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PartnerStack is a marketplace for managing affiliate and other partner programs. It’s a robust platform designed for SaaS businesses that are seeking a reliable way to start, grow, or manage their partner programs. In this PartnerStack review, we’ll be taking a look at what this service has to offer to help you decide if it’s a viable solution for your partner program.

An Introduction to PartnerStack

PartnerStack (formerly called GrowSumo) describes itself as “the only global B2B partner network.” As an affiliate network, it has similarities to marketplaces such as Shareasale and CJ. However, PartnerStack has a different focus. It’s designed to serve the needs of SaaS businesses seeking a professional network on which they partner with affiliates.

PartnerStack specializes in helping businesses grow by creating partner channel marketing programs. This approach can be especially effective for SaaS businesses that are looking for a faster way to scale. On your own, you can only reach so many potential clients. With a partner program, however, you have a growing number of affiliates selling on your behalf.

PartnerStack works with some of the world’s leading SaaS companies, including Evernote, Intuit, Asana, Freshworks, Unbounce, and many others. While the platform has helped such industry leaders grow even faster, it can also be used by smaller businesses and startups to help them gain stronger footholds in their industries.

Let’s look at some of the features of PartnerStack that make it such a powerful solution for managing a partner program.

Partner Relationship Management Tools

PartnerStack provides an array of features to help you manage your partnership channels.

● Affiliate links
● Lead forms
● Order fulfillment
● Event-based emails
● License management
● Employee-level attribution
● Deal registration

These and other resources can be utilized by business owners, agencies, and marketing teams to sign up partners. Once you get comfortable with the process, you’ll find that many of the tasks are automated. Using PartnerStack can save you time and make it easy to manage multiple partners and channel programs.

Plans and Pricing

PartnerStack offers several plans. Pricing starts at $500/month plus a commission on partner payouts. Below is a summary of the main features that come with their three tiers.

SMB: Starts at $800/month. Includes partner payouts & compliance, partner resource management, anti-fraud & security, marketing partners, link-based integrations, and ticket-based support.

Essentials: Starts at $1500/month. Includes features of SMB and referral partners, CRM integrations, phone & email support.

Enterprise: Custom pricing. Includes reseller partners, multiple partner types, various partner groups, application management, partner tiers, CRM-to-CRM integrations, and custom support.

While the prices above are standard, they can, in fact, vary a lot based on your company’s actual needs and can go anywhere between $300 to $15,000 a month. Especially now, during these hard economic times, it’s well worth to book a demo and ask for a discount or a better offer.

Benefits for SaaS Companies

If you have a trustworthy software product that serves the needs of businesses, PartnerStack makes it easy to recruit partners to sell for you. Here are some of the advantages of using this platform.

● An effective way to grow your business. The average company that sells through PartnerStack enjoys a 30% increase in revenue.
● Manage multiple channel programs from one dashboard.
● Easy to manage your existing partner programs and launch new ones globally.
● User-friendly interface for your partners, making it simple for them to submit leads, register deals, and close sales.
● Automation for partner onboarding. Saves you and your staff time when it comes to working with new partners and getting them comfortable with the system.
● You can devote more time to product development and customer support and less on selling.
● Easy to manage your channel programs and track your results.
● Helpful customer service is always around to help you navigate the process.

How to Succeed With PartnerStack

Like any marketing tool or platform, if you want to get the most value out of PartnerStack, you need a well-considered strategy. There are lots of tools to help you succeed, but you have to make an effort to use them to your advantage. PartnerStack offers training resources as well as reliable customer support to help you get comfortable with the system. However, when working with partners, it’s also important to make sure they feel at home working with you.

When it comes to attracting and holding onto partners, you need to demonstrate that you’re committed to their success. While PartnerStack offers many automated solutions, it’s also important to use a personal touch. Reaching out and making yourself available to partners is of particular importance early in the relationship. Keep in mind that the more your partners know about you and your products, the better they can promote them. Make sure they’re well informed and updated with the latest developments.

Benefits for Partners

PartnerStack is equally valuable for businesses seeking partners and those who want to become affiliates and sell on behalf of such companies. This can be a lucrative business model for entrepreneurs, bloggers, and any type of content creator who’s looking for a way to monetize. While there are many affiliate networks from which to choose, PartnerStack offers an unusually professional, B2B-oriented option.

Many partner programs (e.g., Amazon) are focused on physical products. Others, such as Clickbank, offer a variety of digital products aimed at a general audience. The majority of these products aren’t well known, and in many cases, there’s no way to verify quality. PartnerStack, meanwhile, partners with many industry leaders, giving you the chance to promote proven products that are already trusted by customers. You can promote accounting software, CRM solutions, lead generation tools, and other high-value B2B software products that businesses are eager to purchase. The advantages for partners include:

● Trusted products require less hype and hard selling. Many products, such as QuickBooks, Jungle Scout, Evernote, Asana, Promo, and Proof are bestsellers in their industries. This also means fewer hassles, such as refund requests and complaints that can happen when you promote less reliable products.
● Earn commissions on industry-leading software products.
● Gain early access to the newest partner opportunities.
● The sales and marketing toolkit helps you succeed.
● Real-time analytics lets you know what is and isn’t working so you can get better results with your campaigns.
● Free signup.

PartnerStack: Value and Recommendation

Partner programs are a proven way to scale a business. If you’re a SaaS company or someone who wants to build a revenue stream promoting B2B products, PartnerStack is well worth considering. It’s one of the leading platforms for managing channel partner programs and has resources appropriate for small, midsize, and larger businesses. If you’re interested in finding out more about PartnerStack, you can request a demo to get an idea of how it looks and feels.


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