habit of constantly checking your devices and not staying focused on important tasks. Simply logging into a Cave puts a certain amount of pressure on you to focus. It can be seen as the virtual version of coming into the office and sitting down at your desk.

Caveday is for anyone who works remotely and is looking for more motivation and perhaps a sense of connection to other remote workers, solopreneurs, and freelancers. If you are curious about Caveday, it’s worth taking advantage of their 7-day free trial and joining a few Caves.


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