MobileMonkey Review and Discounts

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MobileMonkey provides chatbots and other customer support tools for all types of businesses. Their software lets you stay in touch with customers and social media followers across multiple channels. In this MobileMonkey review, we’ll explore the features, pricing and discounts of MobileMonkey to help you decide if it’s a good investment for your business.


MobileMonkey: Chatbots For Multiple Platforms

Chatbots are extremely popular right now for many good reasons. A chatbot automates many customer service tasks. It allows you to stay in touch with customers and prospects during off-hours. A well-designed bot also helps you build your brand and boost your credibility.

At the same time, many chatbots are fairly limited in terms of features and functionality. They can also be complicated to use and, in some cases, expensive. MobileMonkey provides a more comprehensive solution, allowing you to connect with people across platforms. It also offers a good choice of plans, making it useful for many users with different needs and budgets.

The following is a rundown of MobileMonkey’s products. Some of the features overlap from one product to another. However, each plan is dedicated to a particular type of business or user.


FunnelPro is a multichannel marketing tool to help you engage with prospects across channels. You get 24/7 chat automation that covers:

  • Instant Instagram Messaging — Instagram-approved messaging tools let you engage with followers instantly.
  • Facebook — Reply to comments and messages automatically. It also works with Facebook and Instagram ads so you can quickly engage with anyone who responds to your ads.
  • SMS — Text messages have a 98% open rate, higher than any other channel.
  • Web Chat — Connect with website visitors at any hour.

You can manage all ingoing and outgoing messages from a single dashboard, making it easier to manage an omnichannel strategy. Since most of your prospects are active on many platforms and devices, you need to stay in touch with them wherever they are.

These tools can be used for lead generation as well as lead nurturing. Data can be integrated with your CRM and email. The following are the pricing plans for FunnelPro. All plans offer a free trial.

  • Startup Edition: Starting at $89.25/month with an annual plan. Support for one multichannel inbox, 6,500 send credits, 3,000 contacts, one user. It also includes drip campaigns for Instagram, Messenger, and SMS.
  • Enterprise Edition: Starting at $186.75/month. 20,000 send credits, 10,000 contacts, 5 users. It also includes MobileMonkey’s API, one-hour onboarding call, one-hour monthly optimization
  • Multi-Location & Franchise Edition: Customized plans and pricing. Supports up to five business locations, goal-setting sessions, one-day email support.

Send credits are used whenever a live or automated message is sent. SMS messages count as 10 send credits.


While FunnelPro is focused on a multichannel strategy that includes Instagram, InstaChamp is dedicated solely to this popular platform. What makes MobileMonkey’s InstaChamp so powerful is that Instagram approves it, so you don’t have to worry about violating TOS when you use it. InstaChamp is worth considering if you want to prioritize Instagram for your marketing.

  • Respond to DMs automatically. When followers or anyone who responds to your ads sends you a direct message, the chatbot will respond instantly. This is much more efficient than trying to keep up with messages manually.
  • Send messages to anyone who comments on your posts. You can also set it up so that anyone who mentions a specified keyword receives a message. This helps you grow your following and can increase interest in your offers and lead generation efforts.
  • Respond to Story comments. Whenever someone mentions your brand in their Instagram Story, they’ll receive a message.
  • Build funnels based on keywords. You may want to segment your customers into different groups. You can send targeted messages based on the keywords they use. For example, you can send information on different products, services, or location-based events.

Instagram provides a great opportunity for marketers who feature visually interesting content. However, it’s not easy to monitor your accounts and answer messages manually. Of course, this can be outsourced to VAs, but it’s costly to have people managing your accounts. Beyond this, unless they are working 24/7, response time may be slow. InstaChamp automates communication and sends replies immediately when you are still fresh in the customer’s mind.

How much does it cost to use InstaPro? MobileMonkey has two plans.

  • VIP Creator & Influencer: Currently free. Includes 250 contacts, 10 MobileMonkey branding free sends, DM autoresponder tools, DM responses for 5 keywords, 5 Story mention replies, more.
  • Platinum: $19.95/month. 1,000 contacts, 500 brand-free sends, create alternative responses based on conversation paths, unlimited keyword responses, unlimited Story mention replies, collect phone numbers and emails in DMs, export data to Google Sheets.

Additional contacts can be purchased for $10 per 500. Additional brand-free sends are $5 per 1,000. The free VIP Creator plan and the Platinum prices are at launch special pricing phase, so prices will increase.


MobileMonkey offers comprehensive chat and support automation for small and mid-size businesses.

  • Capture prospects’ contact information on your website, via SMS, and on Facebook and Instagram.
  • View messages from Instagram, Facebook, SMS, and live chat from one inbox.
  • Automate FAQ answers. Chatbots can answer common questions. This provides customers with helpful information and reduces the workload for your customer support reps.
  • Live chat support. Combine the best of chatbots and live chat. Sales reps can talk directly to customers during business hours, while chatbots can be active at all other times.
  • Automated customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Automated alerts for lead notifications. Get notified via email or push notifications whenever you have a new lead.
  • Integrate chats with Facebook and Instagram advertising.

You can access SMBots for free or choose one of the paid plans.

  • Free: Chat with leads on your website, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp (soon). Mobile and desktop apps, single inbox for all communication. It also includes 1,000 send credits and 500 contacts.
  • Operator Edition: Starts at $21.75/month with an annual plan. 2,000 send credits, 2,000 contacts, 24/7 automated answering service, automated FAQ answers, SMS marketing phone number, lead qualification funnels.
  • Engagement Edition: Starts at $89.25/month. 6,500 send credits, 3,000 contacts, qualified lead notifications, Zapier integration, automated conversation follow-ups, ad integrations with Facebook & Instagram, re-engagement campaigns.


Agencio is MobileMonkey’s set of tools for growing an agency and automating many tasks. With Agencio, you can perform many of the same tasks available with SMBots and FunnelPro, tailored for the needs of an agency.

  • Generate leads for clients and automatically re-engage with leads with messaging.
  • Integrate clients’ marketing tools such as CRMs with Agencio tools.
  • Collaborate — Agency teams of all sizes can share data.
  • Analytics — Demonstrate results and generate reports on chat marketing results.

Agencio has several plans.

  • Boutique Agency Edition: Starts at $224.25/month with an annual plan. Supports up to 10 clients, 100,000 send credits, 200,000 contacts, and one user. It also includes templates for every industry, unlimited lead generation campaigns, and messaging for web chat, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and SMS.
  • Full-Service Agency Edition: Customized pricing. Supports 20 clients, 200,000 send credits, 400,000 contacts, and 2 users. It also includes an advanced bot builder, analytics tools, and a dedicated account manager with monthly calls
  • Powerhouse Agency Edition: Customized pricing. Supports 40 clients, 400,000 send credits, 800,000 contacts, and 5 users. It also includes native integrations with clients’ marketing tech stacks and custom integrations with MobileMonkey API.

MobileMonkey Discounts

MobileMonkey runs several promotions throughout the year. You can see the latest MobileMonkey deals on this page.

At the time of writing, you can still use the coupon code PREMIER and take advantage of a 50% off MobileMonkey promo.

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MobileMonkey: Value and Recommendations

MobileMonkey offers a wide number of tools for business owners and marketers. If you’re looking to automate many aspects of your lead generation, customer service, and engagement with prospects, MobileMonkey’s chatbots and customer support features can help you achieve these goals.

If you find it challenging to engage with prospects, customers, and followers on multiple channels, MobileMonkey may be exactly what you need to take your business to the next level. It’s easy to test any of these tools by signing up for a free trial or one of the free plans.


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