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Dubb is a tool that lets you enhance your email, social media, and other messages with video. Video marketing is an essential tool for any business these days. People are consuming more video all the time.

It’s not hard to make videos with modern technology. However, one of the most powerful ways to use video is to incorporate it into your communications with prospects, customers, and other contacts rather than simply posting videos on sites such as YouTube and Facebook. In our Dubb review, we’ll be looking at the features, benefits, possible drawbacks, alternatives, pricing and Dubb discounts to help you decide if it might be a way to boost your communications with video.

Simple Video Creation

Dubb lets you create videos using a Chrome extension, mobile app, or using dozens of integrated apps (see below) that you can then easily send to your contacts to generate leads, close more sales, and engage better with customers. You can use Dubb to develop or enhance your existing video marketing strategy, working with the apps you currently use or adding new ones as you expand. The Dubb mobile app lets you create great videos right on your smartphone.


Dubb helps you distribute your videos on many channels such as email, social media, and CRMs. You can enhance all of your communication with prospects, customers, and collaborators with video.

Video Hosting

Video hosting is another useful service provided by Dubb. Hosting your videos on Dubb makes it simple to deliver them using any of the many compatible platforms. You may want to reuse certain videos multiple times, varying the delivery method based on the needs of your prospect or customer. You can easily access the video and send it off via email, SMS, or however you prefer.

Contact Management

To get the most out of your video marketing, you want it to work seamlessly with other channels such as email and social media. With Dubb, you can sync your contacts from services such as Gmail, Zapier, Outlook, and many CRMs. You can set up automated video emails and video SMS workflows to quickly reach out to your contacts with engaging content.

Virtual Backgrounds

Backgrounds can be a challenging and distracting issue when creating videos. Not everyone has a professional studio or a dedicated staff to help them set up and shoot every video. Virtual backgrounds make it easy to optimize your background, using custom images no matter where you’re creating the video. This lets you create a video with any background you prefer, even if you’re filming in your bedroom or a messy office.


Dubb has simple tracking tools so you can measure the results of your campaigns. For example, when you send a video via email, you can track opens, page views, video watches, clicks on your CTA offers, and other metrics. You can view your statistics on the Dubb dashboard or using your own CRM.


Dubb integrates seamlessly with many applications that you probably use or will likely use at some point, such as:

  • Salesforce
  • LinkedIn
  • Zapier
  • Instagram
  • MailChimp
  • Facebook Profile and Messenger
  • Constant Contact
  • Asana
  • Zoho
  • WordPress
  • Eventbrite
  • Shopify
  • ClickFunnels

These and other integrations make it easy for you to upload and track videos sent via many different platforms (such as social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn) and send custom videos to your contacts on MailChimp and other email services.

Dubb Plans and Pricing

Dubb has several plans, including a free plan that lets you try out the features.

  • Starter: Free. Includes full-tech suite: Chrome extension, Gmail and Outlook add-ons, mobile and desktop apps, and integrations, unlimited storage, and standard video quality. With the free plan, your videos will have the Dubb logo and Dubb URL.
  • Pro: $40/month. Includes all Starter features, HD video quality, custom logo, custom subdomain, 10K contacts ($10/month for each additional 10K), themes, native forms, team management, advanced reporting, CRM integrations.
  • Pro Plus: $99/month. All Pro features and account manager, phone support, 50K contacts, API access, custom integrations, custom scripts, and email templates.

Annual plans are discounted 20% off the monthly cost ($32×12 for Pro and $80×12 for Pro Plus).

Dubb Discount Coupon Codes

The following Dubb discount codes are currently active;

  • Use coupon code DUBBVID for 10% off any plan
  • Coupon code VID4SALES with also give you 10% off any Dubb plan
  • Dubb discount code COMEBACK is another 10% off any plan coupon

You can use any of the Dubb discount codes on the last step of your registration process.


Dubb Discount Coupon CodePin

Training and Resources

Dubb offers a variety of training and video marketing resources, some of which are accessible to the general public as well as visitors. These can help you get the most out of the service.

  • Dubb has many useful e-books related to video marketing. Titles include “Video Marketing: The Definitive Guide,” “10 Creative Ways to Use Video Marketing to Grow Your Business,” and “Video Sales Letters: 10 Steps to Success.” These e-books are available even if you’re not a customer though you’ll have to sign up to Dubb’s email list to download them.
  • Videos and Podcasts: The Daily Dubb Show offers a large selection of free podcasts and YouTube videos, mostly on some aspect of video marketing.
  • Video Page Generator – This can be used as an actual marketing tool, but it’s also useful for learning the basics and practicing. It’s a free resource that anyone can use. You can upload a video you’ve created on your phone or computer and place it on a landing page with a call-to-action.

Benefits of Using Dubb for Video Marketing

Dubb makes it easy to boost your communications with videos to reach a wider audience, build brand awareness, generate leads, and stay in touch with customers. Here are some of the advantages you can get from Dubb.

  • Create and send professional videos faster. Dubb is made with the needs of businesses in mind. It’s a real advantage to be able to seamlessly integrate your video making software with your CRM, social media, email, and other marketing channels.
  • More Opens and Engagement. There’s plenty of evidence that people engage more with videos than other types of content. With Dubb, you aren’t limited to posting videos on your website or YouTube. You can send them right in your emails, via LinkedIn, in text messages, through your CRM, and more.
  • Higher Conversions. Being able to send video landing pages easily is a powerful strategy for driving engagement and conversions. Recipients who might otherwise overlook a message are more likely to watch your video and take action.

Dubb has customers in a wide range of industries, including:

  • Agencies
  • Real Estate
  • Consulting
  • Technology
  • Advertising
  • Insurance
  • Mortgage

Dubb’s video marketing tools can be customized to just about any type of business or industry, whether you are B2C or B2B.

Dubb vs. Bonjoro

Bonjoro is an alternative service that we reviewed here (see our full Bonjoro review). Bonjoro provides tools for video communication and personalization. Like Dubb, you can create videos from a Chrome extension or a mobile app and turn them into personalized messages to increase engagement. Bonjoro also has other useful features that are similar to Dubb’s:

  • Easily incorporate videos into your email messages.
  • Many integrations, such as Zoho, AWeber, Salesforce, Woo, Zapier, and many others.
  • Create calls-to-action such as driving viewers to your landing page.
  • Message templates to match your email design, landing pages, and other branding features.
  • Detailed reporting and analytics.

Bonjoro Plans and Pricing

  • Free: Includes 50 videos per month, Bonjoro branding, one custom workflow, and screen recording.
  • Basic: $15/month per user. 50 videos per month, custom branding, one custom workflow, one message template.
  • Pro: $39/month per user. Unlimited videos, three custom workflows, three message templates, campaigns,
  • Grrrowth: $79/month per user ($20 per additional user). Unlimited videos, 10 custom workflows, 10 message templates, Rollups (send videos to a group of contacts).

So how does Bonjoro stack up against Dubb? Here are a few points to consider:

  • Both Dubb and Bonjoro offer a free plan.
  • Dubb’s and Bonjoro’s Pro plans are comparable though their prices are based on different criteria. Dubb gives you 10K contacts for $40/month, while Bonjoro gives you unlimited videos for $39/month.
  • Dubb has more options for social media integration, connecting with LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Bonjoro doesn’t yet have this (though they promise Facebook & Twitter integrations are coming soon).

Both Dubb and Bonjoro are powerful tools for sending personalized videos. If you want to compare them head-to-head, you could test each of their free plans.

Incorporating Dubb Into Your Video Marketing Strategy

Dubb can help you boost your video marketing in several ways. If you aren’t currently using video in your marketing, Dubb provides a convenient way to get started. Either way, for the best results, you need to have a strategy. Even the best tools are only useful when properly used.

  • Keep videos short and focused. For most purposes, shorter videos between 30 seconds and 2 minutes work best as they don’t tax attention spans. Identify the main issue or challenge facing your viewers and stick to that.
  • Identify the best distribution strategy. Dubb is especially powerful as a tool to send videos using many channels. Some videos are more suitable for certain platforms than others. There’s also the question of where your contacts are active. It’s best to determine where you’re likely to get the best response before you send out videos.
  • Send personalized videos. With a tool like Dubb, you can easily create personal videos that can enhance any written message. Of course, you’ll probably also want to create more general videos that explain your business or a certain product. These are good for widespread distribution. However, don’t overlook the power of a personal video message to introduce yourself or to reach out to a prospect or customer.
  • Be consistent. Video marketing will produce more noticeable results when you create and distribute videos consistently.
  • Pay close attention to data. As previously noted, Dubb provides solid tracking tools. In addition to metrics such as opens and views, pay attention to what type of videos yield the most engagement. Factors include topics, titles, video length, format, and CTA.

Value and Recommendation for Dubb

It’s hard to overestimate the rapid growth of video marketing in the last few years. People are getting more and more comfortable consuming information in video format. Some of this is connected to the entertainment industry as viewers spend hours streaming videos and programs on YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, and other sites. It also extends to areas such as education and consuming new information. Think of the popularity of Ted Talks, for example. All of this makes video the optimal way to reach your audience.

Although it’s simple to create videos with a webcam or smartphone, it’s not quite as straightforward to develop an effective system for sending videos in a variety of formats. This is where Dubb can make a big difference in your video marketing. It lets you integrate videos into all of your communications, whether by email, SMS, or CRM. You can casually include a video with a call-to-action just as quickly as you can send an email, text message, or chat note.

I recommend Dubb to anyone who wants to get the most out of video marketing. You can easily get started with the free version if you want to get an idea of how it works without any financial commitment.


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