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If you want to succeed as a seller on Amazon, you need to be creative, persistent and savvy nowadays. With so much competition, you must do lots of research to find in-demand products, set the right prices, and keep your listings visible. There are many tools on the market that help with such tasks. Seller SEO, however, is a comprehensive service that fills many gaps.

Seller SEO was started by 7-figure Amazon sellers Andy Arnott and Anna Joan Wallace, who understand what it takes to build a successful business. Seller SEO offers a whole suite of tools that address areas such as PPC, SEO, ranking and off-site traffic. They have managed services as well as tools you can use yourself. Their approach lets all sellers find the perfect approach to help them take their business to the next level. In this review, we’ll explore some of the leading features of Seller SEO and provide any available Seller SEO discount codes.

The Importance of Amazon SEO

All of the tools and services offered by Seller SEO help you optimize Amazon SEO. This is a similar principle as search engine optimization for Google or other search engines. Amazon can also be considered a huge search engine. Amazon SEO, which is also called Amazon listing optimization makes it possible for your listings to show up when customers do searches. This is crucial whether you’re using Amazon PPC (pay-per-click) advertising or relying on organic search.

Seller Tools

Seller SEO has a long list of tools to help you create, manage, and optimize your Amazon selling.

  • Free Keyword Tool. This free tool is a good introduction to Seller SEO. It works the same as Google keyword tools. You simply enter a search phrase and come up with a list of keywords. For deep searches, you’ll need to enter your email and get the list sent to you.
  • ACOSinator. This is an efficient Amazon profit calculator that helps you plan your ROI before you invest any money.
  • Source Force. One of the biggest challenges you face is finding the most profitable products to sell. Source Force uses data-driven analysis that includes recent trends and competitive research to help you select the best products.
  • Index Checker. It’s important to know if Amazon is indexing your keywords. You want to know if Amazon deems your listing as relevant based on your keywords.
  • Listing Lightning. This advanced keyword analyzer helps you cut down on the amount of time you spend on keyword research. It creates lists for you, researches the competition, and teaches you how to make the best use of keyword phrases.
  • Rank Rocket. This Amazon Rank Tracker lets you know exactly how your listings are ranking, allowing you to tweak your campaigns when necessary. It informs you of your competitors’ ranking as well which gives you an edge.
  • The Rainmaker. Automate and optimize all of your PPC campaigns in minutes.
  • Keyword Miner. Uncover hidden longtail keywords that your competitors don’t know about with this unique tool. Finding the exact keyword phrases helps you optimize your listings and PPC campaigns on Amazon.
  • PPC Dominator. You’ll be able to create profitable PPC campaigns quickly with this tool. It saves you money and helps you avoid unprofitable keywords. You’ll be able to run hundreds of campaigns in minutes.
  • Day Dream. The time of day you run your PPC campaigns can make a real difference to your results. This tool identifies the prime times when your targeted customers are most likely to be shopping.
  • Pandora. This is a clever tool for spying on your competition using reverse ASIN lookup. Check out your competitors’ listings and quickly uncover the keywords that are converting for them.
  • Traffic Titan. Allows you to create effective offsite traffic campaigns in minutes. Includes an automated process for analyzing keywords and creating optimized URLs.

These tools can be used individually or together, depending on which Seller SEO plan you subscribe to.

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Seller SEO Plans and Pricing.

All Seller SEO plans come with a 7-days free trial.

  • Advanced: $74/month. Includes all tools but the Pandora, Day Dream, PPC Dominator, Traffic Titan, and The Rainmaker.
  • Elite: $97.00/month. Includes all Advanced tools plus Pandora, Day Dream, PPC Dominator, Traffic Titan, and The Rainmaker.

The Advanced and the Elite plans offer a 30% discount if you get an annual account in advance.

Managed Services

Seller SEO recognizes that not everyone has the time or interest in doing all the work when it comes to running an e-commerce business. Their managed services let you outsource crucial tasks to experienced experts.

  • Amazon Listing Optimization. If you already have products listed on Amazon but want them optimized, this is the service for you. This includes research on competitors, keywords, and images. The cost for this service is $299.
  • Offsite Ranking Package. This package helps you get organically ranked for the keywords of your choice. It includes setting up an 8-day offsite traffic campaign. You receive a before and after ranking report for your keywords. The cost depends on the number of keywords you want to rank for and ranges from $299 to $999.
  • PPC Campaigns. Amazon PPC is a complex platform but the experts at Seller SEO know how to set up profitable campaigns. For this service, they build a list of 1,000 longtail keywords and research the competition. They target for exact matches, phrases, and broad. The cost of the PPC service is $199.
  • PPC Optimization. This is for sellers with existing PPC campaigns that they want to optimize. You can choose to have all campaigns in your account optimized or only the ones you want to focus on. You’ll be able to save money by eliminating poorly performing keywords. The cost of this service is $99.

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Seller SEO: Value and Recommendation

Seller SEO has quite a few options, both for seller tools and managed services. It can help anyone, whether your new to selling on Amazon or a seasoned veteran to create and optimize your campaigns. It can, however, be a little overwhelming to choose the right plans.

Seller SEO is run by experienced e-commerce experts. While this is reassuring, there’s still a learning curve for effectively using these products. While the tools are not difficult to use once you learn the system, new users may find it challenging to know when to use which tool.

It’s a good idea to take full advantage of their 7-day free trial. Since all plans offer this option, you could choose the Elite plan so you get a chance to sample all the tools. If you find that you don’t need them all, you could always downgrade to the cheaper plan before the 7 days are up. Another tip is to start experimenting with the keyword tool, which you can start using even without signing up.

Another option is to consider managed services. This is a good option if you really don’t have the time or inclination to run your own campaigns. This is surely better than paying for seller tools and not using them! With managed campaigns, you can relax and put the work in the hands of professionals.

If you’re looking for something that will give you a serious edge over the competition on Amazon, Seller SEO offers a complete solution.

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