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Frase is a search engine optimization tool designed for the very latest SEO trends. While many SEO tools still operate according to Google’s algorithms of 10 or more years ago, Frase is future-oriented, considering developments such as voice search and emphasizing conversations. While Frase works with keywords, it goes deeper than most SEO tools. Rather than seeing keywords in isolation, it gives you a bigger picture that looks at the context and wider conversation.
In this review, we’ll look at the features, benefits, and possible drawbacks of Frase, along with its plans and pricing, to help you decide if it can help you rank better in the search engines. Any Frase discount coupons and promotions available will also be mentioned below in the pricing section.

An Introduction to Frase

Search engine optimization is just as important as ever, but it’s a field that’s constantly evolving. Old school SEO was mainly concerned with keywords and backlinks. While these are still relevant today, you can’t expect to rank by simply stuffing in lots of keywords and accumulating hundreds of low-quality links. In fact, Google penalizes such a heavy-handed SEO strategy. Frase is a tool designed to help you adapt to the new rules of SEO.

The internet is driven by content. Google favors websites that deliver what it deems to be the most helpful and relevant content. Google has been consistently moving away from the quantitative approach to SEO, where having lots of keywords and backlinks were essential for ranking and looking at more qualitative elements such as conversation, authority, and relevance. Frase is a tool designed to help users discover these elusive qualities.

In addition to helping you find the SEO content best suited to your needs, Frase employs a next-generation chatbot that automatically answers your visitors’ questions.

How Frase Content Works

When you sign into Frase, you have a choice between starting a new document or optimizing existing content. Either way, you type in a search query that you want to rank for. Frase monitors the internet to find high-ranking articles on topics similar to yours. Using artificial intelligence, the software suggests topics that you should include to reach your goals. You can instantly see the phrases and topics that your competitors are using to rank.

Content Briefs

When using Frase to create a new article, you begin with a search query and generate a content brief. To test this, I began an article on a fairly broad topic, “Best Diet for 2021.” Frase suggests a list of topics based on high-ranking articles. I chose “The biggest healthy food trends in 2021,” under which I got a list of Key Topics and a suggested outline including topics such as Microgreens, Kelp is the New Kale, Foods that Fight Climate Change, and Elevated Condiments. There are even some relevant statistics provided.


When creating new content, it can be challenging to come up with the right topics.

One of the most useful Frase tools is the Question Ideas function. Many people searching for information online ask questions, such as “What’s the best way to clean a carpet?” or “Where is the best pizza in Chicago?” Finding questions that your potential readers and customers are searching for is more useful than mere keywords. You can often frame an entire article, blog post, video, or other content around a single question.

For example, I had an existing article about the benefits of public relations. So I chose the Questions tab and got a long list of questions and phrases, such as:

What are the Challenges of Public Relations?

What is Public Relations and Why is it Important?

How Effective Public Relations Can Benefit Your Practice

What Effective Public Relations Can Accomplish

As you can see, not every result is in the form of a question. However, titles that begin with “What” and “How” are also answering common questions.

Concept Maps

Another way Frase helps you come up with useful content ideas is by generating a Concept Map. This tool uses informative sites such as Wikipedia to connect your chosen topic with related topics to help you generate an original content brief.

Search Intent

Not all content has the same goals or is intended for the same audience. Frase lets you choose the type of content you want to create, with categories such as:

  • Long Form
  • Video
  • Listicle
  • Product Page
  • How-to Guide
  • News
  • Local

Topic Score

Frase gives your content a Topic Score to help you determine how well optimized it is. The score is given on a scale from 1-100, and you can raise it by following Frase’s suggestions.

Frase Answer Engine

Another key feature of Frase is the Answer Engine, which allows you to create an AI-powered chatbot on your website quickly. The tool processes all the content on your website and generates answers to the most likely questions visitors might have.

Chatbots are currently very popular and for a good reason. The nice thing about the Frase Answer Engine is that you can easily create a chatbot connected to SEO tools. The chatbot is teachable, so if you don’t like the answers it gives to certain questions, you can moderate it to be more accurate.

While the Answer Engine is designed primarily like a chatbot, there’s also a live chat setting. If you or staff are available to answer questions live during certain hours, it can be useful to use this setting and then switch it back to AI mode when no one is there to talk live.


Frase comes with various integrations, depending on the plan you choose. These include Google Search Console, HubSpot CRM, and Google Docs (planned for the near future).

Google Search Console, one of the integrations that come with the Basic plan, is useful for SEO as it allows Frase to make recommendations based on your latest rankings as reported by Google.

Frase Answers integrates with many live chat platforms such as Zendesk, Hubspot, Drift, LiveChat, and Tawk.

Pricing for Frase

Frase allows you to sign up for a free plan, which lets you optimize 5 documents. This provides a good introduction to the system and gives you an idea of how it works. Now let’s look at the paid plans.

  • Basic: $45/month. Includes one “seat” (user), 30 documents, 250 answers, basic integrations.
  • Growth: $120/month. 3 seats, unlimited documents, 250 answers, advanced integrations.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing. Premium implementation and support.

Frase Discounts

While the promotional discount Frase ran with Appsumo is no longer available, there are still a few offers you can grab.

If you go annual you will save up to 15% (the annual plan discount is available on the upgrade page, after you create a free account).

A 50% discount on the Frase SEO data addon is available when you enter the coupon code addon_early_2020 ($17.5 instead of $35 for the first three months).

We’ll keep tracking and updating any additional discounts or periodical promotions Frase may run throughout the year. Contact us if there isn’t any valid discount mentioned here, it gets challenging at times to keep all the pages on this site up to date.


Value and Recommendation

Frase is a unique, advanced SEO tool that can help you create better-optimized content. It can also help you create content faster by providing you with detailed outlines and topic suggestions. Here are a couple of ways to get more out of Frase.

Use Frase to Scale Up Your Content Marketing

If you don’t create much original content, you may not get enough use to justify the cost. The Basic plan allows for 30 documents per month, so if you only post one or two pieces per week, it’s not a great value. On the other hand, it might motivate you to scale up your content marketing. One of the key principles of SEO, after all, is to publish content regularly.

Stay on Track

Frase provides so many suggestions it can be overwhelming. You may need focus to keep it relevant. For example, a competitor may be targeting local customers in a distant location or mention brand names that have nothing to do with your topic.

You don’t want to rank for keywords just for the sake of it, or you’ll be going against Google’s attempt of rewarding content that’s valuable and relevant. The point here is that you need to use your own judgment and discretion when considering Frase’s recommendations.

While a certain recommended question or topic may not be relevant to your current project, you may be able to use it later. For example, in the above example for best diets, one recommended topic was “What foods should cardiac patients avoid?” If I had a health or diet website, I might be able to use that for a future article, even if it didn’t fit into the current one.

If you’re wondering if it’s the right product for you, the simple solution is to sign up for a free account and create 5 documents to see how it works. While this doesn’t give you access to all features, it will give you a good introduction to the tool. Frase can help you get more out of your content marketing and improve your SEO.

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  1. Dawid Lisowski says:

    This is one of the best SEO apps on the market. One of the most modern. 100% recommend.


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