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Bonjoro is a company with a creative marketing concept that lets you send personal videos to increase engagement and educate your customers. It works with your existing CRM tools, making it easy to send prospects and customers unique videos via email. In this review, we’ll be looking at what Bonjoro offers to help you decide if it’s something that you can use in your own business. We will also review and share all the available Bonjoro promotions or ways to get Bonjoro discounts.


Bonjoro: an Overview

Bonjoro is an innovative tool that combines two of today’s biggest marketing trends: personalization and video. Now, in addition to personalizing emails, you can also send out videos that are made especially for specific customers.

  • Record personal videos (called Bonjoros) from your desktop or using the mobile app. Create your own message with a CTA and send it via email. Add custom images and calls-to-action.
  • Message templates. This is a new feature that lets you edit all aspects of a message including subject lines, logo, background, and CTA. Use different templates for different types of customers or different sales funnels.
  • Bonjoro works with the email app or CRM that you already use. There are more than 35 compatible apps including Zapier, Intercom, Trello, AWeber, Gmail, Drip, ConvertKit, and many others.
  • Customize background, CTA, video player color and other elements.
  • You can add team members to any project. Assign Bonjoros to team members and they will receive a notification so they know it’s their assignment.
  • Track your results. You can track metrics such as open rates, views, click-throughs, replies, and more.

Ways to Use Bonjoro

Bonjoro offers an innovative marketing concept. Since the idea will be new to many people, it might help to share some possible ways to use it.

  • Networking and reaching out to new contacts. If you’re in sales or trying to acquire more leads, personalized videos can go a long way to helping you make a strong impression. After you meet someone at a business event or get a new connection on LinkedIn, send a Bonjoro to solidify the connection.
  • Thank you messages. Everyone sends personalized emails. Distinguish yourself by sending personalized videos when people buy your products, join your membership site or sign up for your training. A personal video is probably the most effective customer onboarding tactic that’s currently available. This is also a powerful strategy for charities, nonprofits, or anyone running a crowdfunding campaign to show appreciation to your donors.
  • Increase loyalty and reduce churn. If you’re involved in SaaS or selling any type of service that requires renewals or recurring payments, it’s always a challenge to retain customers. Many people actually sign up for services and simply forget to activate them (or reactivate them).
  • Personal coaches, consultants, and educators. Bonjoro can help you create more personalized lessons to your clients or students. This can also be used if you run a membership site to greet your new members.
  • Building a personal brand. If you’re building a fan base on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, you can connect more deeply with your fans by sending personalized videos. This is also a great strategy if you’re seeking donations on Patreon.

Bonjoro gives you a tool that instantly differentiates you from the competition. You can clearly show appreciation to your customers, new contacts, donors, or clients. Because you can send Bonjoros via email, you can really use them for any situations where you already send email messages. You can think of it as a new type of marketing or as a way to upgrade your existing email marketing.

Email personalization has been a trend for a long time now. Including a personalized video in your messages is a way to take this idea to the next level.

Tips to Maximize Your Benefits From Bonjoro

Personalized videos can be used in just about any industry for a variety of purposes. If you decide to try Bonjoro, you can get better results by keeping some of these tips in mind.

  • Optimize subject lines and email content. While Bonjoros are a powerful engagement tool, you still need to get people to open your emails in the first place. Indicate that you’re sending a personal message.
  • Use Bonjoro as part of a wider segmentation strategy. Bonjoro works best in conjunction with a good overall segmentation strategy. Since Bonjoros are sent via email, it helps if you also send email messages that are relevant and well-targeted to specific customers.
  • Stay in touch with clients and prospects. While we’ve covered some optimal times to send Bonjoros, they are also good to use just to touch base with your customers and subscribers. This is a good way to re-engage members of your audience who might have drifted away.
  • Pay attention to analytics. Bonjoro offers some useful analytics tools to help you measure engagement. You can find out what types of messages help you connect with your audience.

Simply sending out Bonjoros is likely to have a positive impact on your business. However, by optimizing your campaigns and paying close attention to results you can get even more out of this powerful marketing tool.

Bonjoro Pricing Plans and Discounts

Bonjoro offers several plans.

  • Free: You can send 50 videos per month with one automation limit, CRM integration, and result tracking.
  • Basic: $15/month. This plan has 50 videos per month, one automation, one message template, and custom branding.
  • Pro: $39/month. Unlimited videos, custom branding, three automations, and templates.
  • Grrrowth: $79/month. Unlimited videos, custom branding, ten automations and templates, campaigns and roll-ups.
  • Custom: If you’re running large campaigns you can set up a customized plan with Bonjoro.

There’s a 14-day free trial where you can sample all features. The free plan also gives you a chance to get a feel for how Bonjoro works. Keep in mind, however, using templates, only available with paid plans, makes the process much more efficient.


The annual plans offer 12 months for the price of 10 (approximately 17% off).

Bonjoro offers discounts to non-profits and some solopreneurs/start-ups. You will need to email earth[at] and explain your case. The entire Bonjoro team votes on whether it’s a worthy cause.

Bonjoro Alternative: Dubb

One of the leading Bonjoro alternatives is Dubb, which we reviewed on our website as well (see our full Dubb review).


Value and Recommendation

In a world with thousands of marketing tools, Bonjoro stands apart by offering something different. Video marketing is exploding all over the internet. However, personalizing videos takes the whole phenomenon to another level, giving you a powerful way to engage.

Bonjoro, while giving you a powerful marketing strategy, can also help guide you in your whole approach to your business. As mentioned, personalized videos work even better when combined with personalized emails and a strong segmentation strategy. Sending Bonjoros can be a valuable part of a customer-friendly approach to business.

Bonjoro, between the free plan and the 14-day free trial for paid plans, gives you plenty of opportunities to try the features without any financial commitment. Once you send a few personalized videos, it’s very likely that you’ll want to make Bonjoro a part of all your online marketing efforts. Once you become a Bonjoro client, it is recommended to join the Bonjoro community for inspiration from other successful users, as well as for constructive feedback on your campaigns



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