Descript Review and Discounts

Descript Review and DiscountPin

If you create any kind of audio or video content, you need effective editing tools. There are many options for editing, ranging from free tools to costly services and software applications. If you’re looking for an editing tool that’s easy to use, reasonable, and that works with a variety of content types, you should take a close look at Descript.

You can use Descript with multiple formats, including video editing, podcasting, and screen recording. It provides a simple interface that’s appealing to users without a strong tech background. In this Descript review, we’ll explore the features, benefits, pricing, and Descript discounts to help you decide if you may want to try it for your own audio and video projects.


Video Editing

For people who aren’t experienced with video, editing can seem complicated and mysterious. In fact, some people put off making videos because they’re not sure how to handle the editing process. Descript helps simplify editing by making it very similar to editing a text document, something everyone who uses the internet knows how to do.

  • Most video editors require cutting and editing clips, which can be tricky. Descript has introduced a new and simpler method: a video word processor where you edit text.
  • Write and insert voiceovers. Descript provides realistic text-to-speech voices that let you add voiceovers simply by typing in your words.
  • Multitrack functions. Edit layers of images, video, audio, GIFs, and other elements.
  • Add titles and captions. Make videos more accurate and professional by adding titles, introductions, title cards, and other text to your videos. Captions are helpful for many purposes, such as reaching hearing-impaired viewers and anyone who isn’t using sound. Captions are even good for SEO.
  • Add elements such as animation, shapes, and transitions.
  • Supports collaboration. If you work with a team, you can easily set up Descript to support live collaboration with features such as commenting, shared folders, cloud backup, and working offline.

Edit Screen and Webcam Recordings

If you’re sharing recordings or webinars, you may want to make changes to edit out mistakes or parts that are unclear. Descript lets you edit your voice by typing. An innovative feature of Descript is that it can quickly learn how your voice sounds, so it will make the changes without you having to do any re-recording.


Podcasts are now one of the most popular ways to build a personal or business brand. Editing your podcasts makes a big difference in the way you come across to listeners. Descript provides simple tools for making your podcasts as professional as possible.

  • Edit your audio by typing text. As with video editing, you can easily make changes by editing a text document. Descript will capture the sound of your voice as you edit.
  • Make volume adjustments and add fades.
  • Drag and drop to add features such as music and sound effects.
  • Supports real-time multiuser editing.
  • Multitrack recording. Useful for remote recording sessions. Generate a single combined transcript.
  • Publish your podcast automatically to BuzzSprout or Headliner.

Realistic Stock Voices

AI voices are useful for audio and video recordings. However, if they sound artificial or machine-like, it defeats the purpose. Descript provides high-quality, realistic-sounding voices you can use for recordings.

You can also create a text-to-speech model of your own voice. This is ideal for people who prefer writing to speaking into a microphone. You can simply type your text, and Descript will turn it into a recording that sounds like you.


If you have content that needs to be transcribed, you can get it done through Descript for $2.00/minute. Turnaround time is usually within 24 hours. You can also be assured of industry-leading accuracy. If you subscribe to one of Descript’s paid plans, a certain number of transcription hours are included. Simply share your project with a web link, and professional transcriptionists are on hand to serve your needs.


Audiograms are a powerful feature that lets you create compelling videos to promote your podcasts. Turning an audio program into a short video presentation can be a great way to share your podcast on social media.

Zapier Integration

If you have a Zapier account, you can use Descript’s API. This allows you to enjoy many integrations without having to do any coding. You can connect Descript to many popular applications such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, Slack, and many others.

This means you can work on your favorite apps and seamlessly edit your videos, podcasts, and screenshots. If you’re working with team members in distant locations, you can share notes and edits back and forth on Slack or other apps and quickly apply them to your content.

Plans and Pricing for Descript

Descript has several pricing tiers, including a free plan that gives you access to limited features.

  • Free: For screen recording and limited editing options. Record, edit or mix one project, 20 screen recordings, 3 hours of transcription.
  • Creator: $15/month. Unlimited projects and screen recordings. 10 hours or transcription/month, export projects.
  • Pro: $30/month. Includes everything in Creator and Overdub (clone your own voice), 30 hours of transcription/month, Filler Words Pro (to remove “filler” words such as “like,” “so,” etc.), Audiograms Pro (custom colors and backgrounds), Publish Pro (publish videos up to 3 hours), batch file export.
  • Enterprise: Custom features and pricing for larger accounts.

Note that the free features are one-time and not monthly, so if you want to keep using the service, you’ll have to upgrade to a paid plan.

Descript Discounts

Annual Descript plans are at a 20% discount vs. the monthly plans.

Descript offers discounts for non-profits, educational institutions, as well as students. You’ll need to create a free account and then fill out this form to be considered to receive the creator plan for a 67% discount ($5/m per user), with 4 hours or transcription per month, instead of 10.

Descript also offers special deals and discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you’re visiting this page outside of the promo season, contact us for updated deals.

How Can You Benefit From Descript?

There are more uses for audio and video content than ever before. Descript can help you if you fit any of the following categories.

  • Create more videos. Video is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience, but it takes a great deal of time to create each video from scratch. With Descript, you can clone your voice and simply write out your scripts. Or you can add voiceovers to animated, doodle, or screenshot videos. Make videos for all purposes, such as promoting products, educating your audience, crowdfunding campaigns, or short social media videos.
  • Improve your podcasts. Podcasting is another high-value type of content that’s powerful for building your brand or business. Descript can help you edit your scripts, add effects, and give your podcasts a more polished sound. As with videos, you can edit from a word document.
  • Conduct market research. Another way to use Descript is to simplify user research. You can, for example, conduct interviews by phone, Skype, or Zoom and have them transcribed. You now have quick access to your research, which you can publish or share with others.
  • More efficient customer service. You can reply to tickets by making a quick audio or screen recording and send it to the customer, who will be able to either watch, listen to, or read your response. You can also use Descript to make a list of FAQs for your website or reply to common issues.
  • Create online courses and tutorials. You may want to release free or paid courses to build your brand. Another possibility is that you need explanation videos for your product or service. With Descript, you can create videos that you can easily edit. For example, you can quickly remove filler words or make corrections and updates. If your product has a new feature or pricing plan, you don’t have to make a new video but simply edit the transcribed text. You can also make video slideshows for your presentations.

Value and Recommendations

In an age when more and more videos and podcasts are being consumed, you need the right tools to help you create more and better content. Descript can save you time and help you reach a wider audience, and boost your output.

Creating a free account lets you explore Descript’s features. However, you only get limited access that runs out after a few projects, so you’ll probably want to upgrade to a paid plan. The Creator and Pro accounts provide you with hours of transcription and unlimited projects for a reasonable price.

There are a couple of reasons you may not want or need Descript. If you don’t create much audio or video content and have no plans to do so, you won’t have much use for the service. Some vloggers and podcasters like to create all of their content from scratch and are comfortable doing extensive editing the traditional way. Such people may not need Descript, which is designed to streamline the editing process.

For everyone else, Descript is a powerful tool to help you boost your output of audio and video content, something that almost every type of business and organization can benefit from.

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