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Keyword Snatcher is an alternative keyword research tool that allows you to find a very large number of keywords in any niche. If you are trying to get more traffic to your website, capture more leads or in general trying to build an authority website, keyword research is the place where you have to start. Dominating a large number of long-tail keywords in your niche will build up your authority signals even when targeting a very competitive niche or keyword. In this Keyword Snatcher review, we’ll be exploring the features of Keyword Snatcher and decide if it’s a good solution for deep research and niche domination.

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Top Features of Keyword Snatcher

Keyword Snatcher is a simple but powerful keyword tool that suggests a huge amount of searched keywords based on your request.

  • Outperforms Google Keyword Planner – Compared to Google’s own keyword tool, Keyword Snatcher suggests many more keywords. In some cases, you can get hundreds or even thousands of additional keywords using Keyword Snatcher.
  • Web-based Tool – Since Keyword Snatcher is web-based, it works with any device or operating system. Whether you have Windows, Mac or Linux or whether you’re using a computer, tablet or smartphone you can always gain immediate access.
  • Pulls Up Keywords From Multiple Sources – Unlike most other tools, Keyword Snatcher searches a variety of sources for keywords. In addition to Google, it uses YouTube, eBay, Yahoo, Bing and Amazon suggestions to build your keywords list. This gives you a much bigger diversity of keywords. Amazon and eBay are especially good when you are looking for profitable keywords used by shoppers.
  • One-Time Fee For Lifetime Access – Many of the better keyword tools charge a monthly fee. Keyword Snatcher only charges you once for lifetime access.

Who Can Benefit From Keyword Snatcher?

Keyword research is fundamental to many facets of online marketing, SEO and PPC campaigns. Keyword Snatcher can be useful for many purposes;

  • Product Creation – Keyword research can help you create more popular products. Keywords can help you decide what to focus on and even what to name your product.
  • Research For Content Creation – Whether you are creating blog posts, articles or videos, finding the right keywords can make a big difference in the amount of traffic you get.
  • SEO Services – If you provide SEO services to other businesses, Keyword Snatcher can help you rank your clients’ websites.
  • PPC Campaigns – Keyword research is important for finding the most profitable words to bid on when you use Google AdWords or other pay-per-click platforms.

Pricing For Keyword Snatcher

While many keyword tools are monthly subscriptions, you can get lifetime access to Keyword Snatcher for $47. It also comes with an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. This allows you to try the program risk-free for an entire month.

Keyword Snatcher is also accessible for free for Prosperative Online Coaching program members.

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Keyword Snatcher: Overall Value

Keyword Snatcher is a powerful keyword research tool released by Jonathan Leger, a well respected marketer who has created many popular products, including The Best Spinner (see our TBS review), Article Builder (check our AB review here), Instant Article Wizard (see IAW review here), NicheJet (see our NJ review), Instant Video Wizard (see our IVW review) any many more. With Keyword Snatcher, he has created a tool that’s very useful to anyone whose success depends on finding as many popular and lucrative keywords as possible.

There are many keyword research programs and services on the market. Some, like Google Keyword Planner, are free. However, as we have seen in this Keyword Snatcher review, Keyword Snatcher outperforms Google’s own tool in a couple of important ways. Not only does it suggest many more keywords, but it also mines them from diverse sources. Most other keyword tools are costlier or have recurring subscriptions. If you’re seeking a powerful, versatile and affordable way to find many profitable keywords in any niche, try out Keyword Snatcher.

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